It appears that the big news of the week is the fact that Facebook has changed its name. Now that company that invented the “like” icon, as well as changing social media as we know it, is under a new brand with the same content.

The name itself is now known as “Meta”, short for “meta universe”. (One word or two? Whatever the case, it’s the same idea!) Facebook, and all it’s connected with, from Instagram, WhatsApp, and other entries both known and those under wraps, will take upon the cyberworld and the platforms that go along with it into a direction that it’s been traveling in for the less than twenty years the company has been in existence.

In addition to a new name, it even sports a new logo, replacing the lower case “f” symbol over a blue square, with an image that resembles the “alpha” icon–a figure eight on its side. The “eight” is slightly disformed. It’s just an outline colored in its familiar blue tone. That is the only resemblance left from the Facebook of old to the Meta of new.

It’s rather appropriate that this figure eight on its side would be shaped that way, since that logo resembles a handheld video game control device. And many of those gamers do use various applications connected with Facebook, or shall we say “The Company Formerly Known as Facebook ” can come along for the ride. This “Company Formerly Known as Facebook ‘ may sound like a moniker once used by the late Roger Nelson of Shakopee, Minnesota, but this is getting besides the point.

Although the company once called Facebook is under a different label, the company itself will remain the same. This time, it’s expanding its reach. With millions (billions?) of its users out there, Meta wants to extend itself out and cover whatever it can, and with all of the traits that go along with it! (It’s a very powerful company, y’know!) And to explain that notion, one can use the old joke, “Where does a five hundred pound gorilla sleep? Anywhere he wants!” So meet the 500 pound gorilla, folks!

And will still be called “Facebook”. There, you can still read all of the stuff that was placed beforehand, and post all of your details about your family trip to the Poconos to your “friends” and say to them that those pix are posted on Facebook, rather than on “Meta”. And for your pictures on Instagram? You can also state that those Poconos pix are on Instagram. Or to use a term that is shorter and cuter, “Insta”! Such a life in the social media meta universe!

There has been a lot of speculation on the name change. Perhaps the most obvious one is the fact that Facebook when it was still Facebook has been in a lot of hot water over the last few weeks, months, and even years! It had a lot of secrets that were recently uncovered that didn’t bode too well with the public and the government(s) at large, although much of the speculation was known for quite a while. It was just hiding in the closet.

One of these traits known was the fact that the social media outlet caused a lot of stress and anxiety for those that were on the site for an extended amount of time. Yours truly was starting to feel the same way as well. At first, I thought it was something about me. I didn’t know that others were going along the same route. Well, it turned out that I was not alone, as other folks were going through the same process for better or worse! Even though I never had much of an opportunity to take advantage of Instagram, others were noticing that “Insta” was taking advantage of them! That led to the investigation that those, especially adolescents aged females, were looking at great images of those similar to themselves that were better than what they had. Many of these images consisted of people they didn’t know in person, but were better looking than they were and were involved in more and better events and social aspects. So its stress levels were much higher than ever reported!

We can go on with what Facebook was ever accused of. However, the company wants to eliminate its past and move on. This time around, donning a new name and new image. Then again, one can change its name and symbol to its world, but one can’t change the past. Facebook/Meta will still have those skeletons inside their closets, and the only way to get rid of those ghosts is to face up with what was done, state that those things that were done will be undone, and keep it that way! It may take years from those things that were done to undo itself. Then again, those skeletons may remain in place for a long time, maybe for good! But the only thing that can be done is to move forward into the present and future.

Only time and tide will make the call for Meta’s new place in life. But with all of the power and glory the company holds, Meta can do whatever it damn well pleases! And even with the company calling itself something else, one can still post their “likes” to whatever is worth linking for. 

So as Tiffi Purewite’s “friends” would say.,…(fill in the blank!)


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