The above headline was the one we used when we published an article back in 2005 (Vol. 10-No. 16-Week of April 18th of that year) when we commented on what the media was reporting upon what was going on with the media, especially celebrity news.

Back in the middle 00’s (or “aughts” as they are now known as), there were ways how said news was circulated: Television/cable TV, magazines, as well as the internet. On the ‘net, said news was limited to static websites that had some pictures, text of course, and that was about it! Streaming media as it’s received in this day and age, was very limited if it existed at all. YouTube started that year as well as Twitter. Facebook, or “The Facebook” as it was then known, was only limited to those with an “.edu” email address, while MySpace was the poster child for social media. So the entertainment news, if one wanted to call that, was limited to those outlets.

Of course, we are not counting the “trades” such as The Hollywood Reporter and the weekly Variety (from New York) and Daily Variety, out of Los Angeles, as those catered to those working, or at least those that was interested in knowing what was going on in the industry, such as who was promoted to Junior Vice President at some media company, or what company closed some deal to create a new TV series of some sort, and if the series or anything for that matter, would ever get the project off the ground. (This writer read about dozens of movie and TV projects that were reported yet were never heard from again!)

So with this in mind, and as part of Accessibly Live Off-Line’s silver anniversary, we are republishing that article we released some sixteen or so years ago. Granted, it’s not that far away in terms of time space, but in these high-tech moments, sixteen years might as well be seen as ancient history….

OK…perhaps we were just a bit harsh over this headline. It’s just our way of stating how absurd the public tends to react when it comes to celebrity “news’”. (We have placed quotes over the word ‘news’, since much of this information isn’t necessarily ‘news’ per se. It rather consists of details created and reported by press agents and other sources that cater to ‘kissing ass’ to show biz folks!)

Since the days of such magazines as Photoplay, Modern Screen, and other monthlies that were all about the movie stars (but rarely about the behind the scene folks), news about what the Hollywood stars are up to has taken hold to the so-called general public. From the early days of movies, stars were the bigger-than-life kind of people. Audiences would head over their local moving picture houses to take part in seeing some person engage in some sort of story. These folks would see their reactions within the plot lines, and when the sound era kicked in, were able to hear their voices. Everyday folks were getting to know these faces and names, although the chances of meeting these people for real was low to nil. So the press took hold in fulfilling the fans’ desires to see and read about what the stars were doing, both on and off screen. The on-screen stuff consisted of material, mostly provided by the studio publicity departments themselves, that would ‘tell’ all about the movie and how great the picture was! The behind the scenes stuff was also a bit fabricated as well. Sure, one could see photos of Rita Hayworth dining at the Brown Derby, or reading about the dirt of who attended a Hollywood party thrown by film director David Butler. Of course, the press agents made sure that whatever event took place, it would show their clients within a good light. The public, as the old saying goes, just ate this stuff all up!

Radio too had its part in reporting celebrity news. Folks like former actress Hedda Hopper would appear on weekly broadcasts reporting on this actor going out with that actress, or who will appear in what feature with whom. Again, it was all publicity stuff, what it catered to the public’s need to know.

As the television era kicked in, most of the “News from Tinseltown” was limited to the aforementioned movie fan mags. Beginning in the 1970’s when local TV news began to expand their newscasts airing in the later afternoon/early evenings (called “fringe” time), news directors were bringing in a person who came from a ‘show biz’ beat. They would perhaps report on some amusing bit of news from the entertainment world or perhaps report on a film review. These bits were considered filler material that was news (not traditional news, but information nevertheless), and padded out the hour for the newscast.

The real explosion of celeb info began around the fall of 1981, when Paramount Television created a syndicated series called “Entertainment Tonight”. This was a series that stations around the country would air locally between 6:00-8:00 PM (called a “prime access” time slot) that resembled a news program, complete with an team of anchor men (Tom Hallick-a former soap opera star, and Ron Henderen, former TV critic of the San Francisco Examiner and occasional contributor to NBC’s Today show) and a co-anchor woman (Marjorie Wallace–among others). The show was distributed to TV stations via satellite, so each episode was ‘fresh’. Now only one could see and hear all about what star in appearing in what picture or what film will be made by whom, but one would also get such news that up until that time was only reported in the trade publications as The Hollywood Reporter or Variety–daily out of L.A. and weekly out of New York. This is how reports of box office receipts became mainstream news! “E.T.” was a hit. Since that time other entertainment news shows have popped up. They came and stayed, while others went. In 1990, a new cable channel calling itself “Movie Time”that was going to consist of airing movie trailers 24 hours a day, revamped itself with more celeb news and shows and gave itself a new name–E! Entertainment Television. (Owned and operated by Viacom, the same folks that brought you Entertainment Tonight!) “E!” would report on all of the info one can stand about Hollywood, show biz, and other related stuff that is amusing, but serves little purpose to the public at large except to entertain.

So there you have it! Dear ol’ Brittany has a bun in the oven! Good for her! Not to cause any conflict with her fans who admire her over her talents or for those who just lust for her, but we also have news to report over this ‘breaking story’. It appears that she actually “did it”! (Gasp!).

After all folks, that’s show biz!


Angel City Chorale is back! After being “in the clouds” for the past two season, this group consisting of 160 unique voices of multiple ranges backed up by a 30+ piece orchestra will be present through its first concert for the season–all live and in person!

This year’s selection is entitled Light Up The World, a concert that will consist of songs for the season, both as new selections as well as the tunes that those that have embraced to what this time of year is all about, will be very familiar with.

With Sue Fink leading the chorale and orchestra, this musical recital will present selections that include A Merry Olde Christmas by acclaimed choral composer Gary Fry, the radiant O Magnum Mysterium by Los Angeles based Morten Lauridsen, the upbeat gospel song You Oughta KnowBohemian Chanukah, paying homage to the tune that made the group Queen renown, along with the “choralography” that ACC has been known for!

In addition, the ACC, youth division, appropriately entitled the Angel City Youth Chorale, will be performing with their own special selection of seasonal favorites.

ACC’s Light Up The World concert will perform for two shows, Saturday, December 4th at 7:00 PM and Sunday afternoon, December 5th at 3:00 PM at their new location, Royce Hall, located on the main campus of UCLA in Westwood. Royce Hall is known for its grandiose location and setting that is acoustically and visuals perfect in terms of seating and sound–the ideal spot for this chorale to make its triumphant return back to enlighten its audience as it has presented to its fans and followers for its many years of existence.

For those that desire to “attend” this concert from afar, the Saturday December 4th presentation will be live streamed beginning at 7:00 PM (PST) available to anyone with internet access and a device that connects to the ‘net that can play back audio and video. No matter where one may be from around the block to across the globe, the ACC’s reach is bigger and better than ever before! How’s that for a triumphant return?

For more information about ACC’s Light Up The World concert, as well as for ordering tickets and related details, visit the Angel City Chorale’s website at https://angelcitychorale.org/

Note: For the safety and concern of those attending this event in person, current standards for COVIG checking as mandated through current county, city, and community standards will be under effect. Log on to the link https://angelcitychorale.org/light/#royce for specific details.


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