It’s been a while since we opened up our comment page to report on what you the readers think! Here’s some of the comments, opinions, and suggestions. Read on…

I find much of what you write about as a string of news recycled from somewhere else, as well as reviewing movies and TV shows I don’t care to watch. Don’t you feel that you are over crowded?…

-Penny from LA

First of all, we do report on news and details that come from another source, such as the many marketing reports we receive from time to time. We do give out the basic facts that we find from the said report, and at times, give our personal spin to what matters.

As to the movies and TV shows. We don’t review a lot of TV shows per se, since there are more programs than we can handle. To give you an idea, as wonderful as binge watching can be, we find that after a while, it can be a bit tiring and thus, dilutes on what great (or not so great) the program can be. Many critics usually review one or two episodes (usually with the pilot episode), and judge the show from that point. However, we will try to review more TV series as time progresses, if not allows!

As for movies. We don’t review every release for the reasons that in order to review a movie, one has to drag themselves to the movie theater (or screening room) on a specific day and date to watch the thing. All of the major movie studios (six at last count) are not too keen to offer screenings via video streaming yet due to piracy. However, this writer has recently reviewed a few films to keep up with the balance.

As to the movies and TV shows you don’t care for? We can’t really speak upon those matters since we don’t know what you like and what you don’t! Maybe you can write us back and let us what what kind of movies and TV show you can tolerate! We’ll do out best to please you through that point!

…Although elections won’t happen until (2020), where are your politics notes? Who do you see fit in running against Trump? And do you swing to the left or right?


First and foremost. We don’t write about politics in any way or form. As important as political aspects can be, that subject is not within our forte. There are too many places in cyberspace where one can find out about those details. This news service isn’t one of those places!

As to what direction this writer leans toward? Just as long as one doesn’t bump into anything, we continue to progress forward in more of a straight line!
Is this the answer you were looking for…?

…Why don’t you write more personal “coming out” stories you promised to compose? I find your blog much better that way!


The above letter was part of a series of replies we received in the last few weeks when we reported upon our attempt to create more personal tales from the life and times of yours truly. (See Vol. 24.-No. 26 for details) It appears that through the “hits” we receive when a featured story is indeed a tale of a personal nature (so to speak), our numbers increase. We first experienced this kind of increase last year when this news letter wrote about a summer vacation story taken by this writer. (See Vol. 23-Nos. 32 and 33) So we decided to add more stories of this ilk in future episodes. Sure enough, when we did, guess what? More people “hit” us to see what the low down was all about!

Although we still keep up with the media based writings, we will continue to open up and inform you about what’s going on behind the scenes! As to the “coming out” kwatrey wrote about? The term “coming out” has taken a whole new meaning over the last few years. And we will assume that the writer was speaking about a “sweet 16”-esque event. However, this writer never wrote about anything that even came close to any sweet 16 party or related event. (Perhaps kwatrey was getting us confused with another source–that “blog” that (s)he was referring to!) Whatever the case, we do thank you for your comments!

That’s it for now! We do welcome your continued comments and suggestions! See the end of this newsletter on how to get in touch! We would be honored to hear from you!

Until then, see ya!

On September 7th, the Santa Monica Playhouse located in the city of the same name hosted a one night only performance of Susy Porter’s solo show entitled Wake Up Little Suzy, her autobiographical tale where she speaks about her life as self described as “From F*#@ed To Fabulous In Five Easy Decades”.

Susy begins her life in Cleveland Ohio, the only daughter in the family clan. Her father was a blue collar working man the appreciated his little girl. Although her parents eventually divorced, she still kept in contact with her father, maintaining a beloved father-daughter relationship. That changed when that relationship moved toward a different direction not of her making and liking. In spite of what occurred, Susy hung on. She discovered religion and sex almost at the same time! She details her religious life through her notation with attending pentecostal services and a teen and enrolling in a bible college after high school. Her sex life is told though her conversation with “her flower” as represented by a hand puppet(!) As a young adult, she relocated to Los Angeles–or to be precise, relocating to one of the suburban bedroom communities that surround the city, experiencing her good times and not-so-better moments. She says that 2014 was not her best year as she experienced some near deaths (her own), as well as an actual death. (Her beloved cat!) But among almost six decades of living upon her own green earth, Susy survived it all, emoting her epic journey while waking up to the fact.

Jessica Lynn Johnson directed and developed this performance as composed and performed by Susy Porter that showcases a real life, illustrated through pictures and graphics as projected on a back wall set at the rear of the stage area, as well as using a few hand props and pieces of furnishings set among the stage floor. However, the real show here is Susy herself, who admits that her sex life wasn’t as memorable, and how living as a young Christian was only good at and for the moment!

This performance was held as a fundraiser event for the Santa Monica Playhouse, a community theater that’s been in existence in the city since 1960. For most of the theater’s being, it’s been operated and artistically directed by former child star Evelyn Rudie and her life partner Chris DeCarlo as they present a vast variety of stage presentations and performances, from kids/kids-at-heart programs, to shows more geared toward grown-ups for all ages.

The SM Playhouse’s next show is the return of the musical review Love In Bloom, performing in previews from October 5th through the 19th, with an official run October 20th through November 24th.

The Santa Monica Playhouse is located at 1211 4th Street (at Wilshire Blvd.), Santa Monica. More details on all productions appearing at the SM Playhouse can be found online at
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