It was about one year ago around this time that the domestic world as we knew it would start to take a turn for the not-so-good. It was during that second weekend in March of 2020 when some little old virus that was given a name that could have been extracted from a vanity license plate number started to become a major concern. All of a sudden, the nation was ordered by such groups as the Center of Disease Control (CDC), as well as other related federal, state, and county health departments, suggested (ordered?) for all of its citizens to hunker down. This would mean that it was within the best interest not to gather in large groups, keep away from public places, get sheltered where one lives, and hope for the best. Although the (then) King of the USA did say that this virus was like the flu and would “go away”, it didn’t! The only thing that did indeed “go away” was the King himself! So much for that statement!

This writer doesn’t have to say that things did indeed change. And those changes were rather drastic. There were some winners involved as well as some losers. Some succeeded and others that failed. People made new discoveries. Many of these discoveries were for the most part, set within the positive side of things. Folks started to find talents and abilities that they never knew they had. The learned to cook. They learned how to spruce up their homes and places they lived within. They learned more about technology. They watched a lot of television, and they recused a lot of dogs and cats from shelters that would have otherwise been snuffed. Perhaps the greatest challenge of them all, they learned how to fight for what was right, and they bonded with those that were worth the bonding! As Charles Dickens once wrote, these were the best of times, and these were the worst of times.

Today, there is as much anxiety going around as there is much hope. New cases are down, and so are deaths. Many places once closed are being opened again with a lot of caution and care involved. Folks are taking advantage of vaccinations. And donning face masks, although a bit of a hassle to do, is still being practiced. So are the notion of keeping at least six feet away from others.

Many people took their new(er) habits of living their domestic life in more of an upbeat mode. Some will go back to what they were once doing, while others are using this change as something for the better, even vowing to never go back! When they started to fix up their homes, they found out that they could even do more than just repairing a crack on the wall or to oil the hinges on a squeaky door. They even got around of getting their living spaces in order, finally getting around to arranging their places. And is it just a coincidence that a number of domestic lifestyle magazines sported blurbs on their covers that taught the reader how to get their places in order? Recent issues of such titles as Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, Reveal, featuring the duo of Drew and Jonathan, had their own spins of living a life that can be called as smaller-faster-cheaper!

Of course, we are not out of the woods quite yet, far from that! It’s going to be quite a while until things start to get back to the state they were once in before all of this happened. Some notions will come back, but in a slightly different stance. Others will not return for the good or otherwise! However, after one year, this moment may have been the kick in the a$$ that wasn’t asked for per se, but was defiantly needed! But giving time, patience, and common sense, we all will get out of what we don’t want, and will embrace in what we long desire! You the readers may think otherwise, and that’s OK! We can’t cover everything, but at least we can scratch the surface!

In the mean time, stay tuned to this news service for the latest and greatest in what you look for here! After all, we ain’t working from home for nothing!


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