There was an article recently posted through Bloomberg Business on people coming back to the office as part of their job so they can participate in meetings with other colleges via online portals i.e. Zoom and all of its clones (Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime, etc.)

It stated that now that COVID cases are rather low (at the time when the article was composed anyway) employers are requesting that their employees show up to the physical office either full or part time. However, meetings still take place with others that are not necessarily there at the office. So how do these meetings take place? Via Zoom, etc.!

That’s right folks! Because people now find Zoom from emerging from being a novelty to becoming a way of life, people are used to using that online portal to meet anyone for various purposes raging from seeing family members and friends when they are afar, viewing and meeting possible clients, or where there is an opportunity where you need to see somebody’s face while you speak to them. And many folks can do this where they may be. In their car, in a bar, at home, or wherever one can get an internet connection.

So if one person was working from home as part of their job, they were able to take meetings at home, just as long as they are appearing in a decent manner, such as being dressed from the waistline and up. (There have been stories where folks attended ZOOM meetings while dressed up, but were totally bottomless! If you search hard enough, you can see examples of such semi-nudity through those video portals located in cyberspace!!)

If one desires to find out more about this work from home at the office scenario, get access to the article at

The reality of working in the office is slowly coming back. Granted, it just may look a bit different than before.

Thanks to technology, getting things done remotely has been more possible than ever before. Just as the above scenario dictates, one does not have to be in a physical pace as it was once required. Actually, this technology was around for a while, perhaps longer than was suspected. Office managers, whose job was to manage the office (duh!!), had a notion to keep their employees under their watch. Many of these managers would be pleased to see their staff work and toil behind their desk among the many cubicles that might exist in a standard office-type setting. As long as their humble staff was working as busy bees at their desks typing endless words and figures with their office supplied computer systems staring at their monitors for their eight hours (or longer) work days. Managers even went ahead with micro-managing their staff’s work output. And by stating “micro manage”, it doesn’t refer to managing small work orders, or even managing short and petite crew members. It refers to keeping sys on anything and everyone one does while on the company clock. That even includes how long one is away behind their desks, or how long one can hang around the water cooler or coffee pot to catch up on what fellow employees did while NOT on duty as the company clock dictates. Time is money as the old line goes, and these office managers made damn well sure that anyone that was on the company payroll would know these rules–or else!

That was then. Today, it would be very difficult in having such a manager get away with that type of stuff. Because of the so-called “Great Resination”, people know they can take action on how they are treated around the work space. These employees want respect in what they do, as well as having a fair and realistic opportunity to “move up the latter” in becoming promoted to some position that they had been stuck in for months, perhaps even years. And they can tell management off that they are not there so the managers can kick them around like a tin can in an alleyway. So remote work means that they can work when they can and how they can without being in a set place at a given hour just so management can see them work. Just as long as the work gets done on time and the way it should be done, then what difference does it make on how the tasks are slapped together the way they should?

Of course, not all jobs can be done at home. There are positions where one has to be present at a certain place at a given time frame in order to provide service. And the term “service” in that line of productivity. Many of your front line workers in the leisure and hospitality industry must be present, such as those in a restaurant, tavern, or hotel. Those that are first responders: law enforcement, public service such as firefighters, or those in the medical field have to be present and ready. And retail, one of the fastest types of jobs that have bounced back from the pandemic, needs to be present at their retail outlet. Yes, folks have been accustomed to shop online due to its ease and convenient methods to get anything and everything including the kitchen sink. But shoppers actually prefer going to a physical retail store to see the goods, feel the goods, and to get the goods right then and there. No waiting around for the delivery person (another job that has to be done live and in person), to come around to deliver the goods, even if that wait is a single day! At a retail outlet, you get it when you get it, and you can see what you get. And somebody has to be at that location to ring up the sale! Get the picture?

But for those that can work from home, we salute you! If you work from nine to five, five to nine, or nine to nine seven days a week, you are in that catbird seat. There are no commutes to fight with. Unless you count one’s commute from where you start (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, backyard, etc.) to where you have your electronic device connected to the net, then that’s your commute. And if you have a staff meeting via ZOOM, etc., wherever your place is, that’s the office! And if you don’t link what’s going on at the meeting, you can always log off stating that your internet service has been scrapped!

Another day at the office….!


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