That above headline, far from something original, was taken from an indirect quote from a colleague of mine that give their report on their Christmas shopping.
“I’ve completed my Christmas shopping already!” says the shopper in question as that person sported a quirky grin.

“How did you finish already?” I asked, although I really didn’t care too much on how this so-called expert completed this task, considering that it wasn’t very likely that I was going to be part of this person’s gift list.

“I started my shopping around September. I ordered everything on-line. I followed up with a receipt stating that everything was shopped out! Everything should arrive by the end of this week!” said the shopper, where this writer added a lot of phrases to this dialogue since I really can’t remember just what was really being stated.

I do recall that the shopper showed me everything through their phone device: The items ordered, the method of payments, the receipts for the goods purchased, as well as the notices on what was shipped when. Everything that this person did was also bought through their handy-dandy phone.

I’m not going to get into too many details on this person since the shopper in question isn’t about the focus of this story, although I will state that this person’s demographics would fall within the “millennium” age. This person of this selected age group believes that anything one can do within their life is available by having access to an internet connection and a device that can connect to that same internet connection.

The real focus here is on this person’s buying habits. This person, whose name and gender is not important for now, joined Amazon Prime about three years ago while attending a local community college. That person had to purchase a textbook. The book itself was being sold at the school’s bookstore for a certain price. However, Amazon had an offer where for a student rate, one can join their Amazon Prime group. This person did join just to grab the textbook. From there, the person started to look for other goods since there was a “free shipping” part of that deal. It was an offer that was too good to pass up. From there, just about anything this person wanted to get was done through this portal for shopping. And this recent seasonal shopping splurge was no exception!

There has been many write-ups in the media lately on how people’s shopping habits has changed over the past few years. Although shopping online is far from being new, it’s now part of a way of life where one can get goods through a click of a mouse and/or a tap on a glass screen. It’s a method to perform a task that easy, fast, and perhaps fun.

However, it’s not the only way to shop. Physical retail stores to still exist, and people are still reasonable to obtain goods in person. One can still experience the items by looking at them, touching them, and getting the goods when they want it–right now! No waiting for shipping no matter how much it may cost, be it as free or at a greatly reduced price.

And even those retail outlets can offer what they sell in both ways. One can order online, and pick up the goods right then and there sans the free shipping charge. And many stores, in order to lure customers in, are hosting events at their outlets. Places that cater to the kitchen and related in-home hospitality offers live in-store demonstrations, classes on home crafting, and other hands-on events. Not only are these classes and demonstrations informative, but gives the attendee an incentive to actually make a purchase. No matter how a video program seen via YouTube can teach a task, one can’t get the same satisfaction if taught and presented in-person!

And shopping malls have all of the “holiday” decorations up and running. (A few malls had them up as early as Columbus Day!) Seeing the bight lights, hearing the canned music piped in from hidden loudspeakers, and all of the red & green and blue & white shades promise that all of the merriment is present. One can’t see all of that on a website within the same stance.

There are other methods to get the shoppers back into the real stores to take part of the season, but you the readers can get the (snow) drift! It’s all part of what makes the December based season just what it is!

As to our shopper that got everything done. Now that all of the December antics are completed, now it’s time to that person to get going on the activities for the new year. Mostly, preparing to file tax forms that show off all of the details done (and spent) from the previous season. It may not have the same fun level that shopping has created, but when the government talks, one has to listen! So much for humor!

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