There has been a lot of news going around within the social media circles that speak/write/post/tweet about the results from an experiment taking place in England a.k.a. The United Kingdom a.k.a. the “UK” where 2900 workers employed by 61 companies that held a small amount of paid employees within their roster. These companies had their employees work on a four day schedule where they would be on the job, either in-person or virtual on a shorter schedule, meaning that they would have a three day weekend-so to speak. The results came in to where the employees were less stressed and were able to get their assignments done in a proper manner. And those employees were able to do the things outside of work that they either had to do (keeping their homes in order, etc.), or things they just wanted to do. (Go to the beach, etc.) The experiment was so successful, these same companies would continue this method of employment with happier employees as part of their roster.

For many years, companies, both big and small(er), were on a schedule where their employees were expected to work harder and longer with minimum benefits. They were expected to be within an office domicile for so many hours a week. And thanks to technology, that meant their employers were expected to have their employees to remain “on call”. As long as they had access to electronic devices that sported a video screen and were able to connect to the ‘net one way or another, that meant that they were on duty far beyond regular office hours.

Thanks to the results of the pandemic now “celebrating” its third anniversary of its start, folks were mad as hell and weren’t going to take it anymore! They realized that they were getting overly stressed within their jobs. And thanks to the work attitudes as experienced by these same set of employees, they don’t have to kiss the a$$es of their bosses just because they said so! The pandemic’s results gave these employees permission to speak up. And they spoke!!

This description of work and working is usually limited to those employed within a traditional office-type setting. There are other occupations where this described episode doesn’t apply, such as those in the service industry (restaurant servers, etc.), or those that work in the medical field such as nurses, caretakers and the like. But if one is part of a firm that does embrace this form of arrangement, then a four day a week schedule makes a whole lot of sense.

This feeling of job related burnout has occurred with this humble writer as well. Once upon a time, I was in the media production industry, working for a well respected cable TV franchise that at one time was the fourth largest of its kind in the nation in terms of coverage and subscriber reach, and was the biggest franchise that was built from the ground up! I did everything from operate cameras for local events from local high school sporting events from city council meetings–shooting talking heads mostly!! I later became a producer of a weekly live talk/variety program for a number of years. Although it had its moments, it was a lot of work and I was getting a lot of stress. So I finally said using the colorful term, “F this S!”

Years later, I shifted my time and efforts toward this newsletter, hacking out articles each week as well as writing various bits of news and reviews of various events deemed fit for publication. Much of what I was doing involved attending events or various aspects just so I can get a review created. While making attempts to attend events in order to get the job done so to speak, I was starting to feel agitated and stressed, although I wasn’t sure why I was feeling this way. When things began to shut down in 2020, I was able to get myself together, finally realizing why I was feeling this way! I once again experienced burnout.

Although I didn’t give out the same “F this S” exclamation as I did back in the day, I noticed that I was working too hard and too long. So I cut back drastically. The results? I have been getting my act together while getting the same amount of work done. I also was able to get more things accomplished that I never thought I could even get done. I allowed myself to do what I did. And guess what folks? It worked!

It is quite possible to have some employers do less and get more. Perhaps this is the reason why these big companies in tech and media are indeed laying off staff. These companies are not necessarily hurting as far as income and profits, although a few firms did report a loss in some elements while gaining on other things.. They realized that they could do more with less. And those that were laid off are finding other sources for work, while others are looking for something else that doesn’t necessarily hark the same attitudes that their former employers expected them to be or to do.

Yours truly will keep an eye out over this new(er) method of work and working. Again, it doesn’t apply to everybody and everything, so the results may vary. But it shows that this is a victory of sorts for giving people what they want from a job: honor and respect. That is what I was looking for when I began my career back in the “good old days”. One thing I never looked for was one element expressed by those getting started in today’s landscape: fame! If anyone offered me fame, I would take it but that wasn’t something that was part of the itinerary. Mr DeMille never gave me my closeup, but what I did receive was the method of doing things and the way out I was secretly looking for. I could punch a clock, or that clock can punch me! Take yer pick!!


On Sunday, March 12th, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences presented the 95th Academy Awards presenting the Oscar for the best films of the 2022 calendar year, held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

Brendan Fraser won Best Actor for the feature release The Whale. Mechelle Yeoh won Best Actress for Everything Everywhere All at Once. Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert won Best Director(s) for Everything Everywhere All at Once, and Everything Everywhere All at Once won as Best Picture.

For a list of all nominees and winners, visit the official web site at

The day before, March 11th, the Golden Raspberry Foundation presented the 44th Razzie Awards awarding the Razzies for the worst films released in the 2022 calendar year.

Jared Leto won Worst Actor for the feature Morbius. “The Razzies” awarded itself for Worst Actress as it added and later removed Ryan Kiera Armstrong’s nomination for the feature Firestarter because Armstrong was underaged. (Armstrong is 12 years old.) Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) & Mod Sun won Worst Director(s) for Good Mourning, and Blond won as Worst Picture.

Special awards went to Colin Farrell appearing in the feature The Banshees of Inisherin was awared the Redeeemer Award, an award given to a performer that used to appear in “bad” movies to later appear in a “good” film.

For a listing of all nominated films and people as well as its “winners’, visit the official Razzes web site at



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