Here’s more proof (if “proof” is actually needed) that streaming media ain’t going away!

Last week, Warner Media, the company owned by AT&T that has to its portfolio, CNN, TBS, HBO, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Studios, and other names in the media business that’s been around since the glory days of cable television, will be “getting married” to Discovery Networks, the company that features a load of domestic living channels, such as HGTV, Food Network, Discovery, and other media elements within their portfolio. These two sources will provide more content to those that wish to subscribe through streaming media, offering titles to pick through to see whenever and wherever people can view on any device that sports a video screen as well that can connect to a internet connection.

Amazon, the company that among other sources, sells everything including the kitchen sink, is in talks of acquiring MGM, the studio that holds a library of some 4000 titles including a selection from United Artists and includes among others, the James Bond feature films and other recent “modern” classic hits such as Fargo, Robocop, The Silence of the Lambs, and many others. This portfolio will add titles to Amazon Prime, a streaming service that is gaining in popularity and is heavily competing with Netflix, and Disney+.

This possible acquisition is not to be confused with the MGM and is better known as Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, a studio once located in Culver City, California (not “Hollywood” as what’s stated at the end of MGM cartoons where they were “Made in Hollywood USA”), that became established in 1924. That MGM was purchased by Ted Turner in the middle 1980’s where its now part of Warner Media. That library consists of titles that were released through MGM from January 1st, 1924 through May 31st, 1986–just in case anyone is keeping score!

What this all means is that streaming media in now the hot source to receive and consume moving imagery content through electronic means. Although linear TV is still around, it’s being created with streaming in mind, meaning that if the traditional TV networks wishes to provide programming through over the air means, it will become available for streaming sooner or later. (More “sooner” than “later”!) ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC are all “players” in the streaming business! And the movie studios are also involved as well as they are all connected to TV, from Paramount (Paramount + via CBSViacom), Universal through NBCUniversal’s Peacock, Sony Studios with arrangements with Netflix, Warner Bros. with WarnerMedia, and The Walt Disney Company with of course, Disney+. In the late teens, Disney bought the assets of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, that now owners the entire Fox library for the purpose of streaming.

It’s been said in the business world that one should go where the money is. As of this moment, the big bucks are found in streaming services. With people now getting quite comfortable of getting their content through streaming thanks from being cooped up inside of their dwellings due to the results from the pandemic, it appears that people won’t break away from a habit that they actually enjoy in keeping. And because streaming is cheap(er) that traditional cable TV or even trekking off to a movie theater to view, well… movies, people will take that kind of offer.

After all, if it’s going to cost a whole lot less to get something where that “something” is brought to you verses the other way around, why not grab it? After all, free delivery is no longer a privileged option. It’s now expected!
As this Spring season will be turning into a Summer where the weather is nicer, and those orders to keep those ever lovin’ face masks on will be cast aside, folks may concentrate is doing so-called “normal” stuff, but with a twist! They won’t go back to the days where they had to engage themselves within a setting because that was the way to do things, but they will do those same actions as a “reboot” rather than a traditional “back to the way it is” or “back to the way it was” at least! And since a “reboot” is the post-modern way to describe an object or source as “new and improved”, they will go for that new and improved, leaving the old and not-as-improved version into the trash heaps for good. It will become a matter of time and tide to see who will become the next contestant in the streaming wars.

However, it may buckle down back to the notion that there may be 57 channels to get and there’s nothing on. Then again, you can’t please everyone out there. If you could, where would be the fun be in that??


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