This coming week will mark the second anniversary when the pandemic started to take effect. It was the time when when looking back in this present time, that all hell broke loose! (Our italics). Then was the moment that things started to shut down. There was a load of emotions going around, from panic, uncertainty, fear, confusion, and even a sense of a time of thought. It was indeed the best of times as well as the worst of time.
Of course, a lot of things did change. Some for the better, as well as some of the worst. When it comes to the good times/bad time scenario, it seems that the bigger concentration falls on the latter when things are so bad, they ain’t good. And the things that are good don’t seem to be as good as first received.

Well, there is a load of bad stuff, from rising inflation to the war in the Ukraine. Granted, there are a lot of other things that could be better but are not. Many of these tales or woe can’t be controlled by many of the public at large as there isn’t any source that can control these things. One just has to cope with what’s going on. But then again, there are a lot of “not-so-good” things that occur to folks all of the time. About 99% are not reported. The reason? They have no concern of interest to anyone outside of the realm of the person(s) that are experiencing such bad times. Social media plays a role in reporting said strife, such as random Facebook posts still received by our remaining Facebook friend “Tiffi Purewhite”. But for the most part, these little episodes in life are just part of the domestic landscape that’s been going round for generations.

Then again, there is the good side of life. We won’t get into too many details on what can be considered as good versus bad. A few are rather obvious. But for now, we can only concentrate on what this news service can reach out to.

Even though we call ourselves a new service, we are not in the line as such outlets as The Associated Press, The New York Times, or even the electronic media outlets from CNN to Fox News. We are just a speck in the reporting field that’s been around for over a quarter of a century!

But getting back to this “beginning of the end” or “end of the beginning”, depending on how one desires to view it. We have been honored to take a look at what’s been going on to find out what changes can be modified to make it better. Some changes are in a physical stance, such as how we cleared up the physical office space at ALO-L central, Others are modifications in managing details on how one can control a situation or two. Yes, that phase sounds a bit vague, but we are sure that you may get an ideal of what is being expressed within this article. Then again, maybe not!

But this time of year marks the end of the winter season. It also marks the (almost) start of Baseball season. It also marks the birthdays to a few of our close associates here within the ALOL circles. Granted, these events may mean little to nothing to you readers out there, but that isn’t the real point.

What we are stating is the fact that after the two year mark, it’s time that we face what’s going on and adapt it to the best as humanly possible. It may not be appreciated in this adaptation stage at first, but one can and will rise to the occasion, and that rise will take its time. Some faster than expected while others are received, but not in the way as first anticipated.

Nevertheless, things will go on as they go on. We are not necessarily stating that one should ignore what appears to be a state of crisis. One should just face things as a matter of concern but not to panic for the sake of panicking.

To end this opinion article, and’s just an opinion that may be different than those that read and understand this piece (that’s our disclaimer, folks), we will conclude with a quote attributed to musician Tom Petty who once stated (or sung) ..Most things I worry about never happen anyway…


The Santa Monica Playhouse in Santa Monica presents YOU HAVEN’T CHANGED A BIT AND OTHER LIES, a new musical comedy by Jerry & Steven Meyer about being a “grown-up” living in that golden age of your 60’s, and the complications that go along with it all!

The basic story is about three couples, (played by Chris DeCarlo, Rachel Galper, Kyle T. Heffner, Barbara Keegan, Evelyn Rudie, and Tom Van Dyke) who have known one another for years, decides to reinstate their wedding vows in a ceremony set at a meeting hall at a local Ramada Inn. While they getting ready for this event, they all go through a number of trivial yet important moments that are part of the state of being they exist in, from forgetting things more-or-less often, switching gender-based roles more-or-less often (again), redefining retirement and getting what’s called “F-You” money from their employer, taking a little blue pill to “get it up”, and other episodes that are part of the good nature of climbing up through the cycle of life. Although it may be a bit of a challenge, they all know that they have one another as they are living within the best years of their lives.

This singe act production, created by Jerry Meyer, a comedy writer that has over fifty years worth of jokes, gags, and situations behind his belt, and his son Steven Meyer that composed the musical score and lyrics with dad Jerry, is charming and witty with light (very light) touches of despair added. (After all, getting old sucks big-time!!) However, it’s a musical comedy play that proves to anyone no matter what demographic one falls in, that growing up just gets better the second time around. (Or third, forth, or even fifth time around the block!)

Chris DeCarlo, one of the artistic directors at the Santa Monica Playhouse (along with fellow performer and real-time spouse Evelyn Rudie, who also co-stars), directs this program as a tight ninety minute showcase. As the cast dole out their roles on a stage dressed up in a minimum stance, Steven Meyer is on the keyboards off stage left performing the musical numbers that are just as funny as the dialogue itself.

YOU HAVEN’T CHANGED A BIT AND OTHER LIES is the first full length production produced by and at the Santa Monica Playhouse in some two years. Within that time span, many playhouses within the Los Angeles region had their shows come to a standstill. Some of those theaters have returned, while others took their final curtain. In spite of this mishap, the folks at this playhouse have reappeared to their time tested glory. And this show proves this fact indeed!

YOU HAVEN’T CHANGED A BIT AND OTHER LIES, presented by and performs at The Santa Monica Playhouse, 1211 4th Street (off Wilshire Blvd.) Santa Monica, until April 10th. Showtimes are Saturdays at 7:00 PM, and Sunday afternoons at 2:30 PM.

For ticket reservations and for further information, call (310) 394-9779 x 1, or via online at


The 27th annual Critics Choice Awards ceremony was held on Sunday, March 13th from the The Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California, and through a remote from the Savoy Hotel in London. The CW Network and TBS aired the program live.

Taye Diggs & Nicole Byer served as the masters of ceremonies where awards were presented by the choosing of Critics Choice Association, presenting the best in television programming and feature films.

Among the many awards that were presented, ranging from Best Ensemble Cast (feature films), Best Actor/Actress in a Comedy/Drama (film/television), Best Supporting Actor/Actress in Feature/TV, etc., two special awards were presented.

Halle Berry was awarded as part of the #SeeHer movement where females are presented in movies and TV shows in a positive and progressive light. Billy Crystal received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his fifty plus years from his start of being a stand-up comic, to the many features and television program he has been involved in, including his next venture, a musical stage production of Mr. Saturday Night, based upon a character he created during his run on Saturday Night Live in the 1980’s

Ted Lasso won Best Television Program while The Power of the Dog won for Best Picture. Both titles won four awards each in their respected categories

The Critics Choice Association consists of members who work as professional journalists that write and review films and TV shows in publications that exist through multimedia outlets. (Disclaimer: This writer is a member of the CCA.)

For a complete listing of all titles nominated and its associated winning categories, visit


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