Every once in a while, one will find an article (mostly found on-line somewhere rather than in print form) that will offer some sort of version of a list. The categories will vary, but many of these lists will be within a form of the top ten, twenty, thirty, or some kind of even number (with a few odd numbers used to keep things interesting) that will post places, events, objects, or other forms of physical or non physical elements that will express something to do/see/have/taste/learn/or some other verb before one reaches a certain period of their life–usually ending with death.
This form of list is affectionately called a “Bucket List”. This listing tells the user to take part of what the list speaks about before the kick the bucket a.k.a. drops dead. And many of these on-line articles write about the author’s own personal vision of a bucket list based upon the general theme of the web site/company/blog/tastes and preferences of the author(s)
To give one of many examples out there in cyberspace land, the AARP website posts a sixteen entry listing of songs everyone over the age of fifty must own. (What the author means through the headline is the sixteen songs that anyone fifty years and over must have access to. They don’t “own” the song unless they have the publishing rights. However, this writer–as well as everyone else–knows that is meant through this description!)
This writer won’t get into the details of this top 16 as one can find that out for themselves! One can use their friendly neighborhood search engine to find the article, but in case anyone is too busy or lazy to do the searching, cut ‘n paste the link below as provided as a public service!
Of course, it’s not a “bucket list” per se, as the “BL” name is kind of taboo for AARP to throw around, but this is just an example. However, the article was created based upon the tastes and preferences of the author. Same goes for any other kind of list–bucket or otherwise! That is one of many reasons why diversity exists within this domestic society. It may not please or appeal to all, but its just there for the taking or the refusal–pick or choose!
This writer isn’t going to suggest any kind of list or preference unless the list in question is created based upon fixed facts. We can compose the top ten mountains one can’t climb in a day, and we won’t be off the mark since it’s kind of tough to run up a stairway, let alone climb a hilltop! Same goes for the best movies and/or TV shows one can’t see/view/watch. There is a reason why one can see those titled features or television programs. However, this is slightly off the subject of what this article speaks about, so we’ll move onward.
However, if one really has the desire to view somebody’s version of a bucket list, then hop on board to a search engine and type in “Bucket list for ______” using the black space to add one’s interests. With a little luck, one will discover more lists that one would know what to do with it. And will a bit more luck, one will find a list of the top bucket lists ever created! The possibilities are endless!
So as the journalism world progresses toward on-line space rather than print, there will be more topics on articles that will deal with lists! And for you bloggers out there, perhaps you can create your own bucket list for those to ponder upon. Maybe one day, there will be some kind of person out there that will complete all of the lists expressed, and make sure that all elements posted are done and completed! There may be just 24 hours in one day, but there are more lists to follow! (Laundry lists? Shopping lists? You get the idea!!)
A. G. Gurney’s THE FORTH WALL, a play that takes upon a woman’s cue of redecorating her living room space in making a theatre-wise “fourth wall” while creating the notion that those within the space as part of a play all to singing selected tunes that are part of the Great American Songbook, continues its run at Pasadena’s Stages of Gray Theatre.
Tammy Goolsbey is Peggy, a woman of mature means, has just arranged her living room to include a wall sans pictures, furnishing, knickknacks, and anything else; making it completely blank. Roger (Cliff Ingram), her spouse, isn’t too keen on her decorative taste. But this wall isn’t just a “dead” space, but provides an illusion that this room is a stage set, having each piece of furniture facing the wall if this said wall was an audience. Roger summons Julia (Melissa Virgo) to see if this wall and home is indeed a stage. Since she’s from New York, the so-called theater center of the nation, she too feels that something is slightly amiss. To further prove these facts, Peggy summons Floyd (Richard Valentin, Jr.) a professor of theater, to see for himself. Between conflicts that involve seduction, the songs of Cole Porter, and the antics of the G. W. Bush Jr. administration, the question of all the world’s a stage is emoted. And will the fourth wall ever become broken or not?
This one act play written by A. G. Gurney is humorous, very talky, and does pay tribute to one of the nation’s great songwriters within a non traditional method. The cast of four really dive into their roles, especially Tammy Goolsbey as Peggy, a good nature person that uses her wall as a method of becoming part of the theater that isn’t obvious. She, along with the rest of the cast are far from performing “hammy”, but are more of a comical nature. Although this isn’t a musical per se, each character creates an attempt to sing a selection of one of five Cole Porter tunes that is not of musical theater caliber, but just “OK”. This means that they don’t do well on the vocals. That’s fine for what it is since this isn’t a full fledged musical! It’s a quirky comedy that is tight from the first mention of the wall to the final moments when the wall is broken–or not! Randal Grey, artistic director of this intimate theater located just east of “downtown” Pasadena, directs this play that holds a lot of interest to how life reflects theater and vice versa. Randal also provide the set decoration that resembles a seasoned “ham” actor; It’s filled with standard antique-esk furnishings and lots of pictures on the wall, from cute white cats to a series of headshots–the same kind of pics actors use to provide color and to perhaps use to get an audition to act in something or another!
THE FORTH WALL is a play that’s ideal to experience in such a tight setting that makes the audience that wall. Best of all, the viewers in the audience do not speak lines, nor do they take part of any choreography. The just watch all the actions seen on stage as if they were a fly on a…(you know!)

THE FOURTH WALL, presented and performs at the Stage of Gray Theatre, 299 North Altadena Drive, Pasadena, until July 20th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM. For ticket reservations, call (909) 461-7375, or via
(As posted on her Facebook “wall”)
So far, my sweet handsome husband has lost 60 lbs., so proud of him. But, I sort of miss his bigger face. It’s a lot smaller now.

Going to ride my exercise bike while waiting for a load of laundry to get done. Then I’ll get my 3 allergy shots!!!:(

It’s supposed to be in the high 90s and hundreds later this week… the same days we’re having solar panels put on the house. Poor solar panel guys. But my in-laws stocked the fridge with cold water. We’ll keep them hydrated… or try to, at least.

Painful way to start my day. I accidentally put the cleaning solution in my contact case. Ouch! Guess they get to be deep cleaned again. Hydrogen peroxide on the eye = burn.

Tonight’s supper: BBQ Ribs and a tossed Salad. Tasted yummy.
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