Being the fact that it’s somewhat difficult to keep tab on the days and dates, this weekend is the start of the unofficial-official opening of the summer season. Memorial Day, the date to remember those who served in the armed forces that didn’t home back from the battlefields, is the first of a trio of three-day weekends (Independence Day and Labor Day round out the three), that are usually measured as part of what’s known as Summertime–a season that’s been called those lazy-hazy-crazy days.

Although summertime is associated with going to the beach, taking on a bar-be-cue or three, and even planning for a trip someplace, that period of time has been reformed as a group of crazy days with better weather attached! But when folks were beginning to plan for their summertime antics around the time when Mari Gras was running its course, everything went into its tailspin! Instead of dusting off their fans for circulating those cool breezes, it seemed that the s#it hit those fans first!

That was some ten or so weeks ago. Right now, the plans for engaging for the summer season were placed on hold, only to be replaced by how to get one’s life together, among a longer list of things to do–98% of those things totally unplanned!!

Nevertheless, summertime did arrive on schedule. The weather is indeed a whole lot better for what it is. However, positive attitudes by those fanatics of summer are anything but! But after playing the game of “shelter-in-place” wore out its welcome, people are craving to get out to head off somewhere–anywhere! Sadly, there is a lot of precaution linked on to those plans.

Yes, there is going to be a lot of social distancing involved. Luckily, there are a few outdoor activities where crowds are not necessarily. Playing golf, hiking on a lonely trail, and even heading off to a beach can be done, assuming that local community standards will allow such activities. But when in comes to taking that vacation? That’s another factor!

As this article is being created, The Disney Parks in both Florida and California are shut down. Other theme parks of that nature are either closed or offering limited services are still taking its hold. One can drive to a spot for something that isn’t amusement park worthy since gas is still cheap for what it is. But one element is needed to take on that full blown trip. It’s not sunscreen, clothing that’s idea to wear in warmer weather, or even finding a place to go for a little R ‘n R! That factor that’s needed in money!

Already, the unemployment rate is at an all-time high, and hasn’t been this high since Hoovervilles were popping up, Bonnie and Clyde were making their rounds, and the biggest thing in media was listing to Amos ‘n Andy on the radio machine. Yep, the Great Depression has returned–for better or worse!

So did the Staycation, an activity that was born during the Great Recession of 2009 and a few years afterword. That is when people, very hard up for cash, devised an idea to take a vacation at one’s home base where for a week or so, one would do some of the things one would normally take part in through a traditional vacation, except one would never leave their premises. They could be in the form of partaking in a bar-be-cue or perhaps a camping activity while staying within their back yards or its equivalent. One would go on a vacation without the notion of getting somewhere through a virtual reality space without the use of a Zoom app!! That act would save a bunch of money, since there is no gas to spend on getting somewhere while keeping close to a very strict budget. This feat may not be the best of both worlds, but it’s better than no vacation at all!

This time around, people do want to get somewhere since they were stuck at home. Yes, they were able to clean the house (multiple times!), bake just about every recipe found in the Betty Crocker Cookbook, and to binge on every title found on the streaming channel of one’s choosing! (How many times one can watch Tiger King??) But getting away involves running into mysterious places where a virus may be lurking–or not!

But since gas is rather cheap(er), one can take off to some place for some of that getaway. But the real takeaway to is stay close to home and to remain that way. That is, until this whole COVID-19 finally blows over–whenever that will be!

So until the for said virus finally peters out, one can only do the best one can. Yes, it’s a bit different right now. But for the most part, people are still alive and living. One just has to keep that face mask at bay! There may not be any professional sports to watch (yet), but why not wear that custom mask with one’s favorite team’s logo on its front, decked out in the team colors? Those Dodgers face masks don’t look too bad on one’s mug! Just make sure you take ‘em off to wolf down a Dodger Dog or two grilled on the BBQ placed in the back yard? After all, it’s still summertime….

As of this writing, a number of theaters, both small and large, are making their plans to possibly open later this year. Some places such as the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills stated that they will commence with programs from July 1st onward. Other theatre companies didn’t have a definite schedule in mind.

However, we are keeping close watch to all chances and announcements. Until things be themselves back on track, we here at AOL-L will keep you on track to those revised notices and posts once we receive ‘em!

Stay tuned….
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