Greetings to you readers out there! Yours truly is on an out-of-town assignment that is located far away from our spot in the San Fernando Valley!

Today (or at least as of this writing), your humble reporter is in Appleton, Wisconsin, located in the center part of the state. If anyone wants to follow us on a map (a paper one or a located affixed on your phone), Appleton is located north of Oshkosh (b’gosh), and just south of Green Bay, home of the ever lovin’ Cheeseheads that don the true-blue(ish) colors of yellow and green! And in the nick of time, too!

Appleton was also the home of Harry Houdini, who eventually made a disappearing act from hanging around town. It’s also a community that is famous in its own right for being part of what small town America is really like–or should be like anyway!

I can’t state how long I will be in this berg that boasts a population of either 73,xxxx or 74,xxxx as two “Welcome to Appleton” signs aren’t in sync. But then again, what difference dose all of this make? It’s just a community where the people are friendly(er) that the folks that live in the southland–or so it seems anyway!

In the mean time, expect the next few installments of this here newsletter to originate from this hamlet. And when I return, I’ll continue to do what I have been aways been doing the last few sessions by bringing you the news and information that matters to us. It should matter to you the readers as well since you stayed long enough to read this message!

So as they say down in Madtown, On Wisconsin!!


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