We here at Accessibly Live Off-Line central recently received a press release regarding to a food based suggestion as presented by a group that caters toward the promotion to this product. And the food in question is one of the all-time favorites of “foodies” across the land: Pizza!

The press release titled “Pizza for Breakfast” toted on the marvels of having this dish as the one to start off the day. Within its pages of information and advice, it went on to state that pizza is much better that a favorite breakfast cereal, using a piece that was written by Chelsea Amer, a New York based nutritionist. Her article was posted on the website, a place on the ‘net that discusses food and all of its applications.

She goes on to state that the base ingredients found on a pizza pie–cheese, holds plenty of protein product and is far better that sugar, even with cereals that have minimal sugar such as corn flakes and other so-called “adult” cereals.

The press release also points out than many speciality pizzas also have substances that are good as a breakfast meal. Pizzas are also quick to prepare by either heating a slice in a microwave for three minutes, and perhaps eaten at room temperature. Whatever one consumes this product, pizza is better than cereal or even those “energy” bars that’s been around since the 1970’s.

This writer finds this article as something that I have known of longer before people stated to give a damn on what they ate! In fact, yours truly has been consuming pizza for breakfast long before any food dish was trendy and when meals made at home was anything far removed as interesting or unique. They was just there!

It all started with my mom. When I was just a kid, she was the one in the family homestead that made everyone’s meals for my two siblings and my dad. Dear ol’ dad wasn’t very picky on what he ate. As long as dinner was on the table when it was suppose to be, then he was satisfied. Maybe not overly pleased, but just content–barely!

My two siblings and I at first just accepted with what was placed in front of us. But I seemed to have a bit of pull to what I wanted to consume at home and while on the road! I even recall the very first time I ate at a McDonald’s Restaurant (as they were know at the time), but I’ll save the tale for another article!

Anyway, at many times to save time, my mom would stock up on frozen foods, from TV dinners to those singe dishes in “family style” packages. One of my favorites was frozen pizza. She would get these pizza’s 10” inches in diameter. It was made by a local based brand and was sold at many of the regional supermarkets. I recall these pizzas very well becomes as a premium, they featured 8” circular photos printed on thin cardboard that sported pictures of ball players from The Chicago Cubs, such as Ernie Banks, Ken Holtzman, and Ron Santo. I recall seeing Santo’s picture on the front of one of these pizzas, so I would refer those pizzas as “Ron Santo Pizza”. When my mom would go the grocery shopping every week or so, she would make sure she would stock up on “Ron Santo Pizza”!

The company behind Satno’s pizza even offered packages of mini pizzas as a three pack. The pizzas were about 6” in diameter, and one can place a whole pie in the over for about a ten minute cooking time. My favorite was cheese pizza as Ron Santo pizza was loaded with mild yet gooey cheese, and wasn’t as spicy as sausage or pepperoni pizzas were. So cooking these frozen pizzas were easy to do.

One early morning, my mom decided that she would cook me one of these mini pizzas for breakfast. I though that would be neat! I would have my pizza in the morning, and that would tied me over until lunch time. My elementary school offered a hot lunch for 45 cents, and the menu changed daily. If the school was serving something I didn’t care for, the pizzas would tied me over. And at times, my mom would cook two pizzas, one for breakfast and the other for lunch that would be packed in my trusty (and rusty) metal lunchbox! I really didn’t care if I had the same thing for breakfast and lunch. In fact, the pizza would be cold by the time noontime rolled around. and I thought that cold pizza tasted better that the hot ones I would eat while watching Captain Kangaroo on TV before I would head off to school.

This went on for quite a while. I would have pizza for breakfast, and sometimes pizza for lunch. That is, until my dad cough wind over the fact that my mom wasn’t serving me breakfast foods for breakfast!

