And now, it’s your turn to place your two cents in what we’ve been up to the last time we asked for your comments.

Your current issue (Vol. 26-No. 28) is perhaps one of the strangest ones ALOL has released. Was this article part of some secret code to let everyone know that the election was really won by (Donald Trump), or am I missing out of something…?

If we solve the puzzle, what do we win?

I think something is wrong with your website. Maybe the hackers got it. How much bitcoin are they asking to set it free?

Did Pat and Terry make up with one another? Are they lovebirds once more, or did they br(e)ak up?…

My name is Pat. I have a good friend named Terry. I don’t think we know of you, unless you subscribe to our YouTube channel or TicTok link! Make sure you do by clicking our “subscribe” button…

The above list of comments are a few of many that we received over an article we wrote about describing a platonic relationship between “Pat” and “Terry”. (Both names used were aliases, and “Pat” and “Terry” did not want their real labels used in the article!)

We placed that article there as a favor to one of the persons addressed as that same person is a good friend of yours truly. Yes, we were a bit hasty is getting that write up to grace the pages of ALO-L. However, we did it just to see what might happen. Although as of this writing, we don’t know if Pat and Terry did come to terms. However, we received a lot of feedback from it. (The above is just a small sample to the comments we received!) But at least it proves to us that somebody is actually reading our articles! Unlike the social media platforms were in order to receive feedback, one had to either “like” us or log in a viewing. Granted, we aren’t a TickTok video where it’s viewed by a million or so viewers and its creator(s) receive offers from some start-up company as an “influencer”, but it’s just a start!!

I am very pleased that you are placing movie reviews here (Accessibly Live Off-Line). I really didn’t care to see (In The) Heights in a theater, so I will wait to see it on HBO.

Can you review F9 soon..?

We did! See our review in Vol. 26-No. 26 -Eds.

I, too, remember writing a letter to myself ten years into the future when I graduated from high school. I write (sic) to me with the notion that I was going to be an artist with my own gallery in New York City. I was going to hob-nob with all of the elite, have my picture in the gossip columns, and have a review in People (Magazine).

Sadly, much of my art was sold at those open market craft fairs. I would be lucky enough if I sold at least three canvases during a weekend. I did this on and off for a few more years until I got arthritis pains in my hands. I could no longer hold a brush as I once did. So sad.

But thank for your blog on writing to the yourself of the future. At least I got to do what I said I was going to do!

-Phyllis Shyroke
, California

I like the flashback articles you reprint. Will you ever reprint more of your “Richard By Far” pieces?

Sure! Although the RBF series came from another source (The Epicenter, a monthly news letter for members of the Los Angeles Catholic Alumni Club), we’ll dig through the slush pile to pull out more RBF columns that would be of interest. Stay tuned!

That’s all the letters for now. If you desire to place your two or three cents worth, we’ed be honored to hear all about it! See the last section of this issue (right below actually) for our contact details, and drop us a line! We’ll look forward to hear from you!!!


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