As communities are going through the phases of “opening up” with so-called “normal” activities, there are a lot of changes that’s been seen that will determine if these changes will remain for the moment or for the good.

First of all, the way people do things within their homes verses conducting their tasks and services outside of their domicile are getting their makeover. It’s been proven that folks that (still) have a paid job can conduct that same occupation while not sitting inside of an office space to perform the same functions and duties. Thanks to modern technology that is accessible and more affordable than ever before, it’s quite possible to write reports, create spreadsheets, perform research elements, etc. while squatted down in front of a laptop, desktop, or some other portable electronic gadget that can connect to an internet connection no matter where they may be. Anyone no longer has to get dressed in some form of “work clothes” to look presentable. One can wear a grubby t-shirt, torn and stained sweat pants, or if one is even bold enough, wear nothing but a smile on their face to slave away! These workers won’t have to deal with annoying and perhaps obnoxious coworkers, bosses that look over their shoulders while micromanaging each and every little thing they do, deal with office politics or some kind of new world order, along with other forms of office-type antics that could provide enough material for a lame sit-com! There won’t be any communing to do either! No more long drives on the freeway each morning and afternoon. The office management itself won’t have to provide office supplies that tends to be either underused or outright stolen by other employees! (“Who’s is going to miss a few staple guns or rolls or tape anyway?” is often the ploy from office based fellow workers say to themselves!) The same management won’t even have to provide such office space either!

Since people also screamed for work-life balances, now they finally have them! One can write up the Frisbee Report while feeding the kids breakfast, walking Fido around the block, or even taking some time catching up on your favorite soap opera! Just as long as the work’s done, then those little traits are OK to do. One can get away from doing them all a whole lot easier!

When it comes to shopping, then buying goods online is the new(er) be-all-to-end-all method! Granted, some products are out there in retail land that one has to see in-person. Purchasing clothing online can be done, but would it fit properly, let along look good on one’s self? However, when people were in their lock-downs, they did rise to the occasion and just “punted” in getting what they wanted through a web portal. And many of those places offer shipping either offered as fast, free, or perhaps both! One can’t get it any better without leaving one’s comfy chair to shop away!

When it comes to dining, why bother to spend big bucks eating out when one can do it at home? Thanks to being cooped up, people started to become creative in their meal prep. Folks were beginning to grab their cookbooks from their archives and finally create something found within those guides of old after ignoring them long after the fact for more time than anyone would want to remember.

F’Instance, one person that this writer knows of once received as a gift for her twelfth birthday, the latest edition (1972) of the Betty Crocker Cookbook. It was given to her when she was expected by her mom (now long deceased) to become a proper home maker as a later adult, since within the next fifteen years-give or take, she would be married and have a family of her own. So if she was going to live a happy domestic lifestyle, she better start out right then and there!

She was glad to get the cookbook at the time. However, over time and tide, the notion of living that domestic lifestyle didn’t bode too well with her. So she placed the cookbook on the shelf, where it sat for a number of years. When she moved from one place to the next, she placed the cookbook in various spots within her home stashed in many nooks and crannies. It just wound up as another knickknack from a childhood now semi forgotten.

Last March, she found that cookbook she received some 48(!) years before. Within the next four weeks, she created enough meals and dishes that were not only tasty, but were from the so-called “good old days” back when nobody didn’t seem to have many foods issues to fuss with ranging from various allergies to eating meat free. (Yes, there were folks that did possess those kind of eating lifestyles back then, but those issues were never emphasized or had much attention drawn to them!) So she enjoyed that nearly long forgotten birthday gift long after the fact!

We do wish to add that although the restaurant industry is going through a major funk, we don’t want to offend anyone involved in that industry in stating to not eat out. Going to a local restaurant or eating establishment is encouraged once its considered safe, and has its moments. Even this writer kind of misses the notion of taking advantage of visiting that cute looking place located just around the corner for a dish of something or another. So then the time comes when eating places before safe to open full time, we will be there in spades!

Again, the method of getting back to a normal is very complex, if not totally complicated. Only time, tide, and the powers that be will get those things back together, assuming that it will be back together! These may be challenging times indeed, but these complicated things shall too pass.

In the mean time, we’re gonna hope that our friend with that old school BCC will whip up those tasty dishes that’s decked out in within that book from the days of yore! After all, that recipe for macaroni and cheese with hot dog bits looks yum-mee! Dinner is served!!

As the above editorial states, although basic elements are slowing starting to emerge, there is no solid word on the status of the regional theater groups resuming their offering for the time being. Of course, we are keeping our eye on things once they do emerge.

We don’t have to state any further that these are indeed trying times. However, when those elements come to light, we at ALO-L will provide those revisions and updates once they resume.

Keep staying tuned!
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