As you readers may be aware, this humble writer has been working from home (WFH) for some time. Since in this day and age thanks to the disposal of modern technology and the current virus crisis, it’s been more practical, if not a whole lot easier, to set up shop where one lives in order to do the same method of work as one would do in an office type setting placed in a remote location. Having such an office space is ideal if one was working with others doing something that’s akin to what one normally does far away somewhere. However, since I’m the sole “employee” here and the fact that I don’t have clients trolling in and out of my work space, setting up shop in the same location to where I hang my hat makes a whole lot of sense!

And since I tend to “hang around” (so to speak) at home, a few other people I have encountered through my travels obtain the assumption that I don’t appear to hold a full-time job. And since I am of a selected age that no longer qualifies me to be a “kid”, these same folks assume that I no longer work full time, if at all! In other words, they all take the strand that I am supposedly retired.

Now when it comes to being retired, one still may sense the traditional look of being in a state of retirement. To paint the picture of this stage of life that could be found in this domestic society, one may imagine an image of a married (white) couple over the age of sixty living in a large home that once had other family members dwelling within the same household. These family members were the kids of the couple who are adults and have families of their own. In other words, a couple living in an “empty nest” setting. The husband was working with a firm or some sort for a number of years. The wife could have also been employed somewhere as well, but not in the same capacity as the husband. At a given age (62, 65, or maybe an age that’s a lot younger or older), the husband leaves his job on his own or through circumstance. The spouse may have done the same thing. They decide to live out the rest of their lives under the stage of leisure.

They decide to take on longer vacations, or perhaps getting their home in gear for themselves, assuming they decide to keep the thing! They may either downsize by getting a place much smaller to where they previously lived, or maybe to take the plunge and to live in a community that caters to those that are in the same stages of life. Their professional lives are now behind them, always emphasizing to what they did for a living, rather than what they do for regular monetary gain.

I, myself, find this form of lifestyle as a double edged sword. Granted, living the life of Riley is OK for those that want to do this, but I myself find full time leisure to be rather dull and boring. Hitting the road and visiting spots around the nation, if not outside of the USA, is OK for what it is, but one can do that for so long. Living in a region located in a place along the Sun Belt is also fine if one doesn’t mind living in an community that is far from where one planted their roots (another euphemism here) in order to live with others that are just like one other (retired) who will spend the rest of their years in such a place where full time work is now for naught and playtime takes place whenever one wants it!

However, yours truly doesn’t have the notion of retirement in this sense. Although I do have a spouse at bay, I don’t live in an empty nest environment. (No kids and thus, the nest was empty to begin with!) Although yours truly does receives details from other retirement communities mostly located in Florida (placed on a mailing list no doubt), I somehow get an idea of what it would be like to live in such a place. However, as amusing as the sale pitches that are created to convince me to head on over there to live my final days, I don’t care much for these joints. They may be idea for other folks and rightly so! But for me? I’ll tip my hat to ‘em all and wish all of them well–and that’s about it!

So if anyone out there finds me around my home base during a typical Monday through Friday schedule between the daylight hours of 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM (give or take), don’t assume that I am in any stage of retirement. I just don’t work in an traditional office space. And since it’s rather trendy to indeed work from home, I’m just part of those that are on the payroll in the same place to where I live and breath. Granted, there isn’t any office politics to deal with, let alone office gossip! There are no water cooler conversations going around, and there are no other employees that I can live with or live without! Then again, those place of settlements are fine for a plot point to use in a lame TV sitcom somewhere. But this isn’t TV. Then again, what is..?
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