It’s time for our annual report on what we have been up to, and where we are going. Since the moment that we began our fiscal year on July 1st of ’17 concluding it on June 30th of ’18, we have a load of news to report, and a lot of it is positive in nature.

For starters, our circulation has increased since the last report, although it wasn’t as great as our last increase at the end of our 2016-17 year at 10%. We have roughly increased by less than 5%. (4.80% to be exact!) This slight increase isn’t too surprising since over time and tide, other sources that report news (not necessarily competing with us per se) has seen their growth either shooting upward, remain stagnant, or possible seeing a decrease. With all being said, we are holding out on our own.

As to our appearance on the web. We are undergoing a change in our formatting at Although we may be looking different, we will maintain the same news and reviews that has been our staple (or our “bread and butter”) since we got started some twenty-two and one-half years ago.

But as to changes. We have receiving occasional letters requesting that we should post pictures and/or video links to our site. This notion isn’t so much of a bad idea, assuming that we have photos and/or moving imagery to post. Granted, we won’t gop up our site to post pretty pictures and/or links for video imagery unless there is a real reason to do such. Many websites out there that are not coming in from newspaper based sources reporting upon timely issues that could change content by the hour post pictures and stuff because they can! We can do the same! Granted, our text notices say what we wish to state. However, one must be competitive in this industry, and that is what we are striving to be.

We have been proud that for the 22 1/2 years of existence, we have remained as a sole proprietorship within our service. Unlike other firms that may be controlled by larger firms and corporations, we have remained independent for all of these years. We will admit that we have received occasional offers to be bought or taken over. Many of these said offers appeared to be rather lucrative. However, we turned those offers down for various reasons ranging from not maintaining creative control, or just being taken over for the sake of shutting us down as a “clean out”! Nevertheless, we are still here, and that is what really matters!

So as we begin yet another year, we wish to thank all of our readers by using us as one of your trusted news sources with all of what we write about as for real! You can find news that is legit, news that is half-baked, or news that is outright phony! But we are the real deal! Honest!!

Lastly, we do encourage you all to drop us a line. Just send all of your comments and suggestions to our e-mail address at Granted, we may be able to answer you right away, but we do read all letters that are legit in nature. Let’s make this a two-way street. After all, isn’t that the real link to journalistic success?

Art Shulman’s I GOT TROUBLES, a comical play that takes place within an eclectic coffeehouse, makes its world premier at North Hollywood’s Crown City Theatre.

The location is Angie’s Coffeehouse, where the name beverage is offered. Angie (Amanda Donelan) serves as host, where she encourages those in attendance to present poetry residuals at a selected space where for three minutes, one can deliver their own prose. It doesn’t matter what form of poetic musing is spoken, just as long as it’s creative. A cross selection of patrons are in attendance, from a mother-daughter team who has hopes in the other finding a companion, a tall yet shy actor who lacks a poetic license, a lifeguard who doesn’t have chapped lips, a feeble man recently divorced from his wife seeking to start anew, a a humble man who operates a toy company, a conservative Jew that brings his own coffee mug to keep kosher, the young man who operates a poultry plant in spite of Angie’s desires, as well as other characters that mingle to enjoy their coffee while they deal with their own intimate situations.

This latest piece by local playwright Art Shulman is presented as a play that takes place in a single setting with its characters serving rather independently. The scenes depicted are rather episodic in nature, delivering a method where the focus is set among a few characters placed within their own space while nestled in one location-a very hip coffeehouse that is off the beaten path.

The performers that appear in this stage work are, as listed in order of their speech, Lareen Faye as Bessie, Ellen Bienenfeld as Eileen, Joel Anderson as Scott, Marcia Woodridge as Brenda, Steve Shaw as Arnold, Kevin McKim as Willy, Spencer Mathis as Tim, Camille Aragon as Kimberly, Casey Hunter as Joe, Jody Bardin as Samuel, and Jesseal Amelia as Linda. These characters patronize the coffeehouse, and as the title of this play suggests, they do have their troubles. Some can be taken as a concern, while a few are just troubles for the moment.

The set as designed by J. Kent Inasy shows the coffeehouse as one that is large in size, showing off a selection of eclectic art work hung as a gallery with plenty of table space to enjoy one’s beverage while hearing the poetry extracted on a small platform located center stage. (J. Kent Inasy also serves as lighting design.) Steve Shaw provides the sound design.

Shulman’s plays are just as eclectic as the themes expressed in this production. Some of his works are intently witty and humorous, while others are very serious in nature. This latest entry crosses within that middle. Some episodes as depicted hold humor while other sketches tend to get a bit on the sobering side. But that is what makes a hip and trendy coffeehouse unique using its own distinctive method. Just enjoy your coffee black, or add a bit of almond milk to it for flavor since this place is vegen all of its way!

I GOT TROUBLES, written and directed by Art Shulman, is presented by Borough Park Productions and performs at the Crown City Theatre, located within St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, 1031 Camarillo Street, one block west of the intersection of Lankershim and Vineland Avenues, North Hollywood, until August 5th. Showtimes are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00 PM, and Sunday afternoons at 3:00 PM.

For ticket reservations and for information, call (818) 285-8699, or online at
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