This issue kicks off some twenty-five years of service to our community back in the days when “community” was a place that consisted of a physical neighborhood where people worked, played, and lived. It was a time when being in a place called “cyberspace” was often confused with “outer space”, although the two names had a strange bedfellow connection to it. After all, both places suggested science fiction. We may have not be considered labeled as an “alien”, but we sure weren’t part of the little green men that rode in space ships ready to land on earth to take over the world as we knew it!

But here we are, ready to start a new year and a new chapter in the world of journalism. It’s very appropriate that we start off on a silver anniversary, since our hair, and everything else for that matter, has turned various shades of gray thanks to all of the events that occurred within the previous year!

But as we attempt to shake off all of those events be it as good, bad, or otherwise, we have decided to once again step on that good foot while looking very careful for those piles of dogs#it that we weren’t expecting to step on when we started out on our trip down through the roarin’ 20s one year before.

Even through we started off in a year year, we are actually half way through our fiscal year that ends on June 30th. But we won’t necessarily wait for a turning point to start anew. We’ll begin some sort of phase when the time is right. And that time is now!

For this year, we are going to continue in presenting those reviews that made us so-called “famous”. Granted, we are awaiting for things to open up a bit in terms of regional theater, movies and those other forms of entertainment that you folks love to know about. We will also write editorials (such as this one) that start each issue off each week. And we will try to do some new things as well. We won’t necessarily give any specifics right now. But believe us folks, they will be new!
But as of now, we are going to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, as well as our 26th year of our existence. We are going to forget the previous year as those 2020 calendars are already sitting in garbage heaps, along with those Christmas trees that are sitting along street curbs, ready to be taken away to their final resting places.

So as we sip the last of our egg nog, wolf down the final Christmas cookie, and to safely preserve that fruitcake we received from Aunt Muriel to be ready to fobbed off to somebody else the next season, we are ready, willing, and to start anew!
In short, the number “21” is very lucky! That’s the age when you can legally drink! “21” is the number you want to hit on in Las Vegas, or wherever gaming is accepted. It’s also a nice number because it’s not “20”! But we turned 21 four years ago. We are now on a silver lining!

So let’s make that term to be just as good as gold, even if it’s just silver!


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