As so-called “domestic life” is entering its phase of so-called “normalcy”, we though we would ride on the fact that the feeling of nostalgia has been on its all time high.

Thanks to what the media is providing in terms of remakes/reboots/reimaging of the creation of “new” programming as seen through the many streaming services, movies that showcase an image from the past–not necessarily from “good” history, but history nevertheless, as well as the fact that this is Accessibly Live Off-Line’s 25th anniversary year, we through we would focus upon another article that was written by yours truly that is worth a second look.

For a brief time (2000-2006), I created a column named “Richer By Far” that appeared in issues of The Epicenter, the monthly newsletter for the Los Angeles chapter of The Catholic Alumni Club, a group that was for those that were over the age of 21, unmarried, and were free to marry in the Catholic Church. It was generally a singles group that did weekly activities in and around the Los Angeles region. I also served at the group’s archivist that maintained the many documents the group has kept over its many years of existence. (Going back to 1949, the year the group was chartered.

Anyway, I dug through the manuscripts of articles I wrote over those years. One article I found that appeared in the April, 2000 edition of The Epicenter (Vol. 51-No. 4) that was inspired from a change of life that I was experiencing at the time. Of course, it was created based on what was going on with me back then, so some of the points expressed were of and from the era…

When I turned the ripe old age of ten, I made a number of goals for myself. This was more in the line of long term predictions, rather than something I would want right away. I wanted to get three things by the time I reached the age of forty. Those things I wanted were (in no specific order), 1)-A new car, 2)-A house, and 3)-To become married.

The car I had in mind of getting was a royal blue 1970 Dodge Super Bee that I saw at the auto show a few weeks before. The house I wanted would be a single-level home located in one of the western suburbs such as Morton Grove, Arlington Heights, or maybe Schaumburg. As who to marry? I was kind of stumped at that one at the time!

As I look back at these goals now, I found it quite interesting that I had set myself up to have these things in what seemed to be the far and distant future. I also see that my choices were very “adult” in nature, since most of my peers just wanted to get into the next grade up in school and catch up with the “big boys ‘n girls”. I suppose I was ahead of my time, yet I didn’t know it.

There isn’t anything wrong with making long-term goals for one’s self. It gives the motivation to accomplish something. It doesn’t have to be anything that one has to do within the next thirty years. It could be small, such as putting off doing a job only to worry about not completing the task, writing a report, paying taxes, or even taking out the garbage! However, once these goals are completed (or even attempted), then the job is finished. The whole idea is to make an effort of working on one’s goals rather than thinking about them and nothing more!

So what because of my predictions to complete by my 40th? I’m sure I can get that ‘70 Super Bee if I wanted to, though it won’t be new (and necessarily royal blue), and I’ll have to pay top dollar for it. I did get a house, though it was some 2200 miles father west than I had imagined. As to the marriage thing? I’m working on that one! Maybe the person in mind will join me for a burger at the Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, and who knows? At the Friday night auto rally, I’ll spy that car I had pined for sitting in the parking lot, or even seeing my second choice for a car; a burnt orange 1970 Plymouth Road Runner!! (*sigh*)


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