Actually, nothing is wrong with these “kids”! They are still the ones that the media loves to dote upon!
Since we last reported on this domestic sect some two issues ago (Vol. 21-No. 11 to be exact), we here at ALOL have been receiving a number of reports and related statistics on how advertisers are using their high tech skills to market their products and/or services to this group of so-called future leaders. These are the folks born post 1980 that are the dream demographic that are tech savvy, hold their unique appeal, and are the ones that are just getting their act together. Never mind the fact that it’s taking them a lot longer to become “adults” based upon what previous generations did in order to become in this state of mind. The Millenniums are the current be-all-to-end-all collection to target.
Currently, there are a lot of examples this writer can report upon to prove this fact. Many of the reports we receive tend to be mildly amusing. Some are boring yet important for what they are. While are few are actually worth their notation. One example to note are how a number of companies are creating short moving image content (i.e. videos posted via YouTube and related online outlets) that function as a “mini-movie” that holds a hidden message to the company’s product or service. These videos are not commercials per se, but can function as one if one looks closer to what the messages sports.
For example, Mercedes-Benz recently released a series of short “movies” running at five minutes each that hold a theme of “growing up” through dramatic slices of life episodes. The characters that are seen within these mini stories face situations that show how life isn’t as easy as it can be. It’s not depicted as a deep drama or crisis, but shows how life can’t be as easy as one could want.
I won’t necessarily get into too many details on these videos as its best for you the reader to see ‘em yourself at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClj0L8WZrVydk5xKOscI6-A?sub_confirmation=1. However, keep in mind that these videos, as entertaining as they are, exist for the reason to sell you a Benz! Although the 20’s/early 30’s characters are the real stars here, the question if this demographic can even afford to take upon purchase on this kind of vehicle is a whole different issue as it stands.
As this writer stated in previous articles, there is nothing wrong for advertisers going their all to sell product to the millenniums crowd. Selling to youth has been the rage for generations. In the latter 1950’s, Pepsi Cola had their For Those That Think Young campaign using a commercial jingle performed to the tune of “Making Whoopee” sung by Joanie Sommers, as well as her Pepsi follow-up Come Alive! You’re in the Pepsi Generation. (An original tune). Polaroid introduced their “Swinger” camera around 1965 that targeted the “youth” crowd, heavily advertising on such TV programs as Hullabaloo, Shindig, American Bandstand, among other titles that was tuned in by kids aged 14 and up. There are more examples of youth based marking campaigns over the years, but you generally get the idea.
Of course, over time and tide, these poster children will eventually get older and thus, won’t be as cute as they once were. This leads up to the next demographic in line, the group known as “Gen Z”, that are currently noted as those born before 2000. Most of these kids are not of adult age yet, but they are just as savvy with what’s going on as they are the ones that are the most wired. All of the high tech gadgetry most (if not all) of the local population takes for granted have always been “there” at their disposal. It’s not so much that they take their high tech upon as their own. It’s usually the parent and/or caretaker of these kids that hand them the high tech goods. This is done just because they can!
So we’ll keep you posted on more news and related stories from the field on how the Millenniums and the Gen. Ys will take the world over. They may not necessarily hold the money, power and fame as the “Baby Boomers” tend to have, but that’s OK! After all, it’s just another part of the biz!
Actor’s Co-Op presents William Mastrosimone’s CAT’S PAW, a triller that involves an electronic journalist and a domestic terrorist who demands that his issues become expressed as he leads his band of followers over their concerns in spite of their odds.
Taking place inside of what appears to be a basement warehouse located in Washington, DC, a small company of radicals calling themselves “Earth Now” has taken up their space to conduct a mission over the threat upon the lack of clean water. Victor (Sean McHugh), the leader, has taken David Darling (Vito Viscuso), an official from the EPA as a hostage. Victor wants the major newspapers to provide some news space on their platforms to report upon their issues over polluted water. Regardless of the media scoffing off over these demands, instead of offing his captive, he arranges for a car bomb to explode near a government building causing catastrophic havoc. WIth the media reporting on this wreckage, he takes upon another captive-Jessica Lyons (Deborah Marlowe), a reporter for one of the bigger electronic news outlets. Victor, along with fellow Earth First follower Cathy (Ivy Beech) wants Jessica to conduct an interview with their leader so he can tell the world what his group’s goals are and what they will do in order to gain their way. But will Jessica do what Victor and Cathy, the only known members of their army, wants from her, or will Jessica proceed so her media outlet will grab those rating points that is part of the video business. And will David, an accredited link to the EPA, bend toward their commands where they insist to go forward, no matter what it will take?
This intense drama was originally written by playwright William Mastrosimone back in the middle 1980’s when terrorists from this nation were banding together over various issues such as the threat of nuclear arms, or toward environmental issues that took upon the range of levels between realistic to trivial to nonexistent. As the years progressed, terrorism took on new meanings, new backgrounds, and new methods to express itself. In today’s world, the more that operations have changes, the more they have remained the same, even in this post-modern landscape! And this play and its production as presented by Actor’s Co-Op express these notions, making it more timely than ever before! Using this form of backdrop, one will find intense drama and action, all rolled into a one lengthily and tight one-act play. (It’s presented as a one-act play so its continuity is never lost!) Sean McHuge as Victor plays his role as someone who knows what he is doing. He’s radical in mind and spirit, and will go to all lengths for a sense to what is “good”. Deborah Marlowe as Jessica Lyons is the media face that would appear on one of those cable news outlets that tend to lean toward a positional opinion. (Jessica’s news outlet is never named, so one has to figure out where she stands upon this point of issue!) And rounding out the cast, Vito Viscuso and Ivy Beech fill into the scene that is gripping into itself as directed by Stephen Rothman.
David Potts presents a stage set that consists of a undergound-esque storeroom, consisting of heavy hardware items that resembles a makeshift workshop, an ideal place to build a device akin to a weapon of destruction. Not mass destruction per se, but destruction nevertheless!
It’s not often where one can witness a stage play that packs overpowering thrills that questions what is really the correct notion to do for a specific cause. CAT’S PAW is that showcase that manifests those conceptions. And in today’s landscape, those terrorists still remain, just as long there is a media element to capture them at their game!

     CAT’S PAW, presented by Actor’s Co-Op, and performs at the Crossley Theatre, located on the campus of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, 1760 North Gower Street, Hollywood, until April 30th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 2:30 PM. Special Saturday matinees takes place on April 1st and 8th at 2:30 PM. No performances over Easter weekend-April 14th-16th.
     For ticket reservations or for more information, call (323) 462-8460, or online at http://www.ActorsCo-Op.org

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