For some time now, many of those that write about the state of what’s known as “television” claim that this period is one of a series of “second comings” for this form of visual communication to ever come around. Beginning from the era when video content was delivered through a process of receiving signals through a TV antenna, television has become a way of life. And what better way to have that way of life mean something is to view content that is worth its time and place on a video screen, no matter what that screen is attached to.

As of this writing, streaming TV is the new way to go. This form of video is sent through an internet based connection, either through a hard line or delivered via WiFi. It’s former dominance method, cable TV, a method where its signal is carried through a coax cable, also provides content to its satisfied audience. And that for noted over-the-air variety that’s been around since the late 2000s through digital signals (based upon the method using anilog signals) also has its appeal, though it became rather tired of late.

But if one had the choice on only keep a few sources of video content through a specific “channel”, then the choice pick would speak for itself, based upon the findings of the media research firm Hub Entertainment Research.

According to their recent findings when asked through a poll stating that if one could only keep a limited number of services, which would be the pick? The survey says that Netflix, perhaps the be-all-to-end-all video channel, came in first place with 44% of those stating that they could not live without! The second channel in mind? CBS with 29%. Next was NBC and ABC, tied with 28% ESPN cane next at 24%.

As to demographics in terms of age, then the channel choices take a divide. Starting out with those aged 18 through 34–a mix of Millenniums and Gen-Zers, Netflix is the keeper channel, coming in with 59%. Hulu came in at second place at 26%, followed by ESPN with 24%; HBO at 17%; and Amazon Prime at 17%.

For those 35 and up (Gen-X and the Baby Boomers), CBS received the best results, at 41%. This was followed by ABC and NBC, tied at 37% each. Netflix ranked in at 35%, followed by Fox with 29%.

The research presented through Hub was based upon an on-line poll received from 1,692 video content consumers in the USA with access to broadband internet service that watch at least one hour of TV per week as of January 2019.

So what does all of this mean? It means that taking views to video content by means of a traditional TV set or through an electronic device that sports a video screen is still the preferred way to entertain and amuse themselves. The choice of what to watch and when and how remains in this greatest form. And thanks to the new kid on the block, streaming, one can watch a vast collection of video titles, especially with original content. Although in the same poll, nearly 70% of the 18-34 bunch state it means a lot (22%) or a little (47%) in terms of being more interested in viewing a title, original content remains the hit of the pick!

However, Netflix, as well as its other choices, Hulu, Amazon Prime, CBS All-Access, as well as YouTube Premium, gives an opportunity for those video fans to see TV shows as well as made-for-streaming features that can’t be found no matter where and what. And by the end of this year, there will be at least two others to crowd the broadband space, Apple TV and Disney + will become ready to take the challenge.

Perhaps the biggest threat to them all is the latter title, Disney +. Disney recently announced that beginning in November, one can subscribe to that channel at $6.99 per month, or at $70.00 per year. What will one receive? As of this writing, it will consist of the entire Disney library (or close to it), the entire Pixar animation collection, everything from Lucasfilms (Star Wars, The Indiana Jones features, etc.) and everything from Marvel Studios. Marvel Studios has just about every Marvel Comics Group super hero ever created with the exception of Spider-Man as Spidy is “owned” by Sony Studios! Although Disney states that their entire library will become available, it isn’t quite known how much of that library will be offered, and if it includes the material created for TV. (The Mouse Factory, The Mickey Mouse Club c.1955, The “New” Mickey Mouse Club c.1977, Disneyland/Walt Disney Presents/Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color/The Wonderful World of Disney/Disney’s Wonderful World/Walt Disney, etc.) And we won’t get started on what exists from the movie and TV libraries from Twentieth Century Fox!

Apple, on the other hand, also has a few original content choices in mind, coming in from the likes of Oprah and Steve Spielberg. As to what programming as how much it’s going to cost? It’s presently in a wait-and-see mode!

So there you have it folks! Now one has more that those 57 video channels to look at, and perhaps there is still nothing on! Then again, one can always read a book…!

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