As this nation (this writer included) enters the second month of the “hunker-down” phase, It appears that everyone is starting to rise to the moment living this so-called “new normal” way of life.

People are now getting used to waiting in line (six feet apart) for items they once could get by waltzing into the joint, from getting lunch at an eatery or a supermarket, grabbing a cup of joe at their nearby coffee joint, or even spending time at their local coffee joint to meet with other folks, getting your work done, or even a combination of both.

However, thanks to local, regional, and nationwide mandates stating that in order to keep and remain safe, it’s best to stay away from anyone and everyone until this whole thing blows over. Dates for the “all clear” has been moved around. Some are giving the sign when it’s safe as “until further notice”! Granted, there is a lot of uncertainty around with too many questions being asked with too little answers to reply to. It’s just the plain theory of SSDD–same s#it, different day!

The media as what the media is has been on this thing since day one. Some sources claim they have been on it since the first of the year with little to no notice. Advertisers have been shifting their campaigns dealing with the crisis offering everything from zero financing to moral support. Sports of all kinds, from the pro teams to neighborhood pick up games have been placed on hold. There has even been talk where the big-four sports league will be stepping into each other as seasons that’s been shifted dramatically playing at the same time. If what the media states is actually true, don’t be surprised if the World Series, The Stanley Cup, the NBA playoff games, as well as the Super Bowl occur within days of each other! Those sports bars will definitely be packed to the gills around that time!

As for other forms of entertainment. Hollywood has been playing musical chairs with their future releases. Some of the summer releases will play in the fall or the next year. The new fall TV season may not get around to starting until the next year as production of the new(er) programs has been placed on a standstill. One TV series that airs on CBS, All Rise, will be the first one out of the gate presenting a scripted episode that deals with this virus! It’s scheduled to air the first week of May. Stay tuned!!

As for stage theater? Some playhouses will present their shows later in the year, if at all. Some of the smaller theaters and their theater companies may make drastic changes in when (or if) they will present a production. A few theater groups may even go under! It’s been tough times for community theater as it was, with the 99 seat rule set by the actor’s union, Actors Equity, among other aspects. For live theater shows, it’s going to be another “wait and see” method of doing any kind of business.

Because people can no longer meet as a group, they are now taking advantage to meeting online. Although there are a number of apps one can use to meet as a group-esque setting, the biggest player of them all is Zoom. This is an app for both dedicated computer devices as well as smart phones where one can be seen through a camera attached on a phone, laptop, desktop, or through a dedicated camera attachment. Ditto for the sound through a mic attached on the phone, etc. Granted, the image Zoom presents are as good as the camera device used. Many of the imagers look like people are reporting from Mars thanks to low quality images and jerky video with the audio sounding scratchy. However, it does seem to serve its purpose for what it is.

This writer know about these Zoom meetings as yours truly participated in about a dozen of these virtual pow-wows. I was even in a meeting that was “zoom bombed” where pranksters had crashed into the meeting to do and say nasty stuff! But for the most part, these other meetings went rather well for what they were. After all, these Zoom events are far from resembling a Hollywood–type production, although a few try to become one with limited success.

And of course, there is the “work-from-home” syndrome, or WFH for short. People are now getting used to the fact that working from home isn’t as hideous as it may first appear. One doesn’t have to commute to the work place and deal with office politics. One can work as early or as late as one desires. One doesn’t even have to get dressed to create those spreadsheets or to file those reports. If one wants to compose business letters in the nude, then have at it! But if one is meeting with colleagues via Zoom, make sure one is dressed well–from the waist up at least!

So until the local, state, and/or federal government says it’s OK to get back into the streets, them we will all continue to stay safe at home. It may be the next week, the next month, or even the next year! But as the old line states, “This too shall pass!” It’s a lot better to let this pass than to pass wind! Just make sure you wash yo’ face and hands first!!

A notice released on April 10th by the Los Angeles County Department of Health announced that the “stay-at-home” order has been extended to May 15th. Unless things change, no theater (film or stage) will be operating in L.A. County until the 15th. Thus, no reviews will appear for those venues until then–maybe!

Keep watching this space for further developments.
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