Now that December is here, it’s the time to shop for the season. Or at least, one would normally be shopping for the season!

Yep folks, those ever lovin’ gift giving holidays are here! Since earlier this year, people that never got around to buying stuff through the ‘net has learned how to do such. For those that’s been handy with their internet connected device as well as a credit card account have been spending in vengeance. And although shopping is a real store has its moments, getting out there has been performed through much caution.

There has been news, possibly rumors, that a vaccine for fighting the virus of the year (Decade? Century?) is getting close(r) in development. But as of this moment, that may be the case or not. But until it all becomes official, folks will attempt to do the so-called normal stuff that would usually do now that the end of the calendar year is slowly running its course.

But when it comes back to the seasonal shopping, there are deals o’ plenty around out there. There’s money to be spent for a few folks, while others are tightening their belts and pocketbooks. But that will add some creative license to be thrown around when it comes to making the best for the season.

However, as we create this column, the paramedic has changed from bad to worse. Since the weather is a lot colder than it was back in August, folks tend to stay indoors. Depending where one is, places are going through lock downs. Malls may be limited to allowing fewer folks inside, if at all! And since everyone is rather spooked out in everything from hunkering down to going through election withdrawal, shopping for gifts may not be the best move.

Some folks have started their shopping long before the traditional season. A recent marking report following this trend stated that those of the “Baby Boomer” demographic, those born between 1946 through 1964, were the first group to start their seasonal shopping, even going online to get their gear. Those that are Millenniums (born 1980-1996) and Gen Z (1997 and later) are the ones that wait until the last moment. It’s assumed that thanks to the for noted online shopping, an order can be turned around as little as a day or so. So if you want a gift to arrive on December 25th, one can order as late as December 23rd. That’s progress!

So it’s all going to become an interesting season to document for sure. Let’s home that this first annual virtual holiday season will be its last. Come December, 2021, there will be a new way to conduct business. And let’s also hope that this change will be for the better and through personal choice, rather than through governmental order. But guess what folks! This time around, The new(er) king of the USA will take a different perspective in things that what the previous ruler did!

And so it goes!


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