As another week goes by within the sense of total uncertainty, just about anyone and everyone are going through this so-called “new normal” with uneven results.

Since out last edition went to press, many places of public gatherings from bars, restaurants, coffee houses, and just about any place where more that a dozen of so folks would gather, has either limited their services or shut down completely. Any activity for “going out” has been placed on indefinite hold. Generally speaking, everyone is all dressed up yet have nowhere to go.

People employed in larger firms and businesses were asked to work from home, making sure that their computer devices, internet connections, and cell phone machines are wired up and ready to go. For those that work is service areas where working from home isn’t performed, such as working in a restaurant, bar, or something that isn’t remotely wired, then layoffs could become possible. Some companies are offering some kind of salary arrangements to take care of matters. However, many other establishments are not.

All of these measures are going to last for the remainder of March. April is already on a holding pattern. Nobody is speaking for the month of May–yet!

In the mean time and somewhat of a positive note, people are actually taking advantage of doing things around their home base that they have been putting off for months, perhaps even for years! People are now starting to do cooking at home, taking care of repairs and related home improvements they can do on their own since many contractors are rather hesitant in getting anything done remotely in person, and even doing nothing but relaxing without any guilt. After all, if one can’t go out to do something else, why not keep busy and write that great American or Canadian novel one wanted to do but just never got around to it?

After all, we are sure that somebody out there is writing a novel and/or a screenplay that will address this virus situation. This means that coming soon to a local bookseller and/or movie theater near you, a story about the virus–assuming that there will be a book seller and/or movie house to attend to read/view this tale!

As things progress, we will give this all a wait-and-see look upon the aspects since that is all we can do for now! Stay tuned!

And to end this essay with style, we will say that when the roarin’ 20s (2.0) began on January 1st, we were going to start off this new decade stepping on the good-foot. So far, we just stepped in a pile of dog s#it!

I STILL BELIEVE (Lionsgate) stars KJ Apa as Jeremy Camp, a young adult from a small town in Indiana who plays the guitar. It’s the fall of 1999, and Jeremy is about to head off to college, his first time that he’s about to embark on his own. He has the blessing of his parents Tom and Teri Camp (Gary Sinise and Shania Twain) on the new times he heads for. Before he boards a Greyhound bus for his journey to his school, his father give him his own guitar as token of his success in what his son wants to do with his life. As he arrives at his school, a smaller liberal arts college that subscribes to the Christian faith. Jeremy spots a flyer in his dorm’s bulletin board for a campus concert featuring a band called The Kry, where he meets up with its lead singer Jean-Luc LaJoie. (Nathan Dean) Jeremy asks Jean-Luc if he could perform with them. With Jeremy’s eagerness and ability to play, Jean-Luc gives him an opportunity to perform. Not only Jeremy proves his ability to play, but he could also learn about the ins and outs of song writing, as well as performing to a crowd, and about the music business as a whole. As he performs in the concert, Jeremy spies a young woman in the front row singing along. This woman is Melissa (Britt Robertson) that hold an appeal with musicians. At first, Melissa begins a rather flirtatious friendship with Jeremy, although she has another “friend” who is also a guitar player. But Jeremy won’t stop in getting their attention of this woman. However, Melissa is undergoing cancer treatments. But Jeremy attempts to be at her side with keeping the spiritual faith. Before long, both Jeremy and Melissa become a couple and start off on a journey of music, conviction, and the notion that they can believe in one another to the power of music and faith.

This latest entry by the siblings team of John Erwin and Andrew Erwin is a bio feature of the life and times of Jeremy Camp, an actual person that performs music that is of the genre known as Contemporary Christian Music (CCM for short), a musical style that is (adult) contemporary in sound, but holds lyrics that speak of Christian values and beliefs geared toward those who belong to a Protestant based Christian faith, although it could hold an appeal to anyone that prefers up-to-the-times “church” music.

As to this feature. KJ Apa, who is best known as playing Archie Andrews in the CW Network TV series Riverdale, portrays Jeremy, a young kid from a small town in the Midwest that comes from a rather caring (and Christian) family. He’s good looking for what he is, and is the good guy. Britt Robertson as Melissa is another young woman who is also appealing and perhaps the good “gal”. She is also the victim as her illness beings her closer to Jeremy, his music, the beliefs of God, and sadly, death. Jon Erwin & Jon Gunn’s screenplay, based on a book title of the same name written by Jeremy Camp, plays out as a very good TV movie. It does feature a number of cliched moments between the professional rise of Jeremy, the relationship between Jeremy and Melissa, and to her slow demise. This mentioning of Melissa’s death isn’t being treated as a spoiler as this is based on a true story (so as the opening title notes), and this is what actually occurred.

The feature as directed by John Erwin and Andrew Erwin a.k.a. The Erwin Brothers, is very pleasant for what it is. However, it’s more of a movie that would be something one would either see either as a group as part of a church-based youth/young adult group outing, or a title one can find through a video streaming service. It’s fine for a theatrical setting just as long as the viewer won’t mind paying for the privilege to see a feature that is better suited for a video screen.

In addition, unless one follows or is knowledgeable to the music and artists of CCM, much of its “true story” background may become lost. Granted, its concept is rather easy to follow. However, the notion of seeing the life and times of a CCM artist active in the early 21st Century would hold more appeal to somebody that knows more about Jeremy Camp’s music as well as his background. Otherwise, it’s a tale that is light, pleasant, and a little white-bread bland. And don’t expect anything out of the ordinary since is does hold a PG rating for “thematic material” that’s very family friendly.

I STILL BELIEVE is a title that could tide one over when it comes to wholesome entertainment, or until The Walt Disney Company releases another animated feature such as Frozen III or something else of that ilk. But this movie is live action and not a cartoon. Just take part the melodrama as it unfolds, enjoy the soundtrack, and take heed to what the title asks for in order to still believe!

Note: As this review was created, it was scheduled to play is selected multiplexes nationwide. However, movie theaters may not be open or accessible due to a current federal mandated health related crisis that is occurring throughout North America. Contact the local theater in one’s area for show dates and times.

Update: This title will be available via video on-demand (VOD) starting on March 27th.
The 40th annual RAZZIE Awards, presenting awards for the worst movies released in the 2019 season, did not take place in Hollywood on March 14th in Hollywood as scheduled.

However, the Golden Razzie Foundation presented their awards program through a virtual reality ceremony.

Instead of this news service presenting the “winners” through a bland and boring list, enclosed is a direct video link to the ceremony itself. It’s a lot funnier that what this news service can present. And if we would need a good laugh, now is that time! -Enjoy!
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