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The article below was originally scheduled to be published the week of March 23rd in Vol. 25-No. 12. Enjoy it as you’re able!
And now, another tale taken from the backstory of this very writer, the person that is behind this very newsletter. A tale that is so true, it’s believable because it really happened! (How’s that for a start-in to this article?)

This episode involves a person that we will called “Ambrose”. (Note: All names has been changed in order to protect this writer from any possible lawsuits!) Ambrose is a guy that this writer has known for quite a while. Throughout his times, he had been known to be a friendly and rather outgoing person. Since his days as a adolescent, he has going through his moments of being very liked and rather popular with the people he encountered.

He says it started while he was a kid in elementary school. His personalty made him one of the “in” kids at his school based upon how he treated his peers. He told little tales and antidotes that were known to be funny, amusing, and overall by way of a person that knew how to work a room! He had lots of friends, and was part of many other of his peer’s social circles.

This trait followed Ambrose through his later years. His years as a teen was full of the usual teenage-type antics that has been told and retold through the usual applications. Of course, these were the times long before electronic elements became part of the domestic landscape, so many of Ambrose’s social contacts were of the face-to-face variety.

College showed a bit of a slump, and Ambrose never had the opportunity to complete a four year program. It wasn’t because dear ol’ Ambrose could not finish a college level curriculum due to a lack of ability nor having access to any financial sources to pay for such a program. (This was during the time when college level tuition was rather inexpensive for what it was worth, and federal grants and scholarships were more generous than they are in this day and age.) It was because Ambrose got his first real paying job by being at the right place at the right time. This prevented him to complete any kind of college level program! His first gig was for a big company that was part of a larger nationwide conglomerate, meaning that he was able to receive all of the company benefits they provided to all of its employees. So Ambrose, thanks to his charm, personality, and knowledge he received from that ”school of hard knox” (the way that Ambrose called it), he was on his way through his budding life!

This continued for a number of years. Even when his company was brought out by another (and much larger) conglomerate, Ambrose was able to score yet another job the same way he got his last gig by presenting himself to the higher-ups where they were amused in how he presented himself, and told them what he could do for the company!

All of these tales and episodes occurred many generations ago starting some forty to fifty years before. This time era gives one an idea on how old Ambrose is! However, things started to charge and go into their different directions when he was slowly yet steadily hitting the fifty year mark in his life.

It seems that Ambrose, through his attempts to please people in the same way he did those many years before, were not working in the same method as it once did. When Ambrose now approaches people that he wants to please through his own person, those others he encounters are not as receptive as they once were. When he makes any sincere attempts to use his outgoing ways to form some kind of alliance, others will either take him for what he is worth on a surface level meaning they will verbally communicate to him mostly on a small talk aspect, or to totally ignore him! Some may even find his sincere attempts as annoying! When he once attempted to “work a room” at a local educational education asking those questions on how the institution operates, what is in store for the institution, and so on just to not only gain an insight on what’s going on, but to sharping his interviewing skills, he recently received word from an executive that the same executive received complaints from those he spoke to based upon his interview delivery. It’s not known to this writer on the backstory to this situation, but it really didn’t turn out toward anything that could be placed within a positive matter. And for the record, this episode took place at this institution’s open house day, meaning that Ambrose didn’t just barge in! He was there with others that day that just wanted to check the place out as he was doing as intended.

So what happened to Ambrose? Why have things changed for him that isn’t for the better? What caused this shift in appeal where Ambrose is barley lucky enough to convince anyone outside of his domain to agree with his ideas and intentions? Why can’t Ambrose become part of something or another just by using his charm, appeal, and overall applying for an involvement without going through any formal protocols as he once was able to do?

According to a source that Ambrose once asked those same questions to another person, the answer he received was based upon a hard reality.
It was because Ambrose wasn’t cute anymore!

Ambrose is now in his 60’s. His once brown hair has turned into a blend of grey and grayer. His face is a bit more on the wrinkled side. He looks like a seasoned individual that can otherwise mistake him as a person living in a domestic landscape that can be called as an “empty nest”. (Ambrose is now married, yet childless!) He can be a father to a bunch of (adult aged) kids, and could even pass off as a grandfather-type! A number of isolated episodes has even mistaken Ambrose as a retiree! In short, Ambrose can no longer pass himself as a kid, let alone a so-called “young adult”! He looks more as a person whose career is about to conclude, rather than somebody who’s on an up-and-coming track in life.

Their may be an age factor in Ambrose’s intentions with others. However, this hasn’t been proven. Then again, it’s rather difficult to prove this fact even if ageism is really behind Ambrose’s appeal! Whatever the case, it seems that Ambrose can’t pull off the same results as he once did back in the day when face-to-face meetings and encounters were the norm, rather then the exception.

If Ambrose was indeed younger. Would he have experienced the same situations by being ignored or pushed aside as he is going through in his current state? It’s hard to tell. However, one would assume that if Ambrose was as cute (and young) as he once had been, it would be most likely that he would have more pull in what he attempts to convince somebody or something that he is the person to rely upon, and every faction would work on his favor. Granted, the era of then is totally different than the era of now. But the more things chance, the more that they remain the same. So anything is possible to the fact!

In the mean time, this writer will follow up with Ambrose’s situations, and see if he can indeed get his mojo back working again. After all, there is always a moment where charm, grace, and personality can indeed be liked by others for real, rather than through a time tested social media portal that exists as an app found on a lot of smartphones out there!

Once this notion is all settled, Ambrose can become the cute kid as he once reined in throughout those many days of not so long ago!

We’ll see!

As to the last few weeks, no reviews to report quite yet! But keep your eyes on this space for those reviews once movie and stage theaters open their doors once again.

See ya then!!
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