It’s been a while since we gave our readers the floor. So here’s your chance to say a few words…

..I really like your news. When will you do a podcast? I listen to a lot of them, and maybe yours will be just as good as the others…


This is a question that we have been asked on occasion. We have been kicking that idea around for a while. So here’s our take on podcasts.

First and foremost, A podcast, in case nobody knew just what this element is, is a radio program that’s not on the radio. Many podcasts consist of talk shows that have a host that speaks upon a topic or topics. Many times they will have a second person on the show, making this program as a “tag team”. Other podcasts consist of audio documentaries, complete with various voices speaking upon the subject overlaid by a dramatic music score. These types of podcasts have become popular over the last few years.

As for us, we can do a podcast. But that could consist of someone reading an issue to the listener. And the irony of it all, was the basis of a talk program hosted by yours truly called Accessibly Live that aired on a public access channel in suburban Minneapolis and suburban St. Louis in the 1980’s and early 90’s.

As of now, I am working on developing a podcast that will not necessarily be related to the content found at ALOL. We’ll keep you posted on that aspect.

Do you guys still give out reviews of plays and movies? You used to do (reviews) of a lot of movies! Where are they?


Yes, we still churn out reviews of theater and feature films. However, we went through a change of editorial policy not too long ago, based on various factors that we encounter mostly through circumstance.

Within the last two years, beginning around the second quarter of 2020, the pandemic has changed a lot with it coming to regional theater and the ways movies are marketed. We’ve reported within these pages a number of times that regional theater emerged a bit different as they once did some two years before. Some theater groups returned. Others didn’t. And movies are returning back to theaters. Right now, the movie industry’s saving grace are the blockbusters that rely on existing premises ranging from the ever lovin’ comic book/superhero types, to squeals, remakes, reimanages, and whatever one can call a new version of a familiar name. You can call this “comfort foods”, but not necessarily the edible type. And since there is so much of this that’s going around, So with less movies, that means less reviews.

As to the smaller movies, many of them are being released as “video on demand” titles, meaning they don’t play in theaters anymore. In fact, many of the so-called “art” movie theaters have closed or been modified. But this doesn’t mean movies are going away, They are just spacing themselves out a bit. And yours truly is going that as well.

But we will provide those reviews you readers still look out for. So keep looking out for them!

A long winded answer to a rather short and sweet question. And thanks for asking…!

…I really like your blogs. You write about those little issues that remind me of old Seinfeld episodes. Keep up with those blogs. And if I can suggest a few topics that you can write about, I would really like that…


Well, “BillyBoyz38”, we assume that you are commenting upon our entry essay column that starts out each edition.

We recently did an audit on how our editions circulate each week. And we have noticed that when we begin each issue on those “little” stories you noted, we get a spike in readership in terms of how many log on during a given day and time of day. When we make a comment on, let’s say, how streaming TV is making its mark to those with video devices connected to the ‘net, those “hits” tend to drop a bit. To give you an idea of what we are noting, a few issues ago (Vol. 27-No. 24), we wrote a column on how our internet service went down and the havoc it caused. That particular edition saw a massive uptick of hits for that given week. This means that people still prefer to read about those little things of life that are not newsworthy in a traditional sense, but do “hit home”, so to speak!

As as to your suggestion of what we should write about in the future. What topics do you have in mind?

Will be moving its offices somewhere else? We heard that you are leaving Hollywood forever! Is this true?

-Pat Leib

First of all, Pat. Let’s clear up the air for a moment when it comes to relocation to a physical place.

Since last year, yours truly did obtain a place located in the center of the Midwest region. We even churned out a few issues of this news service from that region. It’s a place that is very far away from “Hollywood”–some 2100 miles away give or take. In fact, it’s a lot closer to Chicago than it is to Los Angeles. And thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to crunch out each issue from this little spot. However, there isn’t a lot of “activity” there in comparison to what the Los Angeles region provides. One can’t attend a stage theater show when one isn’t at the theater. Movie reviews can be done since this region has movie houses run by the national chains. And I have reviewed movies through secure steaming portals as provided by a few of the film distributorships. However, making a relocation isn’t that cut and dried. There are a lot of factors that are preventing us for making this physical move a reality. (The storm clouds hovering over the domestic economy market is one of them!)

But to answer your question. Yes, we do hope we can move to this little hamlet that we have our eyes upon. It just won’t be right away! But that doesn’t mean that ALOL will go away, far from that. We feel that after all of these years we have been in what one can call the media capital of the nation, if not the world, perhaps it’s time to move on. It’s not going to be in the near future. But as I said to myself when I first came to this community not so long ago (and to borrow a famous line spoken by Judy Garland in the feature The Wizard of Oz) “Toto..I don’t think I’m in Los Angeles anymore!”

That’s all for now! If you wish to drop us a line, please do so! Just send your comments (both the good ones as well as the not-so-good types) to us. See the last entry of this edition on how to get a hold of us! Until then, we’ll “see” you then!!


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