It seems to always occur around this time of year. It’s the moment where the supposedly cold(er) winter season starts to take its toll on those living in and around it. Spring, the moment where the weather is supposed to get warmer, is still a few weeks off. And though this trend of global warming is moving average temperatures to climb each season, the air and its atmosphere always leans toward the notion where it could be better long before it could get worse.

The weather could remain cold in parts of the middle west and eastern part of the USA, or even warmer in America’s south and western parts. (Here in Los Angeles, it was partly cloudy and around 63 degrees as of this writing, but can change at a moment’s notice!) But there are also events going on to keep one amused, assuming that this amusement is to one’s interest. For those sports fans out there, there are the Winter Olympic games that just got under way. Since China is the host country, there are many that object to that nation’s political aspects, so some will tune out. For the rest of the folks, they will tune in. With that aspect, there will be lots of TV and video coverage of all of the games, more than one can take. NBC, who has had the coverage rights to the Olympics, will be featuring the games through its broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms. But again, not everyone will or can watch everything as some games hold more interest than other matches. Downhill skiing and figure skating tend to be more of the crowd pleasers, so the TV traffic will be rather brisk for those events.

For football fans, there is the Pro Bowl coming around this year from Las Vegas on Sunday the 6th. And of course, there is the Super Bowl on the 13th from Los Angeles, or actually, Inglewood. Many folks will be offering bowl watching parties where folks show up to eat snacks, mingle with others, watch the TV commercials that are at times, bigger and better than the game itself, view the spectacular halftime show, and maybe even watch the game. And many organizations such as churches and other nonprofit charitable groups will be hosting “Souper Bowl” events that collect cans of soup and other foodstuffs to stock local and regional community food banks.

But outside of sporting events, there’s Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The day before on the 13th, there is something called “Galantine’s Day”, a day where women gather with their female friends and other BFFs to celebrate their friendship with one another. (Yes, it’s a manufactured holiday, but never mind!) And there is President’s Day on the 21st, a day that is a “mashup” between George Washing’s birthday (the 21st) and Abe Lincoln’s birthday on the 12th. It’s also a day where many mattress outlets offer sales of some kind. It really isn’t known how the mattress retail market linked itself to President’s Day. Again, never mind!!

It’s also the Chinese New Year, where this year, it will be the Year of the Tiger. Later in the month will see the start of Carnival in Brazil and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. And February will focus upon Black History Month, American Heart Month, Library Lovers Month, Youth Leadership Month, as well as this writer’s favorite, Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month. (This writer usually finds a slew of wayward shopping carts around the neighborhood. Maybe these carts arrive in these parts because somebody is feeding them??)

So we are stating that this time of year isn’t as “bluesy” as we may have imagined. Granted, there is a lot to do, places to go, and other things to keep one amused. Just remember when trekking out there for amusement, keep and stay safe as we are not “out of the woods” quite yet! But you already knew that fact! Right…?


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