Around this time of year, it was traditional when the big deal movie studios would tote on their new(er) releases set for summer season, a time where folks tend to go out to their local multiplex (or in some cases, their nearby drive-in) to take part on what “Hollywood” offers to see on the big screen in a darkened room loaded with stranger that can react to what’s going on as screened.

This year isn’t an exception as those in “Tinseltown” will be offering content that should be viewed in a theatrical setting. And those movie houses are continuing to up the ante (so to speak) by offering plush seating, gourmet foods (or “gourmet” based on what one can find at a theater’s concession stand), and of course, alcohol. After all, what’s going to the movies with a plate of nacho chips served with real melted cheese (rather than “cheese food substance”) and a cup of wine/beer/hard liquor(?) while taking on a title such as Fast X. 

Although more people have home theater setting within their living rooms, dens, or where one places their TV devices to take part in whatever one can find via streaming or through traditional home video (yes, it still exists folks!!) one can’t still beat an evening in viewing a flick in the above noted environment.

However, there are some things to keep in mind. Depending on where one dwells, one still has to take the time to trek on to their local multiplex. And there’s the price of admission. Again, depending on where one is located, admission prices for first run movies range from $10.00 up to $25.00–give or take! And that is per person!! Then there are the concessions one can deal with. Those can cost from $5.00 and up! So if one was going to the movies as a couple i.e. “a date”, the admission price is $18.00 per person. Then each person gets a small sized cup of soda pop at around $6.00. (Small sized is around 12 ounces). Then the couple can share a large tub of popcorn at $10.00 per bucket. (A bucket holds around 18 ounces, although one can get free refills on that same visit depending on the theater). 

So if one dose the math, the admission price runs $36.00. Two sodas are $12.00, and the tub of corn is $10.00. That comes to around $58.00. This doesn’t count additional fees such as sales tax, and the cost of trekking to the theater by vehicle. 

Of course, there are discounted days when movie admission prices are less, such as off days (Monday and Tuesdays tend to take on these discounts) Ditto for that “Senior discount” for those that claim they are of a certain age. (55 tends to be that minimum age), as well as arriving at the theater before a certain time of day, such as before 5:00 PM weekdays, and 2:00 PM on the weekends. But for the most part, evenings, especially on a Friday, Saturday, or perhaps a Sunday evening, takes on the bulk of the audience.

And there’s the choice on what to see for that time spent at the flicks. Again, it all depends on one’s interest. And with many summers of the last few years (decades), it’s the blockbusters that draw the crowds, such as a superhero feature, a family friendly animated feature, or something that is based on an existing intellectual property, or “IP” for short, usually in the form with something familiar to its audience, such as a TV series, a movie franchise, a video game, and even a brand name of a product or service.

As to those so-called “independent” movies that were one time all the rage? That’s mostly left for video streaming as those are more focused on characters and the aspects these same characters go through. These types of features, as well as other genres from westerns to romantic comedies have made their comeback through these channels. But for now, it’s the movies that make summer what it is.

In the meantime, we’ll just see how often people will trek to a movie house while it’s summertime and the livin’ is easy! There are always the other things to do in the summer to take advantage of the better weather! Here in ol’ Hollywood adjacent, we’re still drying out from the rains we had in the earlier part of the year. But we’ll discuss the weather in another article. We’ve got too many choices at the neighborhood multiplex!



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