Happy new year everyone. It’s the big ’22, and there are things to get started on while the slate is still clean!

First and foremost, this is the time where it’s the moment to get ourselves going in this world. Granted, we have just started out, and we here at ALO-L are no exception to these rules, in spite of what one may realize!

Although our fiscal year won’t get started for another six or so months from now (July 1st, in case nobody out there could ever figure that date out!), we are planning a few new notions to make these weekly gatherings more easy to handle.

First, we will make an attempt to offer you the quality news and reviews we have been churning out for the past 26 years. (In case everyone forgot, January 1st was this news service’s birthday as we were “born” on that day in 1996!) The pandemic, that “event” that’s been going on for almost two years, is still making its mark, and has made disruptions on a lot of people’s habits and caused a lot of changes that is still progressing for what they are worth! Some of these revisions are for the good, while others were created through circumstance. We, too, had to make those changes. Granted, we have kept up with churning out issues each week, but have streamlined our content. So if there is a remote change that we didn’t place an issue on a specific week, the reason behind that brief leave of absence was the fact that we didn’t have anything noteworthy to say. We just don’t slap on mindless details for the sake of slapping mindless details. There are too many places on the ol’ wide world of websites where one can read all of that stuff. This place won’t be part of that lot!

However, over time and tide, you readers will view first hand on what’s going on. As to other forms of social media, we have been pondering out the idea on what we can do that would be something of substance. You won’t see this writer making a fool out of himself! And yes, this writer can be referred to as a “he”, “him”, or some other forms of expression that is connected to a male based identity. However, if you refer to this person as an “it” or “hey you!”, we won’t be offended. Trust us on that notion!

But whatever the case, to see what’s going on around the ALO-L part of the world, just tune in each and every week! We usually post our new editions each weekend between 12:01 AM Saturday through 11:59 PM on Sunday. (All times posted here are in the Pacific time zone.) So as they used to place on store windows when a new shop is making their debut in the neighborhood, watch this space!

And we too will watch our spaces over these many upcoming weeks and months ahead. So we’ll see you then!


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