As April turns into May, a few communities are slowly lifting some of the lockdown orders that has been in place since this whole virus situation started to change everything this domestic society has been used to do in so-called everyday life. Although we are not out of the woods yet, it’s still the moment to hunker down until the “all clear” signal has been set.

One of many things folks have been doing to keep themselves busy (whatever “busy” means), is to catch up in viewing moving imagery through a video screen device. This act that was once known as “watching TV”, even if this watching isn’t necessarily limited to using an actual TV device to view what’s being projected. However, viewing content, be it through a laptop, an electronic tablet, or through a smartphone, it’s all the same.

Thanks to those sources through cable TV and its successor, streaming media, the selection of what one can view for self amusement is endless. One would imagine with so much to view, it would be rather difficult to go through the entire content of what’s accessible and never have enough time to see everything. That is, unless one goes through a marathon binge watching session, you just can’t go through everything only to say “is that all…?”

Well, according to a recent report from the media agency Mindshare that’s been tracking content in connection to the COVID-19 connected aspects, some 46% of those polled stated they have already run of of content to watch, read, or to listen to. About a month or so ago, 30% of those responding to self-reported tallies ran out of stuff to see and hear.

This is akin to what these same folks want to see and read verses of news they don’t want to soak upon i.e. news about deaths, economic downturns, not having access to people, places, and things, etc.

In the latest standing, 51% (a majority) noted that they are limiting their time with the media to avoid getting caught too much into the negative side of things. And since many are stressed out as things stand, this latest number is a sure sign that the bad news speaks louder than the good.

And among the demographics that are running out of things to hear, see, and do, it’s the Millennials, those born between 1980 through 1996 (give or take) that are finding themselves thin content wise as they are going through a combination of both boredom and emotional fatigue. After all, this is the generation, along with the generation known as “Gen Z” (born from 1997 through 2010–give or take) that learned and adapted with anything electronic. They lived in a world where the internet was always there, as well as those devices that connected to to anything that was even vaguely called cyberspace.

Ironically enough, these generations are also discovering another medium that tends to live within an analog world. They are taking up hobby-related items such as working with arts & craft supplies, reading from physical books, and even playing with board games. These are devices that still rein within the older generations, most common are the Baby Boomers (born between 1946 through 1964) that grew up with these devices, and many of them never had let go of them since. (They also still embrace upon traditional television as well, be it from cable, streaming, or even through over the air leads!)

So until things start to get back to normal, no telling how things will form let alone change. Only time and tide will give the predicament of people’s future reactions. Until then, go ahead and watch Tiger King on Netflix for the umpteenth time! Everyone else is!!

When the stage and movie theaters get back on their track, we will once again post those reviews that this same newsletter has been famous for for its nearly twenty five years in existence.

Until then, let’s keep in touch!
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