And now, it’s the moment for us to create out annual report informing you the readers on our current status as we complete our fiscal year. (July 1st through June 30th)
First, the honest nitty-gritty. That is, how have we done since July 1st, 2012? To give it a two word answer: Pretty good!
We are pleased to state (in more than two words) that circulation is up from a year ago, and you folks have given us nothing but praise and glowing reviews on what we have done. As much as we would like to thank each and every one of you, we’ll give you a generic reply of “thanks everybody!” After all, without you the readers, we would have been writing for nobody but us. This is the print equivalent of taking to ourselves. Of course, there is nothing wrong when one speaks to one’s self, since not only that the speaker can successfully answer all questions posed by the self talker, but there is nobody around to tell the speaker to shut up! (Isn’t life grand??)
We won’t get into too many boring facts and figures, but we will state that our e-mail list is growing by leaps and bounds. We are receiving more views via our on-line presence ( as well as our spot through other forms of social media; Facebook, Twitter, and the like.
We also wish to note that through the many e-mails we receive with your comments, suggestions, and even a few gripes and groans, we do take the time to respect all replies received. We’ll give yet another shout out to you for all for those!
However, now that we’ve patted ourselves on the back a number of times, now it’s the moment to get to work on setting our goals for the next year that began with the date of this issue. Now that we know where we came from, where are we going?
Perhaps the best way to answer the question of “where are we going” is to reply, “just keep walking!” If things are working out as they are, we’ll keep on just keeping on. This is not to be confused with us sitting on our laurels (among other things), since that isn’t progress, just stagnation! In this world, one must keep their mojo up and always make a notion to keep on going and a-flowing!
Those are not just jive pep talk words. Those are real goals we have set for the new fiscal year that’s ahead of us. Even though you the reader just holds the desire to get each issue to one’s “in” box each week, we crave the passion to provide those news reports churned out 51 weeks of the year!
But there are a few elements that we are working up our sleeves. As of this writing, a number of those tricks are being developed, while others are on the “drawing board” so to speak. Of course, we don’t want the cat out of the bag just quite yet, but once the kitty is ready to purr, we’ll see to it that you fans out there become the first to know about it all!
Since this issue is being released the same week as a major holiday (Independence Day, July 4th) we’ll just keep things a bit short ‘n sweet since we’ve got a picnic to attend. But to recap, we have a load in store within the next twelve months, and we’ll make this year as another one that counts! Come January, ALO-L will hit the ripe ol’ age of eighteen, finally getting into adulthood! We were just one of many babes in the woods when we first went on-line way back when. Today, we stand among the millions that are part of this highly connected world. There are still movies and television to view, and there are recordings to listen to (music mostly) on devices that are as big as one’s hand print and as small as one’s thumbnail! Ditto for those devices to watch one’s favorite TV shows, not necessarily through a flat screen TV–although that is the preference to get into a little binge viewing catching up on the entire run of Game Of Thorns, Breaking Bad, or some other cutting edge series that is, well…cutting edge! The same goes for movies since features can be seen on those same TV set devices!
Again, we wish to thank everyone for your support, and we’ll do our darndist for the next season. Now that we have said what we wanted to say, it’s time for us to get back to work!
See you next week!
The Group Rep in North Hollywood presents the Georges Feydeau/Maurice Desvallieres’ classic HOTEL PARADISO, a comical farce about a couple who attempts to have a fling only to be interrupted by other various “affairs”.
Boniface (Van Boudreaux) a prominent builder living in Paris, attempts to host an intimate affair with Marcelle (Gina Yates), the spouse of his best friend Cot (Mark Atha). The two plan to use the nearby Hotel Paradiso to have their intimate rendezvous; a lodge that’s a small ragtag inn that offers rooms by the day or hour. At the hotel, more visitors arrive, including Cot, his nephew Maxime (Andrew Bourgeous), Boniface’s made Vitorie (Leah Shaw), and his friend Matrin (Doug Haverty). All of these folks have something to do at this hotel, but not in the same capacity as Boniface and Marcelle. As expected, complications arise from people darting in and out of rooms, unexpected guests coming and going, as well as a police raid taking place, making this hotel a spot not to have an affair–or at least to host one that’s more private!
This play originally written in the 1890’s is set during the 1920’s, a time when France was going through its renaissance after its recovery from “The Great War”, and when the City of Lights was indeed “Gay Paree”! (The 19th and early 20th century meaning of gay!) The version presented on stage was translated by Peter Glenville in the 1950’s that keeps much of the physical comedy while making more sense of the spoken humor, as well as latching on to its many sexual innuendoes that Paris was long famous for. Unlike British farces where there are more scenes featuring characters in various forms of undress, there isn’t much of that depicted, although folks do seem to be dashing to and fro, and there are a few mistaken identities making the rounds! The cast of players that are portrayed include Sarah Ritter, Alexa Giraudon, and Mia Giraudon as Paquerette, Marguerite, and Pervenche-Martin’s adolescent daughters, Robert Gallo as Anniello, George Loomis as Georges, Chris Winfield as the Police inspector, Fidel Swinrich as Tabu, Willis Redfince as the hotel porter, and Francisco Medina as a policeman and second porter in a duo role. They are just as robust at the play’s themes. The three daughters gives the stage presentation its sweetness as they are the most “pure” of them all!
As to the staging of this production, Chris Winfield and Drina Durazo’s set design takes the same backdrops that transforms into two settings; The Boniface home and the titled hotel during its appropriate trio of acts. (Acts one and three are set in the home, and the middle act takes place at the hotel.) The middle act of the hotel itself awards this place to stay a rather sparse feel, distant from a four star establishment and more closer to a flophouse. Then again, the place does offer rooms by the hour!
Even though this is a three act play, it’s not as long running as usually depicted in a stage show that has more that the traditional two acts allowed. This is a good notion since the three acts set the stage (so to speak) of what is going on or what will take place. And with two intermissions attached, those that desire to “power their noses” will find more opportunities for personal comfort.
Directed by Drina Durazo, HOTEL PARADISO is comical, very amusing, and a delight to see. Even though there are hints of sexual antics, it’s suitable for all ages. (Even the word “sex” is never uttered!) Its been said that the French are a funny race, and this play can testify to that cause!

