In our last issue, this writer discussed upon how people take advantage of getting their shopping done while at their place of employment. Although that notion isn’t new nor interesting (except to the sources that are selling the goods), the fact of the matter is that folks are grabbing their goods far sooner as they should, while waiting for the last moment in order to sneak in some 11th hour bargains.

To present an idea to how this is all happening, this week signifies the peak of the “back to school” period. This is the time where many folks taking part in an organized method of schooling are becoming settled into a traditional practice of education. Generally speaking, the ol’ school season has started, already started, or is about to start. Take your pick!

First, let’s get the air cleared up a bit. This writer is referring about traditional school programs where those from kids still in their signal digits of age to those that are in their 20’s and beyond, will be attending a physical and traditional school system where the kids and/or adults will be sitting inside of a classroom (or equivalent) for a scheduled period of time to hear about a specific skill or trade as a professional or just to learn about the stuff one should know about while living in this domestic domain. Anyone that is enrolled in a home school based system or will be taking courses online won’t really count here, but can apply through the many circumstances.

Retailers have been taking heart on jumping the gun for these back to school sales, first announced in late June. Although these sales were primarily focused on parents or caretakers of kids entering elementary school, high school, or college, these retailers were harking away in what would be suitable, if not ideal, for these younger students to have while they are getting their educational aspects in gear. And these sales were not on the basic items such as writing instruments, paper, notebooks and the like, but everything from electronics, furnishings for dorms, clothing, and other items that these retailers would see fit for a back to school-type offer.

However, it appears that many of the goods that were being plugged tended to focus upon a specific demographic, both as to the shopper and for items for the shoppee. That demographic tended to be of the female variety where said goods would be more of an interest to women that are the parent/caretaker of the student, or for the student herself.

The biggest retailer of them all that primarily exists (for the most part) in cyberspace is Amazon. And their Amazon Prime service has stated that their “average” Prime subscriber tends to be middle aged women that are of a parental status. And a lot of what was sold from Amazon’s “Prime Day(s)” tend to be Amazon-based electronics, from Kindle book readers to Alexia devices. And a good chunk of these items will be used by those students aged 12 and up for their use for school or used within dorm spaces. Those uses are of that prime “Gen Y” generation born after 1995. This is the generation that was wired since birth, thanks to their parent/caretaker of the said kid, mostly from a “Millennium” (Born 1980-1995) or perhaps a “Gen Xer” (Born 1965-79) parent that were of the first generations to be exposed to high tech, be it in school and on their jobs. It’s usually traditional where a parent of a child pass on those traditions to their kids, assuming that their kids are will accept those traditions.

The same goes for the other goods toted as a back-to-school item, such as clothing and dorm goods. Much of what this writer has seen appear to be focused on girls and on young(er) women. The clothing choices are rather obvious. The dorm stuff tends to be more of the “feather-your-nest” variety, something that hold a bigger appeal to a young woman that a young man. Granted, perhaps a guy heading off to a far off campus would be willing to add some touches to his living space. However, many a guy would be willing to live on what’s offered or available at their living space, or to pick whatever is handy for the moment!

On a side note, when yours truly was in college not so long before, the “hottest” item to use in a dorm dwelling was those stackable milk crates used by dairies to haul their milk products from store to store on their trucks. The milk crates were made of sturdy plastic vinyl, and were designed to stack in rows using an interlock grid on its topside edges. Just about anyone who was savvy enough would use these crates as shelving, for makeshift furniture, or for placing heavy objects on the crates as support. The crates were so much in demand, many dairies and retailers would be forced to lock them away out of sight. Stacking them up in the open along a back wall alley space behind a supermarket would no longer cut it! Otherwise, the crates would wind up as stolen!

Yours truly still has a collection of milk crates that were once used for the above noted applications, still decked out in bright or subtle colors with the names of the dairies for where they came from. Some of the dairies labeled are no longer in business, but their crates still remain!

But whatever the case, the goods have been purchased, are being purchased, or will be purchased. The tradition school season will be around until early next summer, so one’s goods must last! That is, until the next year when the cycle (and another set of Amazon Prime days) will continue. Shop on!!

No reviews this issue. Stay tuned for the next installment of Accessibly Live Off-Line for more reviews! See you then!
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