We here at Accessibly Live Off-Line central are always intrigued to assemble our annual “State of the Union Address”, where we write our annual report that reaches the end of the previous fiscal year covering the term from July 1st through June 30th, as well as adding our predictions for the next year which will in this case will be spilling into 2022. We normally have an idea in what we are going to do noting upon what we have previously done. And those options are based upon the aspect that it’s all for the better and for the worse

Around the period that we slapped together our last SOTU report (Vol. 25-No. 27-Week of July 6th, 2020), it was when all hell was breaking loose. Around that time, the pandemic was billed with a lot of names, from its official name of COVIG-19, to names that were posted all over social media–some of which were not of a “family friendly” nature!

Also at the time, a big heated election was going to take place. The then current king of the USA was pulling his weight around with the notion that he was going to be king for the next four years come hell or high water, while his competitor was taking things in stride and more at ease. Granted, the challenger wasn’t doing anything that would be with entertainment value. It was just politics at work, not necessarily as a reality TV show–whatever that would mean!

But as the world around us started to get deeper and deeper into the dog s#it we stepped in with our beginning-of-the-decade goodfoot, we here at ALO-L headquarters were making plans on what we were going to do with ourselves for the next fiscal year. And as the notions of the year progressed (or lack thereof), we knew how we were going to proceed based upon our own personal hunches

Well, those “gut feelings” we were experiencing were not because of all of the gas we were getting from consuming meals we were cooking because one can dine on so-much take out food! What we found out that our plans for ourselves were in cahoots with other plans people were creating that were very much in line to ours. Ito be precise, we were catching the idea bugs that were biting us. (Note: These “bugs” that were biting us are not to be confused with the “acting bugs” that only affects would-be thespians that tend to hold a hot nut to clime onto a theater stage to recite prose written by somebody else while moving about the notions as dictated by a theater director!)

What we mean here is the fact that people who dwell within a domestic society that’s out there finally realized that they were living overly hectic and frantic lives. With their careers moving into a tailspin and their family life spinning into the ground, along with those that were getting ill, not getting ill, and doing their damnedest to not fall into one trap into another, it appears that they all quoting a classic movie line written by Paddy Chayefsky that stated “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

And these folks decided that they weren’t going to take it anymore! Now that there has been a vaccine made available to fight off the covig bug, while things are slowly opening up toward a state of “normalcy”, a lot of people are making their personal changes for the better. They are completing that for the reasons that they can! And for many, it’s the first time in their entire lives that these changes can be performed. It’s also known that what occurred pandemic wise will never happen again in their lifetimes, meaning that if they don’t act fast, they may not get a second chance. It’s a massive avoidance of the case of the “I shouda-coulda-wouldas”.

With those ideas in mind, we here at Accessibly Live Off-Line are going to make some changes too, all based upon the notion that’s it’s going to be a change for the better. Or if you desire for us to use high tech speak, call these changes “Accessibly Live Off-Line 2.0”.

So what will these new changes be all about? Well, for the past twenty-five and a half years, we have been cranking out these newsletter editions to an audience that desires to experience journalism from an alternative perspective. Over time and tide, we added more features, such as reviewing movie releases that were playing in theaters when movies seen in a theater still maintained an appeal with its film fans, even through that home video and cable TV were still all the rage! Then we moved into covering live theater plays and programs. Although Los Angeles may be the movie and TV capital of the nation with the notion that Hollywood continues to feed the world with media content, its stage presence has been rather under looked. The reason it really existed is the fact that Hollywood and its surrounding communities is full of starving actors, writers, producers, directors, and a bigger collection of those working “below the line”. (People that are involved as “above the line” consist of actors, directors, writers, and perhaps producers. Anyone “below the line” are those that range from lighting directors, sound engineers, picture a.k.a film/video editors, and other folks that perform an important job but never receives the recognition they could deserve. After all, when was the last time you experienced a “news” story about a costuming designer in programs as Entertainment Tonight, or perhaps in one of those celebrity gossip print mags as Us, In Style, Entertainment Weekly/Monthly, among others? But we digress

So what’s happening in these parts of ALO-L? We will continue to churn out weekly editions as before, but we will focus upon writing more human interest based articles. These are tales that hold a connection to the topics we have been writing about, but that move toward a personal side. We will still comment upon a trend in media, as well as hack out a review of a feature film (theatrical release or otherwise), as well as occasionally enter a stage play review. But our focus will be placed along with the articles that our fans really want to experience. They want to be amused about some of the little slices of life that others possibly have been through, but may have never noticed beforehand. We have placed various articles that dealt with these topics in the past before. And from the feedback we have received in recent times through our “letters to the editor” column, many folks informed us that they really found those pieces with grater fascination that from a review of a play that may be available to view. After all, theater shows are appreciated when one can actually see the performance in question, rather than to just hear about it! That is why the annual Tony Awards hold the lowest TV ratings among the “big four” entertainment-based award shows! After all, how can one appreciate a new musical appearing on Broadway located in New York City USA when one never saw the show, let along even heard about it because they are nowhere near the area to where the show is performing? Unless one follows the theater business or lives within a fifty mile radios of New York city, the chances that one may be familiar to the play is rather slim. And as one person who recently wrote to us stated, “..I’m glad you wrote a great review of (name of play) as it appears to be an entertaining and well crafted production. But if I ever travel to Los Angeles from where I am living in Copenhagen, I might catch it. Then again, I may not as there is more of America to really see….!”

Of course, everything that we plan to do is subject to change. We do wish to go forward with ALO-L 2.0, but we are not hell bent to keeping it in that way. We are just glad that we are still around, as many of our colleagues we once dealt with are no longer functioning. We are just pleased that we received the opportunity to get ourselves together, although how we were able to do so in a method that we really didn’t necessarily have in mind. Waiting for the apocalypse to occur is usually found as a plot point only seen in bad sci-fi movies and TV shows that one can find submerged within the programs found on streaming media.

But as it’s been stated many a time here, stay tuned to this program for further developments! And we do wish to thank you all for just hangin’ around! We could not have done it without any of you. After all, what’s the point of planning a party and not having anyone show up? Granted, people may still be antsy in gathering together in masses. But as long as you got your shot in the arm, you’ll do OK!

And keep those cards and letters coming in! We will read every one of them all! We promise!! (Right..?)


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