Now that it’s almost Spring, or at least to what the calendar says (and not the local weather report), this is the time where people would take part in places to visit for what’s called Spring Break.

Spring Break tends to float sometime as early as St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) to around Easter/Passover week. (This year, Easter falls on April 9th while Passover begins at sundown on April 5th).

And many folks head out to where the weather is warmer and dryer, such as the Sunshine State of Florida. And from all of the attractions that exist in this state that people either love it to pieces or hate it with a passion, there’s that location plopped right smack dab in its middle. Yep, we’re writing back going to the house of the mouse a.k.a. Disney World

This humble news service has written dozens of articles and notes about that spot that for some is the be-all-to-end-all place to go. And one of those articles we churned out occurred within these pages back in Vol 18-No. 11-Week of March 18th of 2013.

So to make sure we are recycling properly, placing our old goods within the proper bins to pick up, we’ll revisit what we stated within this article we titled I’m Goin’ To Disney World..

This article is NOT about this writer heading over to the other “Happiest Place On Earth” (that original one resides in Anaheim), but these notes tell about the another person’s journey to the location that makes the Sunshine State the place to go while ol’ man winter takes its last gasp in most parts of the nation.

A friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend is planning to take a little getaway for spring break, around the time where Passover and Easter make its annual clash. (This year everything falls in late March rather than its traditional month of April.) The person who we’ll call Jodie (we are using this name not because this person wishes to remain anonymous, but because we don’t know the person’s real name!!) attends a community college in Los Angeles proper. She, along with her “girlfriends” (or this writer assumes that these fellow people are indeed “gal-pals”) will be heading off to central Florida to take advantage of what’s going down at the spots operated by the gang headquartered at 500 South Buena Vista Blvd.

Jodie has been planning for this little trip since the end of last year. As a high wired Millennium aged person, she’s been going on-line using many of her hand carried electronic devices taking care of the planning, from booking rooms, grabbing tickets, and checking out notes and reviews on the other spots outside of the Mouse House’s domain on what’s worth seeing. She’s been also letting others know through text and tweets on her trip, asking and receiving advice, tips, and other bits of news on what she should know about. And on her Facebook page, she’s been apparently posting bits and pieces on her plans. It will also be assumed that once she and her best buds are down there, there will be plenty of more news, including a load of photos for anyone to gawk at. Oh yes, on her Pinterest account, she will “pin” a lot of other pix from her trip that will be posted as time progresses.

It seems that when one arranges a trip to somewhere worth noting about, the urgency to let anyone and everyone around one’s domain about the itinerary is a “must do ” for people. Perhaps this desire to “tell the world” so to speak comes from the theory that the attendee is taking off and doing all of these wonderful things while you (or anyone else for that matter) isn’t going! And after the trip is done and over with, there’s the bragging of the little tales and episodes of what you did on this journey about the exotic places you set foot in, from running slideshows on your trip to fill-in-the-blank, or doing the same presentation using moving imagery in the form of home movies, and later, home videos. The old joke that when somebody would say “Have you seen my pictures of my trip to France?” to their friends, all of a sudden, many of the friends would say they were “too busy” to take the time to gawk at these pictures (or view the movies), are somewhat true. But now thanks to social media, one doesn’t have to ask anyone. They just do it!

It appears that with the height of privacy and all of the issues it presents, many people take the vast steps of not letting their personal information get to the wrong hands, while other notions of their life are wild, free, and nearly for the taking! As recently as three years ago, it was quite possible for anyone to get personal details from one’s Facebook “friends” without the notion of prompting those people for the details. Since then, a combo effort of Facebook and the zillions of those listed are a bit more careful to let the wrong details out.  On another site called, where one can find out details of groups and gathering of various topics and interests in places across that nation and the world, post pictures and member profiles that are not overly careful privacy wise. Many of the domestic home lifestyle magazine titles (print and online) that cater to a female demographic both encourage their readers to post all of this kind stuff online, while giving a bit of caution on what the post and what not to post, both before the event in question and after the fact. (i.e. “Never let anyone know when you are going on vacation. This will attract burglars”-states one blurb in a recent back issue of Redbook) But these trips people take once a month, once a year, or perhaps once in a lifetime, is enough to give them bragging rights, notwithstanding the notion that people may care about these or not!

So as Jodie and her gang make the plunge to visit everything and anything in central Florida, perhaps we’ll get a taste of what she and company took advantage of. It’s not often where one can take a week off or so and soak up the sights and sounds of one of the biggest tourist places existing in the USA, so it might be outright amusing! Perhaps many years from now, one will look at those old digital photos with both amazement and confusion, wondering just what the big deal in going was all about! 



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