This is Thanksgiving week in America, the week where the day of thanks is being honored throughout the country. These is the days where folks, be they are family members through blood, marriage, or as close and honored friends, gather for the dinner party to beat all dinner parties. Normally, they arrive from near and far, traveling distances that could range from a few blocks off to halfway around the world. They may fight through the challenges from getting to and from, or even having their say while at the gathering place to compare thoughts that may result in a heated disagreement or not. Whatever the case, folks perform this task each and every year. They may know the results, but they will do it anyway because of the tradition such gatherings speak for.

Even perfect strangers also go through this ritual. Some people do not necessarily have any special place to go come Thanksgiving, either through circumstances that are not necessarily of their making, or through periods that didn’t work out quite the way that they have should. Many community centers and places of worship (churches, etc.) will host community Thanksgiving celebration where anyone can take part a meal consisting of turkey and all of the trimmings. They may be dwelling in a small sized apartment, living in a vehicle, or even living on the streets however they can. But there are those that care for these folks, and will allow them to have their meal with others that may not necessarily be family per se, but are with those that won’t become forgotten. (Your community may have sources that will still host these events, but may be limited depending on local standards for the current pandemic. Check to see what are this year’s protocols in order to participate in these events!)

This writer doesn’t have to remind you that this year (2020) hasn’t been the year we were expecting. From middle March onward, there has been everything from lockdowns, limited service of businesses that later rose to the occasion or have submerged, civil unrest, political based uprisings and downfalls, and a whole lot of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. In spite of all of these actions, there has always been that silver lining that’s been within reach. There has been that glimmer of hope to ponder upon. Granted, that ray of confidence may not be easy to find, but it’s there. One just has to seek it!

Although there is still six weeks left in 2020, it’s best to strive to what will result for this year, and the new year to come. This writer doesn’t have all of the answers to know about what’s ahead in this journey. In fact, yours truly is still attempting to figure it all out. But one thing is for sure. We will always remain thankful for what one has. It may not be of the same capacity as it was let’s say a year ago around this time. But you and I are still here. We may have been stirred and shaken up a bit, but we persist to take all in what’s ahead, and to see to it that we will remain on that top that we desire to be on.

On behalf of myself and the staff and management of Accessibly Live Off-Line, we wish each and everyone of you folks out there a very Happy Thanksgiving!

See you next week!


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