It’s no real surprise that because of the uncertainty of The Pandemic (a term that has its own name, thus, the capitalization), a lot of events that was suppose to take place around this time of year is going to become a virtual event. One can still attend the event, but don’t expect to be in a physical place with a lot of people crowding among each other as they used to do back in the so-called “good old days” long before there was any real worry that such crowds would become a health and safety hazard.

For those that follow the movie business for instance, this would be the start of the awards season where many groups and organizations would fob off awards for movies that aren’t necessarily blockbusters of even “tentpole” pictures. These movies would be smaller “art house” and/or “independent” feature films that are plot and character heavy, aren’t loaded with big-name starts, unless one can count people as Meryl Streep as a “big name”, or when Tom Hanks used to appear in cute and perhaps silly light comedies, and for the most part, as suppose to be “good” movies. Not necessarily entertaining per se, but are well crafted for what they are!

Thanks to the said Pandemic, many of those same smaller movies never had a genuine opportunity to play in a real movie house as most of these titles, if not all of them, wound up as video on demand selections through a streaming device. And those tentpole picture, the kind that people really want to see, were limited to a few of the theaters that were open, but wound up as revised drive-in fodder or in many cases, were also available through the streaming circles.

Out of the many elements that The Pandemic gave to the winners, it was technology that won hands down! Because people were forced to stay at home or in some form of sheltering, they turned toward internet connected devices. They watched a lot of television (movies or otherwise) through anything that can connect to the ‘net and sported a video screen, as well as making their own “movies”. They flocked on YouTube, they went to Tic-Tok, and Zoomed their way to happiness, if not totally stressed out on a virtual source that wasn’t very known of the year before.

Many trade conventions will be held this year through virtual means as well. The only good that’s coming through that element is the fact that people won’t have to travel to attend such events. However, watching faces through streaming services got very old and tired months ago. This is especially true if the connection isn’t as great as it could be, meaning that the next Zoom meeting (out of too many to count) will remain a meeting where people will be “frozen”, and perhaps not able to speak or be heard with a sound source!

As of this writing, people will be deciding if they actually want to attend a meeting in person. Here in Los Angeles, COVIG cases are still on the rise, and the vaccine can only get around for so long. So until people will start feeling safe to venture out, they will continue to attend such meetings and events through their video screens.

And to add, on January 20th, the USA will crown its new king. Of course, that event will still be presented on the steps of the Capital building in Washington, DC. However, that event will be performed through live means rather than through virtual portals, although that king-to-be will become more careful in preventing others in catching the virus of the year. (Decade?) As to the old king? Well, his followers attempted to storm the castle with the notion of telling anyone that their king should remain the leader of the band. But in concept, it dosen’t seem likely to happen, concidering that the only one doing all the tweeting about it will be the birds in the trees that will whisper Louise…or something like that!

So here’s to you ol’ virtual world. Many you live long and prosper. Then again, what can one can do..?


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