Within the past week, Facebook, the be-all-to-end-all place for social media on the ‘net has gone through its share of ups and downs. With inside secrets being revealed, how using the site, along with its “sister” site Instagram, has affected the emotional state of others that stay on the site for longer than they should.

leIt’s no real surprise that Facebook et. al, has been a site where it’s so bad to participate in, it’s good and vice versa! With millions (billions?) of participants that tell anyone within their network on what they are doing and what they are not doing, it’s somewhat hard to resist of following other people that are one is “friends” with. And never mind the fact that these so-called “friends” have yet to meet with one another, assuming that these friends are indeed real people.

We have stated many times that the gang at ALOL left Facebook many years ago when it became no fun to be part of, especially that the portal is overloaded with ads that their Facebook robots feel you should be aware of!

In fact, when we created some of our fake portals a few years ago, we did that to discover how much information we can get from others without asking for it specifically. At first, we were able to gain some details from some of these people, even a few as young as 14 years old! Over time, folks became more “hip” to posting what should be on and what items should be left out. However, we did play along with our entries that we left running over those years. A number of our entries we have since forgotten about, while a few are still on the air, even though nothing has been posted on their listings for years.

One person we had on was a middle aged woman we called “Tiffi Purewhite”, who has many of her “friends” post commentary that had no newsworthy value, except to themselves. We gathered enough of these posts where we ran a weekly column called “Tiffi’s Friends Say..” that listed in no specific order what was on their minds for that week. Although T’sFS has ended its run (mostly because we were getting rather annoyed in what they had to let their world know about), we, as part of our silver anniversary looking back on the history of ALOL, will post a selection of what Tiffi’s friends let us know about, even through we couldn’t give a rat’s a$$ over their musings!And no offense to those that took the time to list a comment or three, even if we didn’t necessarily know just what the hell they were “talking” about!

Keep in mind that these posts are a few years old. Many of these people may still be active on Facebook, a number of those may have since dropped out, while a scant few may now be deceased. Whatever the case, here’s their take on life as they know it, for the better or for worse!…

Still struggling with sadness. I have been home all day, and the house is so quiet. No Beagle noises, no toenails clicking across the floor, no one to slurp up the things that have fallen on the floor. I miss Buzzy so much. I really didn’t expect to feel quite like this. My heart hurts. Thanks to all of you for your words of sympathy. Keep praying for Jeff and I as our hearts are still broken.

Boy, I’m sick and tired of this cough. New meds, hope they help! Had our earthquake drill at school. Went well! Glad it was before this deluge!!

I should have never came to Kentucky in the first place. Why i do the things i do is beyond me

Sick last night and stayed home today. Great rest!

Well I’m officially an employee at Sears

Tonight I locked myself out of the house and that’s bad. But… I was on the phone with Moreen and that’s good. So I walked clear around my property and never lost the connection (can you believe it?) Felt so good to laugh. That Moreen, she’s a stitch. xxoo

Up early for a Saturday morning! Answering emails and then heading over to see Dad! Gotta stock him up on a treat or two!

The bad news: Insomnia sucks. Finally managed to sleep from 6 am to 1 pm
The good news: I read four books (including 3 by Karin Tabke)
The bad news: I didn’t get my first cup of coffee until 1:30 pm
The good news: The whole second pot is mine
The bad news: I’m over half a day behind in today’s schedule…
The good news: I don’t care

Pit stop at Target. Zackary had a flip flop malfunction. Had to buy new ones. These have more tread on them. He should be able to go more miles with these on his feet.

We just saw a man in full Thor costume walking down the street

I woke up the day before my daughter’s wedding with a pimple….I think I’ll put some windex on it

Home sweet home time seems to stop when I am at work !

In case you were wondering, why yes, hummus does make an excellent breakfast…

It’s after 9am, and I am still unable to get to school this morning.

My gf is hot!

Davis and I watch Big Bang (we aren’t current but watch them on Netflix CDs) and I am a Downton Abbey fan. What’s your must watch show?

I ate kale/raisin salad today with a homemade dressing. WHO AM I? It was pretty good. Thank you Amy

I do not know why Bohemian Rhapsody showed up in my Pandora Broadway mix, but I’ll take it. (she says, baltering around the living room singing at the top of her lungs)

I’m finding an interesting trend. Decades ago, “Superwoman Syndrome” hit, when women thought they had to be able to do it all, and do it well. I guess the male version of it was to over-achieve and for all, multi-tasking was key to get it all done. Now, the message seems to be to simplify life, slow it down, do a few things well and say “no” more than you say “yes.” It also means sorting out the clutter, whether it’s belongings or other stuff/issues that complicate life. What do you think of this trend? And if you’re a fan of it, what one thing are you doing LESS of these days or sorting out of your life?

