It’s already August. This is the time for this writer to visit this month I’ve been awaiting for all year. This is the event of the year I’ve always knew as “Magic Time”, a period of the season where I would go on vacations (although I haven’t done so in recent years past, but always planned to go somewhere even if was only for the day), take advantage of the summer weather (sunny ‘n hot mostly), as well as recall the moments where I would spend nearly every day of the month attempting to cram episodes of adventures and thrills because the day after labor day, I would be back in school tied to a desk plopped inside of a stuffy classroom where my “sentence” would last for nine long months! As an adult, I don’t seem to have that kind of worry as I used to, but it’s always nice to know that the thought of such still remains.

For this year, it’s kinda different. Things haven’t been moving the way they should have. Events that was going to take place were either moved into the next year or outright cancelled. Getting things done were just limited to my household and personal space. In the spring season where the whole lockdown orders were in place, I had spent the time wisely getting around to doing the things I’ve been putting off for weeks, months, and years. By the Summer season, I could be outside with the notion of attending bar-b-cues with family and/or friends, going to the beach to hang out (not to swim), walking in the woods, and overall spending those lazy hazy crazy days with the shutdowns long past and semi-forgotten. And of course, that mask I had to wear (forced to wear?), would have already wound up in the trash heap!

Well, that was wishful thinking. As of this writing, the crisis that’s been the poster child for conversation, anxiety, and conspiracy plots is still here. Although pro and amateur sports is slowly getting itself together, the roar of the crowd either in the grandstands or in public places watching on many big-screen TV devices are not just the same. Some people are glad to watch the few scant games that are available, while other find them gone for now. If one was a big summer Olympic fan, one would have to wait until next year for the games in Tokyo to take heed—assuming that there isn’t another virus flare up going around!

But getting back to the magic thing. As yours truly has stated in past articles, August was the big month for me. I would look at this time knowing that summer has fully ripened. Fall was just around the corner where the seasonal notions would be experienced, from the leaves changing color, football would be in full swing, school is would be back, Halloween would haunt us again, Thanksgiving would have us deal with family and/or diets, and don’t forget the time known as “The Holidays” where shopping would become the big event!

Although I will not be forced to sit inside a classroom learning about subjects I held little to no interest in, I don’t hold much concern over schooling. I could go on a trip, but I don’t have any place to specifically go. Watching sports wasn’t really my thing, but if I was placed in a group-type setting and a sports match was blasting away on the TV set(s) nearby, that blasting would never bother me. In fact, an audible and/or visual sporting event serves as “wallpaper” to me. I would be knowing and aware that the game was being played, but I would never pay attention on who was up to bat, what team was closer to the goal post, or even who was doing the free throw.

Right now, all one can do is to look at the calendar while awaiting to hear from local officials on when elements are getting better or worse. And there is the always remembering to bring that mask with you because you never can tell when you would have to wear the thing when going to a place for your so-called everyday tasks. Instead of planning a series of events on a spontaneous moment, it’s now a long winded set of “hurry-up-and-waits”.

So for August, I’ll just try to go with the flow. Granted, maybe I’ll find just a bit of that magic somewhere. I’ll just have to pull more rabbits out of the hat to do such, or maybe deal with another deck of cards asking those to “pack a card..any card!” But what do I know? I only work here! (From home, ‘natch!!)
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