As this message is being published, it’s January 1st, the first day of a new year. It’s the moment where one looks back at the previous year now placed in the history books to say (or heave) a solemn statement with a hearty “Goodby and Good Riddance!”

Perhaps so. The past year had plenty of its ups and downs. Most media outlets tend to stick to the negative side of things. Yes, there were a lot of those, too many to mention here. However, there was a lot of good that did take place. Some of that good made the ranks of social media. But a lot of good occurred within individuals that didn’t necessarily get around to post it through the usual outlets, but were for the good nevertheless.

What were some of those elements that occurred in ’22 that were upbeat, positive, and most importantly, for the better? Well, people reached their life milestone moments within their lives, such as graduating from an educational institution, getting married, getting divorced (yes, some people see an end of a domestic marriage as an upbeat moment), reaching a birthday with an age that ends with a zero (although this can be a negative, but that is besides that point), finally getting out of a debt, and the list is endless.

Granted, one won’t find a headline stating that Jane Q. Public finally paid off her long standing credit card debts (although this writer as seen such “news” on various posts found on Facebook), but this really leans toward how a specific year will go done in a person’s history as “The year that_______!”

But 2022 is last year’s news. Now it’s 2023, a year that ends with an odd number. That means if one is counting how many years past, one has to count differently. It’s understood that this doesn’t mean much to anyone, but as an archivist, this writer has to count the year differently than I did the last year. For instance, 1973 will be fifty years(!) since that year was read on all calendars. That year had its moments. But that was fifty years ago, a time that folks can remember as it was like last year (plus forty-nine), while others have no memories of that time since they were either too young, or have yet to see the light of day! But this writer digresses!!

Whatever the case, all we have to state around here is that it’s the start of our 28th year, and we will do what we have been placing here for the past 27 seasons, offering our best in news and reviews, just as we were presenting back in the early days of the ‘net! Granted, we may not be as famous as those so-called influencers out there in metaland, but fame was never our intention. We do what we do because of the intention of having honor and respect in terms of reporting on the media. Perhaps that will be our new year’s resolution for ’23. Then again, new year’s resolutions tend to be announced on January 1st only to be broken by February 1st. So maybe we better watch what we say, or write in this case!

Until then, enjoy this year while you can. It’s the only one to work with!



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