I’m so outta season…REO song stuck in my head!!

Is today really Tuesday? Feels like a lazy Sunday. A little sun a lot of clouds and cold. I am cranky and need a nap. Only it’s too late. Productive none-the-less. I ground up 4 big chicken breasts for breakfast sausage, cooked up cabbage for the meat sauce we’re having for dinner tonight and roasted a couple of pounds of raw cashews. Maybe I will take a nap. 🙂

MY HUNNY GOT THE JOB!!! Y’all, God is so good. Hunny didn’t ask for this. It fell in his lap. He had to prove he was the right man for the job, but he didn’t search this one out. SQUEEE happy dance!

Two whole months smoke free!!

Vacation is over…I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Insert whining voice here.

I would really like to have more…



Since its formation in 1935 that consisted of a merger of two smaller movies studies, William Fox’s Fox Film Corporation, and Darryl Zanuck’s Twentieth Century Pictures, the studio that was known to labeled as 20th Century Fox (or to be precise, “Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation”, or simply “Fox”) ran the gamut of releasing features that ranged from light comedy, period and contemporary drama, action/adventure titles, and even color (by De-Luxe) musicals that rivaled its closest competitor to the musicals released by Metro-Golden-Meyer, Fox was a studio that has experienced its ups, downs, middle grounds, and all points in between.

20th Century Fox-Darryl F. Zanuck And The Creation Of The Modern Film Studio (Running Press) is Scott Eyman’s depiction of the the studio that provided moving imagery entertainment from its formation during The Great Depression, its later entry into television, its many passings of studio heads, to its newest entry by being taken over by The Walt Disney Company–all packed in a 200+ page book that mostly tells about how the studio has its bevy of stars to how the company was run as a business that experienced its highs and lows.

The book tells about how Hungarian born Wilhelm Fuchs a.k.a. William Fox and Nebraska born Daryl Zanuck got into the moving making business when moving making became a business, rather than just a novelty. Within the pages, many of the stars that came from the Fox lot are discussed in its early years from humorist Will Rogers to curtly top Shirley Temple, to its musical stars such as Alice Faye and Betty Grable, leading toward the 1950’s and beyond with Marilyn Monroe and others. (No mention of Pat Boone and Fabian is to be found, but never mind!!)

But it does get into detail on how this studio with Darryl Zanuck in charge ran this company “like a Swiss Watch”–always on time! It did leave itself towards new trends on how movies were being screened, from first experimenting with 70mm and avoiding 3-D in the 1950’s, but instead expanded its screen image becoming wider calling its notion “CinemaScope” that changed how movies looked. (Besides, you didn’t need those pesky glasses to see an image that was wider than ever before!)

When Hollywood was going through it’s “modern” image in the 1970’s, his son Richard took over, changing the films that sparked many clones and imitations over time, from high action from The French Connection to science fiction with Star Wars. It also attempted to sell off much of its past with not one, but two auctions held in 1971 that sold everything from Butch Cassidy’s bicycle to Cleopatra’s throne to the poster advertising the play “Aged In Wood” from All About Eve.

Then there was Rupert Murdoch’s buyout of the studio in the middle 1980’s that added many portfolios for the studio, including its entering television launching the FOX Network–the first TV network in the USA to form (and stick around) since the Dumont network called it quits in 1955.

The book concludes the Fox story when The Walt Disney Company bought the studio in 2019, selling off its electronic media sources back to Murdoch. (It did keep National Geographic that News, Inc.–Murdock’s company, obtained a few years before!) Although Disney didn’t “Disneyfied” the studio, it did offer the entire run of The Simpsons on Disney+, a cartoon that isn’t really as family friendly as it could be!

The book holds the subtitle that it was a modern film studio as it did move with the times, even when the studio knew what movie titles were the crowd pleasers and what movies would eventually fail to do! (Entertain mostly!) Loaded with industry facts with a middle section of photos of those in front of the camera as well those far off camera, this book is a must for those that desire to know why this studio was unique in its own right with the creation of its media, as well as give interesting figures of what went on along Pico Boulevard–and never mind the fact that its official mailing address is PO Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA. 90213!

20th Century Fox-Darryl F. Zanuck And The Creation Of The Modern Film Studio is available where books are sold both in-store and online.


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