As COVIG-19 (one part of the many words and phrases that can describe the first year of the post-modern “roran’ 20s”) becomes increasingly connected to the domestic landscape, many more events are taking it outside, if not taking to the world of cyberspace.

While the summer season slowly yet surely become blended into the fall/autumn landscape, many events that was scheduled to take place are doing one of two options. One, they aren’t happening as a physical activity, or two, they have been moved into the next calendar year. Many conventions and events that were suppose to take place in the fourth quarter of ’20 announced that they have moved their program online. Even a few events scheduled into early 2021 are going to become an on-line happening. The CES (formally the Consumer Electronic Show), the biggest trade convention that plays in Las Vegas, will become a totally online event. This makes it rather interesting since the CES normally takes place in the first half of January, was one of the few 2020 events that had “survived” the year as that event occurred some two months before the “beginning of the end” started to make the rounds–usually marked as the second weekend of March.

As for the rest of the season, many sources has made efforts to write off the remainder of this year, pushing their events, activities, and introductions of new products into the next period if not making it exclusively online, with the assumption that things will be for the better. Then again, many folks aren’t necessarily taking any strides that the next year will be for the better. It may be just the same, or it may be for worse! Take your pick!

There’s also the standing of sports. For many, football is the be-all-to-end-all sport to watch and perhaps even to play. It could be as one of the teams grounded toward a specific academic school league. There are the Friday night lights found on the high school gridirons and the Saturday afternoon and Saturday night games played upon many a college campus. Then there are the Sunday games when the pros battle it out.

Although many would have head over to a stadium (or grandstand) to watch the game in person, many others would flock over to their friendly neighborhood sports bar to view the game(s) over a dozen of big screen TV sets, while the rest could watch on any electronic internet connected device that has a screen attached! Then again, it’s always more fun to view a game with others nearby, no matter how the teams are good (or bad) playing at their sport or otherwise!

And there are the holidays that will stand upon the calendar landscape. There’s Halloween on October 31st. This year, that day falls on a Saturday, meaning that All Hallow’s Eve falls on a “party night”, where trick-or-treating would be fully engaged, and those ever lovin’ parties would occur, rocking to the spooky beat.

Granted, trick-or-treating would be somewhat easy to do using the social disdaining methods–assuming that people even want to give goodies to those knocking on their doors. As for the party thing? Well, one can host a party online. But it’s not within the same realm as to a real live event. (Halloween party via Zoom? It can be done, but would anyone attend??)

Halloween bleeds into November. November in the USA holds upon two holidays; Veteran’s Day on November 9th that pays tribute to vets that served in the armed forces, and Thanksgiving, scheduled for November 26th. You can host a Thanksgiving Day celebration via Zoom, but it will be BYOT! (Bring You Own Turkey!) The day after was suppose to be “Black Friday”, the day where major retailers start off the Christmas shopping season offering “door busting” sales and bargains throughout their stores. Although Black Friday has been watered down over the recent years thanks to retailers offering these same deals since the Columbus Day weekend, this year is going to be rather different. Both Walmart and Target recently announced that their stores will be totally closed on Thanksgiving Day. (Normally, they would be open in the early evening a few hours before the “start” of Black Friday!) And since shopping online has been part of the so-called “new normal”, getting what one desires is a lot easier to grab since one doesn’t have to be inside of a store loaded with people that may be wearing face masks–or not!

That leads toward the season recently noted as “The Holidays”, that pays tribute to any festive event taking place in the month of December where gifts are normally exchanged. That also means Holiday parties would also take place. One can and will assume that office or company parties won’t be taking place for the reasons that parties do not encourage safe distancing, and the fact that the companies that once offered their festive events may be cutting down on their business practices, or may not even be in business any longer!

Can all of these sad yet true facts take note that 2020 is already a wash? Maybe! After all, there was the hope last spring that all of the shutdowns and lockouts would become a thing of the past once the summer season arrived. Alas, summer arrived, but the lockdowns didn’t go away. Only time and tide will foresee if anything will return to the point where it will be embraced like an old friend, or maybe hang around like an annoying pest! It’s going to be events found through circumstance or cyberspace–for the better or for the worse!
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