As technology becomes more of a way of life, so is the phone. Of course, this writer is commenting on the ever lovin’ smart phone; The device that became the be-all-to-end-all when it comes to communication.
Since early last year, the smart phone has now become the majority in terms of usage and ownership, reaching at around 51%. As these devices become smaller, faster, and most important, cheaper for what they are, more folks are reaching out and grabbing one. And that increase has creeped up to 65%, or 156 million users, according to marketing firm comScore.
Breaking down the type of phones currently in use, Google’s Android operating system takes the lead with 52% of phones, according to comScore’s findings. Apple comes in second place at 42%. BlackBerry, the one time leader in the smart phone market, long before their devices were even called “smart phones”, and Microsoft, also the one time leader in computer technology, each account for 3% of the market, and these two firms have a long way to catch up.
Besides the function to send and receive calls (the original purpose of a cell phone), what makes smart phone unique for what they are comes from the applications, or “apps” that create the uniqueness of these devices. Out of the millions of apps out there, Google takes the lead again, with 88% of smart phones, regardless of make and OS, that have some form of app installed in terms of mobile browsing and usage. Facebook, the “mother” of social media, comes in second place. (77% of phones can “like”!) Yahoo, who is still catching up in the tech world within the footsteps of Google, holds on in third place at 82%.
When it comes to actual app usage, Facebook strikes again as the leader at 77%. Google Play and Google Search comes in at second and third place. 54% and 50% respectfully.
With all of the apps in place, the smart phone has morphed from a gadget that one uses to call the office, home, or somebody else, to a object where it’s a mobile PC, where one can do anything and everything that was once limited to desktop computers. However, although smart phone can connect to the ‘net, its screen size is still its folly. It might be amusing to watch cat videos plastered on YouTube on a phone, but if one doesn’t mind (or care) if the size of the viewing area is only three inches in diameter, then that’s the way it goes.
What this whole report is emphasizing is the fact that these kind of phones has its universe revolving around it, and its never going away. If one goes to any public place where most folks dwell, you can bet they will have their phone in full view, and never mind the fact that the phone isn’t being used at that moment. Take a peek at any restaurant that has folks seated at a table. Chances are, you will spy a phone just sitting there doing nothing expect looking pretty–to the owner of the device anyway! If the phone is in use, the person with the gadget isn’t necessarily holding the phone up to their ear. They might be texting, looking and/or showing pictures stored inside, searching the ‘net for something or another, or perhaps watching the for noted cat videos! And also never mind that the user is seated among others that is associated with the said user. The person may be within a group, but their phone remains as part of the bunch, except it won’t order anything from the menu. However, one can use the phone to order something on the menu!!
This same writer once reported on attending a play at a small community theater. Before the play begins, the audience seated might be binding their time by using their phone; again, not necessarily talking to anyone. Glancing among those in the audience, it appeared that the majority of phones in use were traditional flip phone devices a.k.a. “dumb phones”, where they have limited capacities and their primary function is to send and receive calls. Alas, it also appeared that the users of these standard devices were roughly the age of 65 and up. This viewing doesn’t indicate that anyone pre “baby boomer” doesn’t use a smart phone at all. It just indicates that its usage isn’t as great as somebody over half their age.
As time progresses, these phone will be getting even smaller, faster, and perhaps cheaper that their predecessors. However, the people that use these units not only live and breath by them, but their reliance on ‘em may connect them to who and whatever, but doesn’t make the user any smarter. In fact, their intelligence level might even fall a few notches. Just ask anyone who while walking down a street, ran into a light pole, tripped over a fire plug, or even hit a brick wall because they were hovering over their phone while on foot. (The same on crossing a street nearing getting hit by a vehicle!) If that’s not dumb, than what is–or is their an app for that??
Because this writer was on assignment, there will be no new reviews printed in this issue. Those reviews will become available in the next issue available the week of April 21st.
In the meantime, please wish this same writer a happy birthday on the 19th! Please, no cards or gifts as the birthday boy has more than he needs! (And no kicks in the real either! Thanx!)
Oh yes…don’t forget that income tax files are due this Tuesday, April 15th! Printed here as a public service!!
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You all should have heard the excuses I was coming up yesterday when my awesome sister came to “what-not-to-wear” my closet. It was hard for me to let go of some things. One dress I said, “but it’s so comfy! Maybe as a cover up for the pool?” Kelly said,”You might be a bit fancy in it at the pool”. “OK but what if I need to go somewhere straight after the pool with no time to change?!?!” We were laughing so hard. That dress is now gone for someone else to be fancy in. Thanks Seester!

Today I made myself stay home and keep my knee up. I have written, watched movies, cuddled with my dogs and had a surprise long wonderful convo with Melissa. I am now bored to tears. However, just got a call from husband who will be back from long motorcycle ride soon and he is bringing dinner. Woot!

If donating 210 books to the library in one fell swoop counted as staging our house to put it on the market, we could put a sign in our yard tonight.

As of April 14th, Tiffi has 2,011 Facebook “friends” and counting!
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