For those that aren’t living in a tech-savvy universe, one of the many terms that was created thanks to antics done through the ‘net that’s been kicking around in recent years is the moniker “FOMO”. That just means “fear of missing out”, created through the usage of social media portals where one would post a picture, image, along with some description of an event, activity, or some other doing where the poster would tend to brag about stating that this person was at some sort of happening that was worthy enough for a mention to their social media fans and/or followers.

Many times, a person will, let’s say, be attending a party taking place somewhere. The person will be posting the details to this party to their social media “friends”. If one person is part of that “friendship” one can find out about this party. If the friend doesn’t bother to check in with the person posting the details, this person will miss out of the event! Why? Because they didn’t bother to follow the poster’s details on the party details.

So in order to keep up with everything, the friend and/or follower must make sure that the details are checked in on a regular basis. And the reason for this constant checking? To avoid missing out on everything! That may being some kind of anxiety in the person constantly checking to see if there is any updates in order to avoid missing out on anything. Thus, the checker build up some kind of fear that they will be missing out. Thus, they possess the fear of missing out, or FOMO for short! Get the picture?

Since the days of the on-line chatrooms of the 1990’s, folks created terms and sentences that were at times too long to type in full. So shorthand versions of these words and phrases were created to express a notion in more of an ease to the typer.

If one recalls the methods of chatrooms from way back when, one would type a sentence. Then another person would give a response to that first sentence. Sometimes somebody else would enter the “room” to type something that was outside of the scope of the first sentence. Then others would enter the room, giving off their entries that didn’t necessarily have anything to to with what was being expressed. Before long, one would have a string of sentences that read much as a staggered conversation where at times, the flow of expressions were out of sync and didn’t necessarily make any sense!

So in record to combat this rapid fire of typing communication, one would type in a short statement that meant a word of phrase. For example, if a kid (usually these chat rooms attracted those as young as ten years old), and their parents were nearby where they could glance at the video monitor to read what was being stated, they would warn the others that their parents were in the room, or “PIR” for short.

Many of these chat room initials were adapted with conversations through text messaging, giving the typer less letter to type. Before long, these set of letters became words into themselves. Perhaps the most famous one was to describe one laughing out loud through a comment over something the typee found humorous. This “LOL” became a new word. If somebody wanted to comment about a statement that was in their humble opinion, they would not start off with “In my humble opinion..”, they would type IMHO, another new word. If one wanted to so something themselves, they would type DIY. (“Do it yourself”). And the list of worlds from initials goes onward.

But getting back to the FOMO ordeal. With communication as it stands, one can always keep in contact with anybody as things occur. No need to wait weeks until updates are obtained. One can get the details when things are occurring at that very second. “Breaking news” isn’t just for the media’s use anymore. It’s for anyone that has an internet connected device!

Of course, we don’t worry about being left out on anything as we here at Accessibly Live Off-Line receives the details on something or another long before the fact. And if we do miss out on anything, it’s because whatever we missed out on wasn’t worth the fear factors connected toward the event that was missed.

We do have to give this notion a heady LOL! We don’t set an ordeal to have our PIR. However, if one is with your SO, just keep the PDA to a minimum–IMHO!!

LOVE, MADNESS, AND SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN, James J Cox’s single person performance about a personal tale about one man’s journey through a darker life and times, performs as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, taking place at The Hudson Guild Theatre.

In his performance, James tells about the story of “Jimmy”, a kid from a bedroom community in Long Island, New York who experienced a traumatic childhood of his father dealing with alcohol that later morphed into Jimmy’s own adulthood, a case of physical abuse from a member of the clergy at his community church, a stint in the Naval forces, and his later redemption of being an “angel warrior” in a pediatric cancer ward at a children’s hospital. He tells his story in a non-linear fashion, jumping from one episode to another through a stagnant fashion that ties into a sense of desire, fear, emotional pain, and finally reaching the act of forgiveness from what occurred all those many years beforehand. It’s all within a round robin flight of mini epic portions speaking upon the settlements Jimmy faced through his standings of life.

This solo show by James J. Cox is one that emotes a narrative that blends a sense of stability, only to spin out of proportion, finally catching up to itself and to rest upon a sense of steady control. To place this performance in basic terms, James’ show is well titled. It is a place of love, madness, and surrendering into middle ground. Only using a few props as a guide through this virtual pilgrimage with no sets to speak of, it’s James all the way with his own self and the strange tale he weaves.

Trace Oakley directs this show that only runs for an hour’s time, while Zahra Husein serves as the assistant stage manager whose purpose is to hand James a few props and well as to give some stage cues for him to move into the next phase of these tales.

This production performs as a limited program, and is billed as a powerful one-man show. This line speak as the truth and James aka Jimmy, holds upon the title states of being. It’s a trip that’s well taken for the (im)proper reasons.

LOVE, MADNESS, AND SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN, performs as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival at The Hudson Guild Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd, Hollywood. Remaining showtimes are Friday, June 21st and Saturday, June 22nd at 8:30 PM, and Sunday, June 23rd at 4:30 PM. Tickets are available online at, or (Promo code 008)
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