This week will feature another two day “holiday”. It’s not just a holiday to commemorate a moment of history, a period of recognition of significance, or even a day of celebration. It’s a day that combines all three emotions and then some. It’s a time where one can receive what they desire through need or want. It’s a period that for many people, the day (or dates in this case), that really matters.

On July 12th and 13th, it will be the annual Amazon Prime Day where one can grab onto the goods they feel they must have at a price that will be less than in this case is the shoppers, can obtain for less and receive such goods faster than ever. In a few cases, as little as one calendar day, all delivered to one’s doorstep.

OK..so why in the hey that we, the folks at Accessibly Live Off-Line, are creating an article about a retailer that will be hosting a sale where one can get just about any item that can be obtained legally, and receive that item faster and easier than ever before?

The reason behind all of this is because we can. Also, it’s part of the good (or better) news that we can report within these pages of ALOL. With all of the things going around the nation and the world from deadly war, inflation, shootings, political strife, and all of the other conflicts providing that the nation and those part of it are containing it’s one day trip to hell in a hand basket, it’s nice to report on something that is more content and even trivial.

Let’s face it! Amazon has been called by many through social media and otherwise, a blessing and a curse all rolled up into one. It’s been labeled as a friend to the shopper, and it’s been called the evil retailer. It can control you, or you can control it. It’s a great place to work, and it’s the company there is in terms of treating their employees. No matter how you slice it, the company exists for what it is, and won’t be going away.

However, this year will seem a little different. With inflation for what it is and where it is, people have been paying more for the same amount of goods and services than they did just a few years before. Gas prices seem to have taken the biggest hit. And when gas prices are high, folks are being a bit frugal when it comes to using their vehicle to get around town. That means when it comes to shopping for goods that are necessities rather than something they can obtain because they could, the desire to make those trips worthwhile. And if one can find a source where they can bring the goods to you rather than you coming to the goods in question, then so be it.

However, when it comes to sales from retail outlets, a sale isn’t worth much value if there is no desire to obtain anything at that moment. Some goods such as groceries are needed on a regular basis. Others such as higher ticket electronics are obtained as a one time only element. Some folks obtain such an item and won’t get another one of that same nature for years, decades, or never again.

Yours truly will admit to one thing. I rarely shop for goods through this retailer of the cyberworld. In fact, this writer has only received just two items through Amazon. One item was an instructional book that was obtained because it was selling for a lot less than the only other source that I knew of at that moment. And the second item was a connection device for an audio input. That was obtained because the other source didn’t have it available, but Amazon had it. Those two little shopping trips were done within the last ten years. And the ironic thing about these trips is the fact that the book I obtained isn’t referenced anymore, and the alternative place for the audio converter that didn’t “put out” is now out of business. However, the book in question is still sitting on the shelf over at Accessibly Live Off-Line central.

Other retailers of course are doing what they can of attempting to woo away shoppers riding on the Amazon Prime bandwagon. Folks at Walmart, Target, and even eBay that resembles Amazon nowadays than the one time online auction place from emerged from generations before, are hosting their own versions of this two day shopping extravaganza. And for those other, one isn’t necessarily committed to become a member of the Amazon Prime club. If one wants to take advantage of something on sale, then they can do that and walk away gracefully with what they wanted to grab. And if those Amazon Prime members enjoy their membership, they have incentive where they will remain part of the membership club. Granted, it’s not in the same league of being a member of let’s say, a gym or a country club since anyone with the gumption and funds to obtain a membership can be an Amazon Prime member. No forms to fill listing their name, rank and serial number. Just their name, address to where the goods they want needs to go, and a method of payment. It’s that easy!

But as the summer progresses, so will the retailers and those that cater to such. It will be another wait and see regarding inflation and all. But at least one knows that there is a place to get what one desires be it as a click of the mouse away, and the wait to give that package arrives at one’s doorstep with that big symbol resembling a smile right on the box, bag, or envelope. It’s enough to make one smile to live and exist in this ever changing world of ours.


Hershey Felder returns to The Wallis in Beverly Hills in HERSHEY FELDER: CHOPIN IN PARIS as Fryderyk Chopin, a pianist of Polish descent living within the capital city of the French nation.

The date is March 4th, 1848, The setting is Chopin’s salon located within his dwelling where he greets his “students” (actually, the theater audience), where he is there to teach music lessons to be performed on the piano placed in the middle of the salon. Of course, the “students” present won’t be able to perform their piano lessons for the teacher, so Chopin moves forward addressing his class to tell a bit about himself and the stories behind much of his music. Born within a humble family in Poland and starting off as a child prodigy, he tells his tales of life where he first emotes emotional pain from the passing of his younger sister at a young age. From there, Chopin experiences a series of highs and lows, from the family experience of the invasion of the Russian forces, from moving to Germany, returning back to Poland, later to arrive in Paris. Chopin informs his class that his pieces were inspired from these conflicts that ranges from the elevation of joy to the downs of sorrow and all points in between. Of course, Chopin keeps his saga in sync with the generous helpings of his music for the world to thrive upon. These musical pieces as performed would continue for the many years to follow long after his death due to consumption at the age of thirty-nine.

Hershey Felder makes his first live appearance at this theater in some three years. This time, the performance is placed inside of the intimate 150 seat Lovelace Studio Theater where this show is much closer to the audience that can experience Felder as Chopin, up close and personal to the utmost fashion.

Felder knows his Chopin and the music connected to this composer. During his performance, Felder, speaking as his character, takes various questions from his audience. This Q&A makes part of it as a portion that is improvised. He never breaks character, and will present himself to speak on Chopin’s background based upon the questions asked. During the performance as attended by this reviewer, the audience did know their Chopin with their inquiries as Chopan/Felder answered back that brings more depth to this stage show.

But what makes this presentation very appealing is the music Felder performs on a grand piano nestled in the middle of his on-stage salon. The stage salon itself as designed by Felder consists of a sitting room dressed in 19th century French style furnishings where the piano is placed along high paneled windows facing a Parisian street scene that changes its view based upon the stories as told. Erik Carstensen provides that change of view as Production Manager and Video Designer. This salon is where Chopin, known as the “Poet of the Piano” belongs, as placed during the time that Paris was going through the 1848 revolution of Russian forces.

Joel Zwick once again directs this show as with previous Hershey Felder performances into a style that is one part theater with Chopin on stage, and second part concert where Felder takes upon this master with his performance of various musical pieces.

For those that know of Chopin’s life and music, this is the presentation to experience. For the rest that may know little to nothing of Chopin, one will receive their ninety minute single act lesson as taught by the named musician. This is Felder at his finest, and The Wallis is where one can see this performance as one that is very much alive and in person!

It may have been three years since the last live show at this theater in Beverly Hills. So the wait is worth it all!

HERSHEY FELDER: CHOPIN IN PARIS performs at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, 9390 N. Santa Monica Blvd, (at north Crescent Drive), Beverly Hills  until July 24th. Showtimes are Tuesday through Saturday nights at 7:30 PM, Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM, with Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2:00 PM.

For ticket reservations and for more information, call (310) 746-4000, or via online at http://www.TheWallis.org/chopin


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