It’s isn’t a real surprise that this year’s Thanksgiving meal is going to cost more than it did the previous year.

Back a year ago, the Pandemic was at its height. Those that were going to travel for Thanksgiving postponed their trips. Those that did brave it out had to take precautions in order to avoid the virus that was going round. Zoom offered its services to allow anyone to be logged on for an unlimited time on Thanksgiving day. And those that celebrated a Thanksgiving meal did so with one one person in attendance–the person that prepared the meal!

One year later, the virus has been placed more in check. Those that still have the desire to travel can do so freely. However, the cost of everything from gas to the pumpkin in the pie is going to cost more dough.

According to readable sources, from major newspapers, the Associated Press, and the network media outlets report similar stories, everything is asking a larger price. This rise in prices have been blamed from everything from bottlenecks in getting goods from its source to retail outlets, to the fact those those working in places such as supermarkets, retail outlets, warehouses that store all the goods, and many other so-called “blue collar” jobs have been fed up in taking working conditions as they received them, quitting on the spot. It’s been called what county music artist Johnny Paycheck sang some forty years before–Take This Job and Shove It!

But that paycheck is going to be a whole lot smaller this time around. And the supermarkets are still in a hiring frenzy, even offering as much as a $500 bonus to those that are willing and able to take a job being a cashier, stock person, delivery driver, and whatever supermarkets can do to obtain (and possibly keep) staff around.

It’s rather hard to speculate when and how long this inflation is going to last. Of course, this isn’t the first time when prices started to go through the roof. Back in the 1970’s (some forty to fifty years ago), the rate of inflation was a hot topic to discuss around the ol’ water cooler, the place in many office spaces where employees were able to chat about topics that didn’t involve the work they did. It was a subject in late night TV talk show monologues. And it was discussed with others wherever they gathered in public, private, or otherwise. There was no such thing as “social media” back then, so word about things took more time to get to its recipients. If one wanted to complain that the cost of a cup of coffee was now 35 cents, by the time that this gossip can be around to everyone on the gossip link, the cost had risen to 50 cents. Such a life!

When Jerry Ford was president, his administration suggested wearing these pin back buttons that had a red background with WIN in back block letters. That stood for “Whip Inflation Now”. It was some motivational plan to keep the cost of everything down to a minimum. There were naysayers, of course. Those that didn’t believe this whole rigamarole wore their buttons upside down where it read “NIM”, meaning “No Immediate Miracles”. So much for donning pin back buttons!

So with everything else in this world, it’s going to be just another “wait and see” method of coping with things. Again, one year ago, the nation, and the world that went along with it, was in a doomed and darker state. Now that doom isn’t that “doomy” as it used to be, and it’s a bit brighter as well. Of course, one can get away from everything and take a trip to somewhere else, such as Disneyland. Just keep in mind that Mickey and the gang require you to bring more of that cash with you ‘cuz their admission prices have risen as much as eight percent from last year, and the cost of parking your car has risen as much as 20%. It may be the “happiest place on earth”, but only for the folks at The Walt Disney Company. And for the record, Disney+, their ever lovin’ streaming service, will turn two year old this month. So light that candle on the cake right now before the price of candles and the way to light the thing will rise in price! Don’t wait until the last minute!!


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