Since he was the head of the household, he asked (ordered?) my mom to stop serving me pizzas for breakfast. So as the mom as she was, the Ron Santo Pizza special for breakfast came to its end. From that point, it was back to the sugar loaded cereals I knew of thanks to the overload of TV commercials I would see on during the three networks’ Saturday morning cartoons blocks, or on after school TV. So for the next few years, it was back to Apple Jacks, Frosty-Os, Honey Combs, and other brands catering to the kid market!

Over time and tide when I made my own chooses on what to consume, breakfast slowly went on the wayside. For many years, breakfast was now an afterthought, even when I attended higher education institutions, from high school and even college. Although I somehow kicked the sugar loaded cereal habit, I never left pizza! I even discovered how cold pizza tended to improve with age, tasting better long after it left the ovens. And that wasn’t meant for breakfast, but for anytime! However, cold pizza for breakfast tends to fall within the trendy method of food! After chowing down on a cold slice of pizza that’s been sitting in the cardboard delivery box for days (weeks?), one will have a treat to have while getting to work, either as a commuter sitting in a car, or one that moves from one room to another at wherever one performs their daily slaving!

Kellogg’s Cereals used to have a slogan that went “The Best To You Each Morning”. Well, that notion would also apply to pizza. Make it best for your morning! You’ll hit it out of the park just like Ron Santo used to do while playing at The Friendly Confines!

Performing at the Hudson Mainstage Theatre in Hollywood is Anthony Wilkinson’s MY BIG GAY ITALIAN WEDDING, a comedy about the title wedding ceremony about two men in love and the people around them.

The place is Brooklyn, USA, not too far away from “Little Italy”. Gianfranco Terrin appears as Anthony “Tony” Pinnunzatio. He’s a young adult still living under the same roof as his parents, mom Angelia (Linda Lee) and dad Joseph (Ric Olivera). He’s been going out with his lover Andrew Polinski (David-Simon Dayan) for some time. The two decide to make it official by getting married. He announces the wedding to his folks, even showing off his ring. Things begin to get rather complicated since his folks want a traditional Italian and Catholic wedding. However, the Catholic church frowns upon same sex marriages. To add to the confusion, Andrew’s mother, living in sunny Florida, may not attend the wedding due to a falling out she has with her son. And to add insult to injury, Andrew’s ex-boyfriend Gregoria (Fabrizio Allata, alternating with Jordy Tulleners) plans to sabotage the wedding revealing a secret incident that occurred the previous summer. The questions still remain. Will a traditional Catholic and Italian family tolerate with their son starting off a life with his “best man”? Will Andrew’s ex spill the beans with what happened beforehand? Will Father Rosalia conduct the service? And most important…Will love really conquer all?

This play takes a simple premise of a young man from a traditional and conservative family, and creates a setting that keeps a comical presence throughout. The method that this production executes itself is presented in a frantic stance, full of characters that are comical, cartoonish (in a good way), and rather outlandish. This technique adds to the humor this play shows itself. It features a rather robust cast that consists of players that stand as friends, family, clergy, and others that make up big gay Italian weddings that are not as simple as it could be.

Along with the above noted cast, this production also features Kevin Clough, Ana Maria Perez, Dashae, Serena Limonta, Claudia Jakab, Salvador Aven, Julian Zambrano, Tomaso Di Blasi, and Sarah John Long. An alternative cast also consists of Sarah John Long, Luca Della Valle, Kory Larsen, Veronica Maccari, Kenny Fierro, and Lisa Preston.

Directed by Gianfranco Terrin, MY BIG GAY ITALIAN WEDDING is a marriage that may not be made in heaven, but it comes rather close! After all, if a wedding such as this one shows itself off in a frenzy, let’s not wait until the divorce! (A sequel perhaps..?)

MY BIG GAY ITALIAN WEDDING, presented by The Italian Comedy Club and Fausto Petronzio, performs at The Hudson Theatre Mainstage, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd. (one block west of Wilcox), Hollywood, until March 31st. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday matinees at 3:00 PM. For ticket reservations and for more information, call (323) 481-6890, or via online at
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