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The article below was scheduled to appear in Vol. 25-No 13-Week of March 29th, ’20. We are presenting it right now based on how things were going at the time of writing. Now it’s part of historical reference.

-What a difference a few weeks makes!
The above headline reflects the current status of Americans based upon a recent poll done by the folks at Gallup, the go-to source on discovering what’s going on with the domestic population at large.

According to a report filed by this source of polls, some nine in ten Americans are satisfied with the way things are going within their personal life. Gallup reports that this stat is a new high in their four-decade trend that followed this trend, beating the previous high of 88% recorded back in 2003.

The poll continues to note that those polled reported being very satisfied with their personal life, taking an average of an 83% of satisfaction. The percentage of satisfaction ebbs and flows over time and tide, usually depending on what the current economic state of the nation is at the time of polling. The lowest level of satisfaction it ever got was recorded in July 1979 at 73%, around the period of the oil crisis that was going on at the time, when folks had to wait long lines to get gas and pay as much as 89 cents per gallon of regular unleaded! (Horrors!!). Then again, this wasn’t the first time there was a gas shortage. This shortage brought the formally underdog Japanese auto makers such as Toyota and Datsun (now known as Nissan) into the vehicle spotlight.

But getting back to the poll for the moment. What really determines what makes domestic life good are a number of factors. It’s mostly based on personal income, political party affliction, and marital status.

And those factors are rightly so. If one holds a steady income, one is pleased in the elements of their life. If politics comes to view, then if one holds a lean toward a political party where those in office that are part of that league and conducting a great job in getting things done, that that would boost one’s satisfaction. And if one is set within a status of life that is just as good (being single, married, having a domestic partner, etc.) that there is another cause of having a greatness in life.

And the recent poll stats reflects those issues. According to the results, 95% of those that live in high-income households, who identify themselves as Republicans, and who are married state that they are satisfied with their personal life, down to a ratio of three out of four stating that they are very satisfied.

On the opposite end, those in lower income households are the least likely to admit that they are satisfied with their life, followed by those that are affiliated by the Democratic party and those that are unmarried i.e. single.

These stats were gathered through a poll that Gallup conducted in early January of this year, based on what the level of the nation was at during the time of the poll. But if anyone wants to check out the results, visit the link before as noted:

It’s always great to know that this decade of the “Roarin’ 20s (2.0)” have started off on the good foot. The economy is going well. Folks are buying stuff. Unemployment is at an all-time low, and although this is an election year, the battles of “us vs. them” are going to be heated. (When were they never at risk??) Whatever the case, it seems that those experts can definitely agree that “Everything Is Fine”!

Of course, one is going to find naysayers that will disagree with anything that is noted within this poll and its report. These are the folks that can be called “party poopers” that no matter how good everything is going, there will be a few that will report the doom and gloom. They will state that the economy will go bust, the king of the USA will take the nation (and the world connected to it) into a one-way ticket to hell. And they will also say that being married/single/having a partner/not having a partner sucks big time!

In other words, there will be a few Joe Btfsplks out there that exist to place a hex on anything and everyone. (For you comic strip fans out there, Joe Btfsplk was a minor character in Al Capp’s comic series L’ill Abner, and was always in a state of doom and gloom, complete with a rainstorm cloud that always hovered over his head!)

In spite of these life and times, let’s not worry over these things. Just enjoy life for what it is. After all, if those expects out there admit that everything is fine, then it must be. They are not expects for nothing, y’know. And that isn’t “fake news”!

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