Theatre 68 of North Hollywood present the world premier of HOLIDAY PROBLEMS ANONYMOUS, an anthology consisting of short skits that deal with the said problems that come around toward the end of the year where holidays and the difficulties associated with tend to collide.

The scene opens with a group of people seated on folding chairs arranged in a semi circle a la twelve-step program, present to tell (and confess) on the events that occur this time of year. This scene sets up the other skits that follow, from a woman whose promotion within a department store falls in jeopardy thanks to a last minute replacement Santa; a snow person (compared to a snow man) fed up over global warming, takes the case to civil court; a group of people attending their seasonal office party each receives rather unusual gifts not as expected; a man making out his new year’s resolutions imagines how those resolutions could play out; a person at a store check-out line faces the notion of being political correct to the season with another shopper; a man joins his girlfriend’s family gathering noting how everyone is nutty while on the brink of proposing to her, and a special letter addressed to Santa!

An ensemble cast of players consisting of Jason Kyle, Vikram Bhoyrul, Ed Drer, LeLyn Love, Alexis de Lucia, Bryan Navarro, Heidi Appe, Chad Steers, Caroline Dingwall, Edgar Mota, Wade O Alden, Brandon Ficara, Valentina Tammaro, Edwin Scheibner, Anthony Marc Slade, and Ryan Lancaster, play the various parts proving that the season itself isn’t all merry and bright as it could be, because it’s not!

Jason Kyle created the skits as well as directed this program. As with anthologies, each skit differs in its comical value. The fifth act called Resolutions, is perhaps the most serious one of them all! But the season, either calling it “Christmas”, or “The Holidays” if one desires to lean toward that for noted political correctness, is something more prone to laugh at. And this show provides those laughs with its seasonal twist!

There isn’t much left in the local theater scene that still caters to Christmas, etc. as many of those other shows have already completed their runs, so HOLIDAY PROBLEMS ANONYMOUS is the final one to catch! Merry Christmas/Holidays to all, and to all…g‘night!

HOLIDAY PROBLEMS ANONYMOUS, presented by and performs at Theatre 68, 5112 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, until January 5th, ’19. Showtimes are Friday and Saturdays nights at 8:00 PM, Sunday afternoons, December 23rd and 30th at 4:00 PM, and Thursday, January 3rd at 8:00 PM. For tickets and for more information, visit


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