Now that things and events are starting to slowly yet surly open up in terms of becoming back to a form of normal life and style, there is a relief in a number of people knowing that they can venture outside of the home they have been cooped up for a number of months knowing that they won’t be receiving and danger or threat from what’s been billed as the decease of the decade or century, depending how one desires to place this situation. However, there is a number of people that are sporting fear. Not because they will be receiving another threat in getting a virus even if they were vaccinated, but the notion that they may be getting back into a lifestyle that they placed on hold since March of last year.

That fear is in connection of realizing what kind of life they were living in before everything shut down. Once upon a time, many people would be working in some kind of office type setting. They went through the stress of getting to their job site, working for 8, 10, or 12 hours or more a day for five, six, or even seven days a week. They also had to deal with other domestic chores and duties, such a taking care of family members of all age groups, the running of household cash flows, and other notions that only spring from what’s called “real life”–the kind that may be boring, but important!

When things started to shut down, people at first became terrified in being cooped up inside of their homesteads because of an unseen and invisible enemy that was lurking outside. But something else happened. People started to realized that they were entering a life that seemed calmer and more in order. Because restaurants were closed, instead of eating out, they started to cook for themselves and liked doing it! Folks were dusting off kitchen appliances that hadn’t seen the light of day for months, even years. For some, they were allowed to work from home. Instead of going to an office space with fighting crowds on the road as well as forced to make conversations with other people that were not family or friends within their work spaces, they worked when they could. It didn’t matter if one completed a spread sheet at 2:00 PM or at 2:00 AM, just as long as it was done correctly and on time, then everything was OK. To fight off loneliness, people started to reach toward others that were within their family as relatives or those they “adapted” as their family. And because they were cooped up inside of their dwelling spaces, they started to finally get around to do the home based chores they were putting off for weeks, months, years, and even decades! They cleaned out closets, painted walls, fixed or replaced broken appliances, and did things that needed to be done at last!

To summarize it all, people realized that they could live and maintain a relaxed and stress free life. Of course, their are other factors connected to this way of new living that also focuses upon the good and not do good, such as losing one’s source of income. But in short, those out there were living a way of life that could be called “Life 2.0”.

But the questions remains. Do people really want to go back toward a rushed and overstuffed method of living? For many people, the answer is “no”! They don’t want to live their lives they way they did. They want to be with people they want to be with. They want to create means that was much better for themselves than what they had beforehand. And for businesses, they realized that having their employees work from home is less costly, meaning that there is no office space to rent, no business travel involved thanks to many (too many?) virtual meetings through Zoom, and other factors that prove that “smaller, faster, and cheaper” is the way to go.

But there are ways people can maintain the best of both worlds. From the start, one can gradually get back into a life they lived before, and the emphasis of what they are happy to become involved with, such as keeping in touch with some folks while abandoning those that are “toxic” to their well beings. If they wanted to go out to a restaurant, they could take advantage of outdoor seating since many of these places have their seating space “cafe society style” since the weather is a lot better right now than it was earlier this year. They can also attend backyard barbecues with those they know and even would like to know. (Social distancing may still be in place, but not as intense as it once was.) Please can go out to the park to walk their dogs that they got during the lockdown since adapting a pet because all of the rage where many of these pets (dogs and cats mostly, but a few other domestic critters as well), became “keepers”. And yes, one can take advantage of shopping for goods and service that they actually need in a real live store! Yes, shopping online is also part of this new normalcy, but getting back to a physical store has its moments as well!

As the headline of this article suggests if one can really “go home” again, the answer is yes! Except this new home will have a makeover. Not the type of makeover one may find in a reality TV program where the video hosts (their are usually more than one host in these type of programs), do such things as knocking down walls, replace overloaded appliances in the kitchen area, and paint the wall in colors that are not white or beige. But this kind of virtual home will be safer, stronger, and of course, much happier than ever before. People didn’t know how to keep such a life as they way they wanted. Now they have learned. Perhaps they learned in a hard way, but learned nevertheless.

Of course, this pandemic is far from over. If one didn’t get vaccinated, one should do so as soon as possible. One still has to don face masks in selected indoor places unless otherwise noted, and one must be still aware of what’s going on out there. Again, things may be returning back to where it was, but the light in the tunnel is full speed ahead!


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