Editor’s note: Although the current health related crisis is still under effect, we are always keeping an eye on updates during this situation while we continue to keep safe and secure within our home base. However, we do have other notions to report on, including the series of articles we started on that was originally scheduled to appear in this news service throughout the month of March.

With these things being said and noted, we will go forward to post those article as intended. Besides, we have to keep our mind on other things, don’t ya think??
Forrester Research, Inc, a marketing research company based in Cambridge, MA, recently released their report called Lowlights Of 2019, a list of the worst performing brands in terms of trust and honor to those that would take use of the products the brand name represents.

The worst performing brand name according to their report, was Facebook, due to the many breaches of data privacy and the misuse this social media outlet has done over the previous year, and other years beforehand.

Facebook is perhaps the go-to place on the ‘net in terms of social media. Billions of people around the globe has placed themselves on this platform to share just about everything they want to share from photos of themselves, moving imagery pieces of their various antics, sharing links to other sources that fit within their interests (or not), and anything else that means something to those they are connected to or just to and for themselves.

When this very newsletter discovered this platform in the middle 2000s, it around the time where Facebook was open to anyone that didn’t necessarily have access to an email address ending with “edu” in order to become part of this site. (In this case, “edu”, is shorthand for “educational”, usually linked to a website and email address connected with an educational institution i.e. school.) This was also around the time when their biggest competitor was the place to go for cyber “friends”. As the oft told story goes, Facebook started to ramp itself up while MySpace was losing ground. Fox media, at the time once part of the entire Fox media empire that included television, newspapers, and a movie studio, owned MySpace with the connection where all of its other portals could connect to its users in order to sell its products.

Facebook limited itself to cyberspace. Before long, that was the place to be where folks can mingle with thousands of their friends. Some of these so-called friends were ones they knew personally. A few were made up as those they just knew of. Some were people that they never met and will properly never meet! And the rest consisted of others that just may not exist as real humans! The goal was the “more the merrier” way to collect friends. And if you had the maximum amount of friends on your place (5000), you were the hot s#it!

For a while, this same news service was part of jumping on the Facebook bandwagon, creating names and characters for the purpose of how much information we can get from other people without our prompting for such details. We were quite surprised how much information we just collected, everything from names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, where they work, attended school, and anything else we could have obtained for other purposes, creative or otherwise!

Perhaps out biggest entry to this Facebook hullabaloo was our regular piece called “Tiffi’s Friends Say”, a weekly listing of commentary, reactions, and general one-liners as posted through the many friends that was received by a non-existent person we created. This writer once even composed a short story that consists of nothing but phrases and paragraphs posted through many of these people! (We will once day post that short story soon! Watch this space for updates!)

But that was in the early 2010s when Facebook still had its “fun” factor. As time progressed and when this social media portal was getting too big, too powerful, and overall, a giant that was heaving in its own weight, we decided to move on. We no longer maintain or support Tiffi’s entry. In fact, as far as we know, Tiffi may still be out there. If anyone wants to look out for her, she is called “Tiffi Purewhite” living in Carbondale, Illinois. You can post something to her, but don’t expect a reply. Or at least, a reply coming from us!

No matter what may happen to this social media platform, people will still continue to post their pictures/moving imagery/commentary/whatever for those to read. Advertisers will still sell their goods and services to anyone that desires ‘em. And more people will post themselves up there, be that they are as real or as phony. It’s just another day in the life of social media.

And to quote “Donna” as once posted on Tiffi’s Facebook page, Goodnight Facebook! This girl gets to sleep in for THREE days! Whoot!

There are still no plays or movies to review at this time. As promised, when things get back to its normal, we will once again provide the best in theater and feature films as posted!

Keep watching this space!
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