Perhaps we are anticipating the day where Daylight Savings Time begins so we can move our clocks one hour ahead. (Yeah, we are aware that we are gonna lose that house of sleep, but it’s going to be on a Sunday!!) Or maybe we can anticipate getting more daylight in the afternoon, so our loss of that one hour of sleep won’t get in our way too much! Or maybe we just can’t think of another witty headline to open this article.

What we are referring to here is a “demand” of us reprinting some of our past articles that our current readers may have missed out on. As some of you may know, we have been at this form of writing and reporting for a little over twenty five years. This writer also wrote columns for an internal newsletter that was connected with a single’s group based in Los Angeles. Unless you were a member of that group, or at least subscribed to the monthly newsletter, you would have missed out of those articles completely!

Even though it’s always great to create new and different content each week, it’s always fun to look back to see what yours truly wrote about back in the day, and how different (or similar) the theme and the tone of the article(s) has set itself by based upon the standards and practices of 2022.

It’s always been noted in the world of journalism that articles and news stories are always created for the moment they are written and released. As time progresses, some of the bits within the articles remain timeless, while other notions don’t stand the test of time. That is because tastes and attitudes change over time and tide. Some of these changes are for the better, while others are for its worst!

This is the same for any form of media. There are, for instance, movies that were created twenty years ago and more that were important for what they were at the time of creation and release to the general public. But by viewing some of them in today’s landscape, some may cringe to how those points were expressed. Some of these notions set by its creators today are pointed out, while others leave it to the viewer to decide if what is depicted are for the now, for the moment, or something that is not to be emphasized.

Disney+, the streaming service operated by (guess who?) posts disclaimers for a few of its features stating that some of its content may not reflect for the time of now, and to take it for what it’s worth! We won’t figure out every single title on Disney+ that holds a disclaimer, but a few are rather obvious. To set one example, the animated feature Dumbo released in 1941 and created in c. 1939-41, shows Dumbo the baby elephant encountering a pack of crows that state that an elephant can’t fly. It’s rather obvious that, even in that era, the crows represent those that would be “colored” folk. (We are using the term from the era!) This form of stereotype was rather common in both movies, print, and even stated in radio programs. But that was before the impact of World War II. But in the post war years, that form of expression was toned down, but didn’t necessarily disappear. But you readers know what this writer is attempting to get across.

Getting back to Accessibly Live Off-Line’s back articles for a moment. Since we do receive these kinds of requests on a semi-regular basis, we will attempt to reprint a few of those articles here going back a quarter of a century. Some even go back to the days when that new fangled course of communication called “the internet” was there as a novelty, and not necessarily totally accessible to the public at large. Unless you were around a college campus or perhaps lucky to be near a public library that has a series of computer terminals connected to this “internet” thing, one could not see what this internet thing was all about. You can find out by getting some of those guides to the internet available at your favorite bookstore and reading up about it. Outside of that, you just had to sit down in front of a computer monitor to find out what’s there in cyberspace land.

This writer had a few of these guidebooks in his personal library such as AT&T’s Guide To The Internet, as well as a few books published by textbook publisher McGraw-Hill. Sadly, those books were disposed of years ago. Only one book remains from that collection. It’s a paperback sized book called The Internet & World Wide Web-The Rough Guide 2.0, written by Angus J. Kennedy of Internet (that is how the author is labeled), and published by The Penguin Group in 1996. It list the websites based upon topics along with separate chapters dedicated to finding “alt” newsgroups, a glossary to internet based terms and phrases, a selection in Internet Service Providers (IPSs) available, as well a listing of cyber cafes throughout the nation and world, along with phone numbers of these places where one can surf the ‘net where you can have your favorite beverage on hand. (Libraries and some places on college campuses have a “no food or drink” policy when seated near a computer terminal!)

Anyway, over those next few weeks and months, we’ll try to find some of those past musings that you may find amusing for what they are. Just give us some time to search for them. In the meantime, you can enjoy that favorite beverage while you surf the net wherever you may be since those cyber cafes may be long gone, as well as those websites.

One note of historical fact. The for mentioned book also lists in the “music” section a site for the evergreen rock band The Rolling Stones, then listed as http://www.Stones.com. It stated that this official site was first created to promote their album Voodoo Lounge but has since branched out to feature photos, interviews, and sound clips of Mick and the boys. It also was one of the first (if not THE first) website that posted the first live internet concert ever “broadcast”. It went on to note that this broadcast wasn’t a critical success, but it served as a turning point in the net’s evolution from research tool to lifestyle portal.

Who knew…?


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