Guess what folks? The season is all upon is. Known as “The Holidays” because there are a lot festive days that have a connect within one another falling within the same six week period, there will be a lot of gift giving done, although the standard playbook on selling and buying through this time of year is somewhat different.

First of all, November 30th, the Monday after the Thanksgiving holidays, is normally known as “Cyber Monday”, meaning that this is the day where people are back at their places of employment (i.e. “the office”) where they tend to do their seasonal shopping on goods that they didn’t get during the traditional “Black Friday” sales held at their local in-person retail outlet.

Because spending indoors face-to-face with other people crammed within tight places are not the thing to do right now, retailers started their own version of Black Friday (known hereon as “BF” to keep things a bit neat around here), by offering their good online with available in-store pickup. (A few retailers are still offering curb service in case somebody doesn’t feel like physically entering a store!) There sales started as early as the Columbus Day weekend with offers rolling in and out of time, meaning that some goods are being offered at a “doorbuster” price for days at a time through their web portals. This means one doesn’t have to bust a door down in order to grab the goods at a discounted price on a certain day at a certain time. (6:00 AM??)

As to Cyber Monday shopping online at the office? Well for a lot of folks, “the office” is now located within their homes, meaning that they don’t have to work for the boss as (s)he is breathing down their necks hollering at them on why they aren’t doing their work! That’s because they’re isn’t any boss to to do this. That is, unless one lives with their boss!!

And since people have been going through more that they were expecting through this year, their sense of what they desire for the season has also changed. Many folks are no longer asking for big ticket items, now requesting for items that are more personal in nature, or asking for a service done for them.

For instance, one of those lifestyle magazines out there that tend to cater to a female demographic featured an article on making gifts for the season–Christmas in this case, but one can assume that it can go for any seasonal event where gifts are exchanged, that may consist of a promise to do something for someone, such as doing yard work, baking a cake, or perhaps offering a favor that would deem right for the person. Or perhaps offering some time and respect with that person, such as being a good friend, family member, or somebody within the personal domain of the person. These sorts of gives have the heart and soul within them that shows more personal concern rather than to grab all of the loot one can fester up. In other words, picking out items from the annual Christmas catalog from Neiman-Marcus is no longer in vogue, considering the fact that the department store located in The Big “D” of Dallas, Texas may not survive the season, let along the rest of the century!

But shopping will still prevail, Christmas or otherwise! It’s just going to be done for different reasons and through different methods. So don’t exactly toss out those ribbons and wrapping paper quite yet! And if you are going to send those cards through the US mail (yep, they are still in operation since they did their duty in getting the election in gear), by all means, send ‘em out! After all, somebody’s going to have to load their mantles with something outside of knickknacks and dust!!

Oh yes! Don’t forget that fruitcake is still in season, so expect your annual piece of this pie soon. (PS..if you do receive one, it won’t be from me! So there!!)


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