HOTEL PARADISO presented by The Group Rep and performs at the Lonnie Chapman Theatre, 10900 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, until August 11th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM. Special talk back sessions featuring the cast speaking about their roles, take place after the Sunday afternoon performances of July 14th and 28th.
For reservations and for more information, call (818) 763-5990, or via on line at
Monty Python’s SPAMALOT, a musical lovingly “ripped off” from the feature film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” that takes King Arthur and his crew of Knights of the Round Table searching for the for named vessel, finds its grail (so to speak) at the Morgan-Wixson Theater in Santa Monica.
The plot for what its worth, features King Arthur (Larry Gesling) King of the English Empire, gathering up his knights to find this holy grail since it seems to be the thing to do. So with his fleet of “sirs”, from Sir Robin (Aric Martin), Sir Lancelot (Spencer Johnson), Sir Galahad (Steve Webber), and Sir Bedevere (Ed McBride), they all plod on through various misadventure Python style, encountering killer rabbits, ridiculing Frenchmen, The Black Knight, as well as those that say “Ni!” So the quest remains as follows; Will Arthur find his grail? If he and his knights do find it, what will they do with it? Will the Lady of the Lake have more to say and do? Will they also find more Jews? And how much is being offered for your dead? These, and other questions, won’t necessarily be answered because this is a musical, not a thought provoking artistic creation!
And what a musical indeed! Although this piece, with book by Eric Idle, music and lyrics by Idle & John Du Prez, and additional music and lyrics by Michael Palin, Neal Innes, Graham Chapman, and John Cleese, and taken from the screenplay of MPATHG (Chapman, Cleese, Terry Gillam, Idle, Terry Jones, and Palin) is usually associated with performing in larger playhouses, experiencing this same show in a more intimate setting has it working out a whole lot better! The Morgan-Wixson version has a great cast, greater choreography by Lauren Blair, and features a very large number of ensemble players, featuring Marc Ostroff as Prince Herbert and its narrator, Steven Flowers as Not Dead Fred and a Minstrel, Paul Grey in multiple roles (Tim the Enchanter, A Knight of Ni!, and a Taunter), Kira Lindsay, Roy Okida, and Shaina Ostroff as Minstrels, and leading up the real end, the ensemble dancers! (Amanda Mead-Tatum, Roy Okida, Isabella Olivas, James Olivas, Scott Senior, Laura Sheehan, and Robin Twitty). There are a few more names to list both as on stage players as well as a few behind the scene folks, but this writer has typed in more names that a theater review can fit! (But trust us; They really did their part for this show!!) Anne Gesling, who provides the stage direction as well as its transcribed musical direction, directs a program that is too fun! And that’s a lot of direction!
SPAMALOT was one of many musical show pieces first presented in the new millennium that proves outright that stage musicals can indeed be “fun” without the seriousness that such shows as presented on Broadway, off Broadway, and far from Broadway, has trekked through for some time. As stated above, seeing a musical as this one on a much smaller stage setting is really ideal! Although there are plenty of laughs, great musicals numbers, and greater dancing, there isn’t any Spam depicted-the kind of luncheon meat that’s been around since 1937 and is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods of Austin, Minnesota. (It also has to do with electronic junk mail, but that’s for another musical show as that stands!)

SPAMALOT, presented by and performs at the Morgan-Wixson Theater, 2627 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, until August 3rd. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM. A special audience “talk back” session takes place at the conclusion of the performance of Friday, July 19th. For reservations or for more information, call (310) 828-7519, or via on-line at
(As posted on her Facebook “wall”)
Does anyone realize how many truly strange people there are at airports?

Yesterday I was taking books from the top of 4 shelves and found a couple I haven’t read! Well, the living room is full if scattered games, books and boxes but the pile to give away isn’t very big! What should I do with all the author signed books? We have old records and a sound system that barely works. My hubby likes to hold on to things. Sigh. Not sure how much I can get rid of!
Well it’s one of those all day rains so I will drink my coffee and continue to READ!;)

When your kiddos are fighting over who gets to clean up the spill, you know grandma’s been in the house! Thanks, Carolyn …I’ll try to keep up the trend for at least…well…today. 😉

Would a seven-year-old say they slept good or slept well?

1. Go to airport.
2. Splatter coffee on blouse.

6 days. 14 pounds. BAM.
As of July 1st, Tiffi has 1,754 Facebook “friends” and counting!

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